Latimer House Releases 7″ Red Vinyl Single

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Alternative, Blues, Rock, Punk, Pop and  More – Call it Latimer House

Latimer House - BirdCage Walk

Latimer House – BirdCage Walk

While the headline is about a single, that is just the starting point.  I urge you to buy the single but don’t to stop there. Get the full album as well.  Birdcage Walk and Until Then are both great tunes but how much can I tell about only two songs?

Let us talk about the album for a bit.  Once you check out the album, you will still want the single because the B side is not on the album AND Birdcage Walk is a remix. Personally, I like it when the singles are not the same material you get when you buy an album. You can find all the band’s work discussed in this review at their Bandcamp page.

Let me start by saying that I had brief doubts about this album when I gave it my first listen.  It was one of those experiences where it was a bit different and not exactly what I expected.  When I discovered the band, they were described as “pop”.  While pop may work, they are much more eclectic than just pop. Putting labels on music may help with marketing and sales but it threw me momentarily.  The overall experience was one of being unexpectedly pleased.  It was better than I expected.

For example, at first, I cared not for This is Pop with simple very popish rhythms and melodies.  It was just too popish but…  two minutes into the tune, I began to appreciate the sarcasm of the delivery. By the end of the tune, I was loving it. (The video is also very good as well.) In my opinion, it is the best choice of the ten to kick the album off with for it quickly sets the tone… the listener should expect something slightly different, not over the top , crazy different but like a novel new flavor added to coffee, something pleasantly refreshing and not part of one’s daily routine.

The band drives much of their music with guitar rhythms but it is all the interplay that gives them a sound with a bit of an attitude.  They syncopate well and in their own style.  It is a refreshing break from typical.  While I don’t like genres and don’t fully agree that they are pop, I totally believe they should be popular because they are producing great music.

While the ten song collection does fit the descriptions above, it is much more than that.  The musicians do a great job of combining material familiar to the listener while spicing it with novel and unique sounds, rhythms and melodies.  It is just great music.  Toss it into that genre.

This is not just another alternative band.  This is not just a pop album.  This is not going to be the best album you ever bought.  However, it a collection of worth which you will enjoy. This is a solid collection of songs that makes one want to follow the band.

About Latimer House

Latimer House is a band recently arriving on our radar here at Indie Nation. The musical origins began in 2010 when the current band, minus keyboardist, began laying down song ideas in a practice room in what they call their adoptive home, Prague.  In 2011 the three became four when a keyboardist joined.  The current line up is:

  • Joe Cook – guitar, vocals
  • Anar Yuufov – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Jiri (George) Kominek – drums, percussion
  • Michael Jetton – bass

They also credit the following additional musicians:

  • Justin Lavash – guitars on “Until Then”
  • Tommy Levecchia – trumpet on “Until Then”
  • Jim Thompson – mandolin on “Birdcage Walk”

In 2012, the foursome began working in the studio with engineer Derek Saxenmeyer.  They recorded many songs, one of which was This is Pop.  In December of 2013, they released a single and in February, 2014 they released an album, All the Rage.  Their début album is titled All the Rage.  The tracklist is:

  • This Is Pop
  • Burn
  • Eye Can See
  • Open Your Heart
  • Birdcage Walk
  • Red Heart Sequin Blues
  • Your Love
  • Love’s Undermined
  • Splash!
  • Bubblegum

Finding Latimer House

You can find this fabulous foursome at:

Again, I think you might not like every single tune the first time you listen to them but I am sure you will find their music grows on you quickly and positively.  With material priced from 1.6 to 15 pounds ( about 2.65 – 25 USD), you should certainly find the change and space to add some their material to your collection.

Oh yeah, they do kewl videos as well.

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