Shelita Burke – Belong

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Shelita Burke – Belong

I got a direct message from @ShelitaBurke asking me to give a song of hers a listen. The song, Belong is a very pleasing track and has already received one million plays on Spotify.

I shall share Belong after the break, it is a lovely mix of vocals and music. The lyrics are very poetic and her vocal approach nicely uses repetition to create a song that pleases the ears. It left me wanting more Shelita Burke.  I am confident you shall feel the same way.



Shelita has a powerful and beautiful voice. I spent the better part of my Sunday morning listening to her Transfixed album on Amazon Prime and finding more of her music to listen to. I feel the album is a solid six track release. I am not alone, while it only has three reviews, they are all five stars.


As far as Transfixed goes, I really enjoyed Pour and Swim. The bonus track is a neat fresh mix of Transfixed, not slightly different but a really different sound, great work in my humble opinion.

Shelita considers herself a DIY artist, originally from Seattle, she has toured in France, Morocco, England, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Iceland, Japan, and Wales.  As she states on her about page, “Keep in mind, this kind of success was completely organic, built one fan at a time, one show at a time”.  Well done and well deserved.  You music ranges from acoustic bluesy, jazzy to urban pop.  I strongly recommend you check her out more at the links below.

You can find this lovely young talent at:

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment. Please remember to support the indie artist by buying their merchandise, seeing them live and by spreading the word about their music.

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