Get Your Band on Our Station

How to Get Heard on Indie Nation

If you are an artist and would like us to play your music on, do as follows:

  • First, you must have the legal rights to distribute the music you are submitting. You must own the rights, or have the right as per an agreement with the right holder.
  • If you already license your material under a Creative Commons License, simply send your links to or use the form at the bottom of this page. However, be sure and read this entire page first.
  • If you are not licensed under Creative Commons, contact us at (or use the form at the bottom of this page) and specifically state that you are giving us permission to play your music royalty free.

In either of the above cases, please be as specific as possible. The more specific you are, the less likely we will have to send an email back to you with questions and the quicker you will get on the stream. Consider the following and specifically state what you wish.

The Three Ways We Can Play and Promote Your Music

If you want us to play your music, you must agree to both points one and two. If you are under a CC license, you already agreed to the first two points and may just skip to point number 3. Agreeing to point three is up to you but you should specify your wishes about it.

  1. One of our DJs can play it while they are live on the air. If and when they do, it means they will give you attribution by stating the name of you or your band, name of the song and at least one of your links.
  2. Your music could be included in one of our podcasts. If that is the case, the podcaster would verbally mention artist’s name, song name and at least one of your links. The podcast will be published at and/or one of its sub blogs, it will be downloadable and the show notes will include at least one of your links which would be clickable. Indie Nation encourages podcasters to include multiple clickable links in show notes for artists so it is likely that there will also be links to MySpace, Facebook, etc.
  3. We can add your music to our bot which randomly spins music and news when no one is live on the air. The bot shouts out the song name and artists on the front page of our website, in most media players and in very often our chat room. The bot, however, can not do URLs. Instead, we list all the artists on our bot at our artists page, we include every link you tell us to on that page. (While the Creative Commons license does say attribution where reasonable, or something like that, Indie Nation would simply like you CC artists to sign off on bot play… Thanks for understanding.)

A Few Examples

Bad Example

Hey dudes, I sent you some tunes… when are you gonna play them?

So why is this an example of how to fail?

  1. It was sent to the wrong email address and will simply be auto-filtered into the digital void
  2. There is no indication of what band he is with
  3. There is nothing stating that he holds the rights
  4. It doesn’t, anywhere, state he gives us permission
  5. There are no links for us to use for attribution which means we can’t play it
  6. There is no mention of whether addition to the bot is desired

A Somewhat Better Example

Good Day,

I am sending you these tracks in the hope that you might play them. I am the composer and owner of these works and I release all my material under a Creative Commons, Non-Commercial License. You can find out more about me at


Now we are getting somewhere and here is why:

  1. They used the right email addy
  2. They stated he owns the rights
  3. They specified Creative Commons
  4. They gave us a link for attribution.

However, he still fell short on a few things

  1. Only gave us one link… seriously, if you are doing this to promote yourself, why not give us all of them?
  2. No mention either way about bot play… this would mean we would NOT play it on the bot and would NOT add all those links to the artist page… again, if you are self promoting, don’t you want your links up on as many pages on the web as possible?

A Great Example

Subject:Permission to play my music, Smart Band, on Indie Nation

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Jim Smart and I am the right holder and writer of all the material for the band, Smart Band. We release all our material under a CC license and would love it if you were to play it and add it to your bot. As far as links go, please feel free to use all of those included in our email signature. You can also find a complete list of links at page.

Thank You,

Jim Smart

Notice that this one even has a subject line that we can read without opening the email. It also includes everything we need to play it, add it to the bot and add it to the artists page. I think you all get the idea.

One Last Thing

I really shouldn’t have to say this but I have to say this… Just because you send it, does not mean we are going to play it. Meshelly and Lumpy have a saying around here “We listen to bad music so you don’t have to.”…

Meshelly is the programing director and Lumpy is the owner. They decide what is played and not played. If you don’t like what they decide, we recommend you to go off and simply start your own station.

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