An Interview with Il Troubadore

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Il Troubadoure

Il Troubadore

Il Troubadore

Yes, Gen Con 2014 ended over a month ago and I am still publishing interviews. I am typing and editing as fast as I can. I ended up with a gluttonous amount of material but I promise you I will get them all done. However, between work, lack of drive space, ancient machines (my newest is 10 years old), a WordPress update eating the website, biological necessities and carpal tunnel I just can’t move any faster. Please be patient.

While there are a good number of very unique acts at Gen Con such as Five Year Mission, a Star Trek Themed band and Marc Gunn who theme is Sci-Fi, cats and hobbits, this act may well take the cake.

They dub themselves as a 16th century rock band.  While the entire ensemble was not present, the two, Robert Bruce Scott and Jon Silpayamanant, who performed put on quite the show. Robert Bruce Scott delivered an excellent solo performance.

They perform in numerous languages, blend classical style, opera and much more. They are likely the only band on the planet to do an Ewok song from the original Star Wars movie. (That’s right, Lucas took it out of the DVD releases.)  I also don’t ever recall a cello and mandolin covering Crazy Train, Stray Cat Strut and many other pop tunes. 

  • How many languages they sing in
  • Their influences
  • Their musical background
  • Their latest album, all around Star Wars
  • Thier take on the new media order
  • Advice to individuals who want to do what they do
  • Their musical backgrounds

You can find Il Troubadoure on the web at:


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