One Day Closer to Gen Con 2014

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English: H.G. Wells Book War Of The Worlds

English: H.G. Wells Book War Of The Worlds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While Not Entirely, It is Mostly About the Games


The 2014 Gen Con will begin Wednesday night.  I am busy making a list of things to do.  Some of you may be wondering why an online indie music station is so pumped about a gaming con.  The fact is that every single member of the news crew here is some type of gamer.  Furthermore, some of the artists performing at Gen Con are regulars in our rotation here.  In short, it is an excellent match.

I am not alone in feeling this way.  Last year nearly 50 thousand people attended.  There are so many vendors in the exhibit hall that it is impossible to absorb every booth.  Over the next few days, I am going to share with you just a few things you can experience at the event.  Today it happens to be a game.  On other days, it will be either a different game, a writing seminar or an indie artist.

War of the Worlds is not only an excellent recent movie but a literary work that made history when Orson Welles performed a radio drama of the work.  The national broadcast inadvertently created a national panic.  History aside, H.G. Wells wrote one heck of a story.  The Martians at war with the Earthlings has since been a common theme.  How about a War of the Worlds themed game?

From Alien Dungeon, there is a game that is just that.  “All Quiet on the Martian Front” is what occurs after the end of H.G Well’s classic book.  It is the Martian second wave.  In my opinion, a most excellent idea for a game.  Check out the unboxing below:

Alien Dungeon will be in the exhibit hall at booth 1359.  It is certainly on my list of must sees.

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