Like WTF happened to us?

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Image from Inti's Photostream on Flickr

For those of you familiar with the Lumpster, you know that, despite passion for technology and things geek, I am, totally cursed in that area. Yes our site has down more this week than up but, it was just the little gremlins doing what they do best. They looked kinda like cats so I thought dowsing them with water might be effective. Jeff and the rest of the staff tell me I really need to watch more television.

Seriously, though what happened is this substation in Denver blew up. It left 31,000 with out power, took out a hospital generator and totally hosed our server. Yeah, that is right our server just so happens to be on that grid, that is called Lumpy luck…

Kudos to Jeff for hours and hours of fixing the mess. It looks like we are now back in business… So w00t! w00t! w00t! for @iscifitv… you da man!

Just in case though, do any of you film buffs know how to repel gremlins?

2010.06.03 – Pick of the Day – Rock from Chance

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Awesome Rock Musician – Chance

First of all, yeah, I am late. I am still recovering from my eight hour Wednesday night, Meshelly and I did our usual 6-8 PM EST broadcast of Indie Soup. Since the episode was favorites, we played a few by this artists of course. After Indie Soup, Zack Daggy, Jeff (aka isicfitv), and I ended up in a long an productive conversation. Keep checking back folks, there is going to be much kewlness happening here at Indie Nation.

Nonetheless, that is likely best another post. Now for the better-late-than-never Pick of the Day, Chance.

I remember the first time I checked out today’s pick of the day. I thought wow… I also remember the first time I played his material on what was then, The LumpCast. The listeners were like wow, kewl, and gimme more. Now I almost never play only one track by an artists on my shows. I like to give you a few tracks. In this sense, today’s pick was very tough for me. Chance is a hard artist to pick a favorite track. I would suggest you just check out more of his music at

i have always said that the thing I enjoy most about podcasting and promoting indie music is the interaction between myself, listeners and artists. If you wanna keep me happy keep the emails and voice mails coming. Chance was no exception. We exchanged occasional emails for a bit and then he kinda got busy in the real world. In a very kewl way.

Shortly after we e-met, he had a personal first in his life. He became a father. What I enjoyed about it was watching him blog about it. Make sure you check out his blog when you go over to his site. Like many a musician, he writes some great stuff and tells some great stories. And yes, his newborn is growing quick but he is still blogging away and, yes, he still does music.


2010.06.02 – Pick of the Day – 100 Year Picnic

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Today’s pick is a band that has 2 solid albums available on the Wheelie Pop Label. You can find out more about 100 Year Picnic at their web site. This track is off the album “As Tall as the Sky”. You can also catch more tracks from 100 Year Picnic both on our bot and many of the shows here at Indie Nation.

This band has been a personal favorite of Exios and Lumpy for years now. Listen this week, Wednesday at 11 PM to Radio Static and you can hear Jeff’s intro he did for our show. Thanks again Jeff. Thanks for the intro, thanks for sharing your music and, most of all, thanks for the GREAT music.

2010.06.01 – Today’s Pick of the Day – Joe’s Garage – It Cuts Like That

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An Awesome Indie Band from Cleveland, Ohio.

Today’s Pick of the Day is a band that I like well enough to actually stalk them with my Zoom H2 Portable Recorder. That is how today’s pick came to be. I was fortunate enough to get a recording of them performing “It Cuts Like That” live at Brother’s Lounge in Lakewood, Ohio.

I assure you that this will not be the last your hear from Joe’s Garage here at Indie Nation. For those of you who listen to Meshelly and I on our Indie Soup each week should know this one. The band gave us permission to use it in our show intro.

So if you like a classic sounding rock band, these guys are your ticket. I would also encourage you to stay tuned to Indie Nation so that you can hear more. Joe’s Garage was a no-brainer addition to the artist we spin on our bot. Our bot, thanks again for permission guys, has every track from the Lost In Overdale album and some additional ones, I recorded live.

So if you want to get a better sample of this, and many other independent musicians, keep us in your earbuds and check back tomorrow for another fresh pick from one of our staff here at Indie Nation.

What are we about?

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Greeting Listeners and Readers,

Jeff and I have been plenty busy here trying to get the site to look good and, more important, work well. I have also had assistance from long time friend and former partner in broadcasting, Exios. Exios and I used to do a podcast back in the day. He would grab tech-geek news and I would try and find one good podsafe artist each week to feature as an independent artists.   In short, I was the DJ and he was the news guy.  I am pleased to announce that we will be bringing it back and it’s home will be here, but more on that later.

For now, I just wanted to bop in a plop a post up on the front page. A tad bit more about what we are going to be about. Yes, it may be a bit of redundancy for we do have and about page

but I think it still merits a post. Indie Nation is about Indie, more proper term perhaps being Independent, music. Yes this is true. We do seek more Indie DJs and podcasters. However, we are also about podcast about many other things. Indie Nation is intended to be a community of listeners, chatters, podcasters, live DJs and Tweeters. The bot shall continue to spin independent artists when scheduled shows or live DJs are not on the stream (I so keep wanting to say on the air. Is that term so off? After all, it is the vibrating air you actually are hear. Unless we are actually in the matrix, there is no sound without an analog conversion.) We do think we are more than that.

We will soon have news stories for you. More podcast are on the way and they are not all independent music shows. Be sure and check out these shows as they are added, for now, check out some of our current podcasters, such as The Mothpod and check out the 6 hours of mostly live programming every Wednesday here on Indie Nation.

So indie nation listeners, should we call you “indie heads”?, or should we stick with my old “fellow geeks” let us know we would like a kewl nick by which to refer to out listeners.  More importantly, let us know what you would like us to be about.  Refer independent artists and labels, tell us about podcasts you like.  Send us news links if you wish and refer causes here that you think we might like to promote.

Housy Grooves – Serious Old Skewl LIVE Groove


I think this is one of my favorite long jams of all times. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I share with you “Housy Grooves”, the marvelous work of Dr. H. P. Winkler. There are a number of kewl things about it. First being is that it is free and available at The Internet Archive. Heck, they even have embed code for you to put a player up with it. Now how kewl is that?

Second, is that it is part of the new media by being on the Stromklang Net Label. Now don’t get me wrong, CDs have their place, for me, if they are signed by the artists. Otherwise, they are just becoming coasters, marred with concentric rings of coffee and coke.


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Welcome to the indienation.

Yes the keyword here is NETWORK.  We not only offer great indie music, we have talk, tech, and much more coming in 2010 !  Stay tuned for more information as our DJ’s come on board, and our administrator fixes his spell check!

Also be aware that our IRC can now be found at You can easily find us in #indiesoup, #lumpyscorner and of course, #indienation. Stay tuned for more positive changes and now with spellchuck.. heh

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