Press Release – EGrooves Vol. 1

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An Album to Promote the Music of Africa

Most people are barely aware or completely unaware of African music.  I honestly wonder how many people actually know which instruments commonly attributed to Spanish and Cuban music are in fact African in origin.  This is why I was glad to get the following press release in my inbox.

Quoting the email verbatim:

Seattle based entertainment consulting agency Sector 7 Access has released a first of it’s kind.A full length East African Urban Music compilation titled  “E Grooves Vol.1″   featuring some of East Africa’s renowned artists.

E Grooves Vol. 1

E Grooves Vol. 1

The album an idea which has been in the pipeline for close to 10 years, is produced in conjunction with various producers from the UK, Africa and the US. The compilation is meant to inform the greater international audience of music from the East African region and promote the region to gain proper recognition across all of Africa and beyond.

This compilation provides a small window into what the new urban music scene in East Africa is like and also helps open a door of opportunity for all artists from the region to capitalize on the EGROOVES brand, to enhance their journey in the music industry globally.

The album Executive Produced by Philip Roy (Seattle) and Arranged by  Madoca Kawahara (Japan)spans the spectrum of all that embodies East Africa’s music scene, from Genge, Bongo, Afro Soul, Reggae and even some rap vibes.

Starting off the line-up of the 15 track album is a Ugandan collaborative effort with a distinctively smooth JBS UGian featuring the mellow voiced Rose Tamale with ‘Aliba Ani’.

The album also features songs by South Sudan reggae star ” Dynamq “,  a new emerging electronic Kikuyu pop group “E’Mwana” ,  BET Awards winner /UK based Kanja, AFRIMMA  nominated act Miriam Chemmoss, Attitude The Dude, NAACP nominated act K.G Omulo, Seroney, Tanzanian rap act Ramsoh, Rapper and  Anglohili clothing CEO out of Germany K-Nel, Hardstone, Ugandan/Boston supper group Batabazi, Mchizi Gaza, Daddy V and closing off the compilation is ” Nje ”  a new emerging rap act from the coastal region of Kenya.

This album promises to deliver what is sure to become a classic album and the start to an effective branding of East African Urban music for the Global market place.

You can check out some of the videos at YouTube. The music is available at BandCamp.  Personally, I have had the opportunity to listen to the entire collection several times over.  I promise you that you will find more than one track you will totally enjoy.

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