Michael Cullen – True Believer

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Micheal Cullen Releases True Believer

Michael Cullen True Believer v 2.0 4PAN1TMichael Cullen is an Australian singer song writer.  He plays old semi-acoustic guitars, records on tape, uses tube microphones and other analog equipment.  Michael has been performing in bands for the past two decades and his experience really shows on this 9 song release. He has a distinct baritone voice and a musical style that is truly his own.  While his bio indicates that he has much experience in the punk genre, he is much more diverse than a single genre.

This release is his second as a solo artist and his previous release Love Transmitter was well received. The Tomatrax music blog ranked it in the top twenty Australian albums of all time.  (I Walk Alone is now ranks ninth on their top 100 tracks of 2013.)  It was very well reviewed and created much anticipation about this 1 October release, True Believer.

Michael had some help on this one from timEbandit Powles of The Church.  The album was mixed by Danton Supple.  They are spinning the release as adult alternative, indie rock and indie pop.  Frankly, I think it is just great music. True Believer has the following tracks:

  1. Black Dog
  2. Believer
  3. Nothing Special
  4. Black Coffee and Cigarettes
  5. Damaged
  6. Cha Cha Cha d’Amour
  7. I Walk Alone
  8. I Never Knew
  9. Broken Horses

I feel that this is a great piece of work.  I really like the way that he creates a dark haunting feeling with his music.  I also enjoy the fact that while the mood carries through the entire work, the songs offer a nice assortment of styles.   I like albums on which there is a mood but variety.  He does a great job of mixing things up while keeping the mood the same.  In many ways,  it reminded me of some of Alice Cooper’s early material.

Black Dog might well be my favorite track on first listen.  It has a nice twangy westernish guitar with some haunting backing vocals.   It has very dark tone to it and his delivery of the lyrics add to the gloomy tone.  Broken Horses is another great track which keeps a dark tone while being much more popish than the rest of the tracks.  If you want some of that punkish sound, you should enjoy Believer.  Black Coffee and Cigarettes is great tune which reminds me of Pink Floyd’s The Wall complete with some great organ sounds and weeping guitar.  I also thought the use of the organ was great in Nothing Special.

As you may have gathered from my previous paragraph, I really like this album.  I am going to have to give it a few more listens to pick our my favorite track(s).  I can honestly say that there is no track that I dislike.  I think adding this to your music library is a no brainer.  I suggest you get this album and follow Michael on Facebook.


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