Qvalia – Now Released

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Qvalia – This is the Color of My Dreams

Qvalia - This is the Color of M Dreams

Qvalia – This is the Color of My Dreams

The 7 song collection runs a total of 25:10.  It is officially released today.  If I have anything bad to say about it is that it is only 25 minutes long.   The artwork and the liner notes are very nice.  It is nice to see that some artists still provide the consumer with something more physical. I am going to do something I don’t normally do.  I am going to give you my take on each track.  Frankly, they are all that good. Let us start with the tracks and a little bit about each:

  1. Sound the Alarm – This may well be my favorite off the collection.  I like the way it starts with vinyl sounding scratch and the message of the song is great.  The has a neat rhythm, great melody and lovely layered sounds.
  2. Breach – This tune starts off running and grabs your attention with the first note.  It is more popish than the previous track but it has some uniqueness going on with the bass and drum line which sets it apart from being just another pop tune.
  3. Stardust – This one has nice vocals and a powerful chorus.  I like the way he moves from full explosive musical section to emptier lighter ones with bass rifts.  The composer again did a great job of keeping pop sounding but not caned and boring.
  4. I Won’t Let Go –  A great beat, slightly different vocally than the tracks already mentioned.  Again, just enough twist on the pop sound to make this one really energetic and powerful.  I would say that this song has the most movement and variety of any of them on the EP.
  5. The Feel of Not to Feel – This song is a very nice flowing melody and softer song.  Some really nice work using all the different synth sounds.  The music is not a thick as the other music on this work but in a way to focus your ear on the wonderful vocals in this song.  It rather reminds me of some of Howard Jones better work.
  6. White as Bones – This one starts out with a reedy raspy keyboard and the dynamically flows down to some softer music and vocals only to return with and explosive chorus.   This may be the most dynamic song on the work.  It ends with a great crescendo of what sounds like every vocalist in New York and the rings out on a single tone.  Very well done.
  7. 150 – This one is another softer slower song but the sonar like sounds and the poetry-like delivery of the lyrics is just beautiful


Overall,  I am honestly very impressed.  I think this work does a good job of being pop but different.  It is both pleasant to listen to and very energetic and uplifting.

More About Qvalia

Quoting their Facebook Bio;

QVALIA (pronounced “Qualia”) is a New York-based cinematic alt pop band, formed in 2014. Its lineup consists of Michael Hazani (guitar and vocals), Pierluigi Salami (keys) and Shawn Crowder (drums), three musical soulmates who met while attending Berklee College of Music and have been playing together for years.

QVALIA’s first album, “This Is the Color of My Dreams”, will be released September 1st, 2014; the promo singles will be accompanied by interactive, immersive 3d songscapes inspired by 90’s PC adventure games which QVALIA also incorporates into its live show, creating a one-of-a-kind juxtaposition between the emotionally open, heart-on-your-sleeve music and the pixelated, artificial, CGI-based songscapes.

QVALIA was conceived by Michael Hazani, a songwriter and music producer, as a musical outlet that did not need to conform to the strict demands of the pop market. “This Is the Color of My Dreams” proudly wears its influences on its sleeve – analog synth and 80’s inspired guitar-laden melodies, percussive war drums a-la action film scores, the constant interplay between the intimate miniature and the large-scale epic – while its overarching themes of mortality and hope are lyrically influenced by the likes of Keats, TS Eliot, Saint-Exupery and the Book of Psalms.

The resulting effort is a concise, diverse song cycle which – while being accessible from the first listen – rewards multiple spins and calls for a repeat visits to its wide pallet of sonic and emotional colors.

You can also cyber-find Qvalia at:

Also be sure and check out the songscapes int he video below.

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