Some Recent Music Trends

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Some Recent Music Trends

Seems that the ever-changing music industry is continuing to do just that. 2015 saw some interesting music trends.  First off, streaming is up and digital downloads are down. Even The Beatles are now available on streams.  In many ways, it makes sense that streaming is up.  You pay for a service, or get it free, and you don’t need to buy each release.  However, vinyl is making a comeback at the same time.

Soviet vinyl single by The Beatles with songs ...

Soviet vinyl single by The Beatles with songs “Octopus’s Garden” and “Something” from the album “Abbey Road”. On the B-side was just one song from the same album: “Come Together” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Partially due to the vinyl fad, for the first time in history, older releases are outselling new releases. Some of the top-selling releases were from the likes of Miles Davis, Pink Floyd and The Beatles. Personally, I am not surprised, Abbey Road and Dark Side of the Moon are among the best releases of all times. That said why shouldn’t they dominate the charts?  Some of these releases are simply timeless and nearly everyone would want them in their library.  (I still have every Beatles release on cassette and have no intent of ever parting with them.)

I even recall reading about a cassette company turning huge profits.  They are actually gobbling up all the old equipment from collapsed competitors.  As long as I don’t hear about the 8-track resurging I am fine with nostalgic media surviving in the modern market.

What these music trends means for the indie artist, I do not know. I have always said that music is a brutal business. It has always been changing and tough on the new artists. It never has and never will be easy to “make it big”. However, I still think with the agent, the big labels and the major recording studios becoming less of a factor, this can only mean more opportunity for the independent musicians of the world.

More or less, the writing is on the wall that the old industry model is dead but what the new model is yet to be seen.

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