Artists Heard on Indie Nation

The staff and podcasters at Indie Nation take the gracious permission of all the indie artists who have given us permission to play their music on very seriously. Below is a list of the indie artists who are played by our bot. We encourage you to check them out and support them. If you notice any errors in the links, contact Also, very important, the staff here at Indie Nation, unlike many commercial stations, does accept submissions and suggestions. If you know of an artist that you would like to hear on Indie Nation, you can hit us up at or, even better, send them to our submission guide lines page. But wait, there is more! If you are an artists and you think we should play your music, the same is true and you can also call us at (818)81-INDIE. Leave us a message something like this “Hey this is Jimmy Soandso from Somewhere in Canada and I would like you to play something from the Harvey Danger Band” or “Hey this Joe Somebody from the band ‘Really Big Mice’ and I would like you to spin a track titled ‘Cats’ that we just recorded”… I think you get the idea. If you leave us a message like that, we may even put it on the stream! Looking forward to hearing from you. So call us at (818)81-INDIE !!

Beatnik Turtle


Cagey House

The FuMP

Pillar of Autumn

  • MySpace – The band has since split up
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