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2013.08.09 – The LumpCast

The LumpCast, Another Show of Eclectic Podsafe Music

Welcome to this week’s episode of The LumpCast. We opened with, as I almost always do, Housy Grooves by Dr. H.P. Winkler. The original net label is no more. However, you can find this awesome house tune at

This week’s episode features the music of Seer, Tvs Kyle, The Hush Now, Steve Goodie and many more. Join Lumpy as he spins swing, rock, hip hop and just about every other genre known to man.

You can get the full show notes and listen to the entire show at The LumpCast.

The Root Kit – A Kickstarter Film Idea

POSTED ON December 6th  - POSTED IN Community, Entertainment, Movies, New Media Order, news, Opinion, videos

To Portray Hackers More Realistically


Kickstarter (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

I caught word of this one via Boing! Boing!  A movie about hackers that would more accurately depict them.  I was enticed enough to surf to the movie’s Kickstarter Page.  I thought well enough of the trailer to embed it below. The Root Kit does look to be a movie I would want to see.  I also think I like the short description:

“Rogue computer hackers discover a plot to monitor everyone on the Internet. They fight back.”

They don’t have much time left and a good way to go.  Please, if you can, give this one  a thought, a tweet or a few dollars.

Worth the Wait Living Up to Their Name

Taking a Break to Make it Even Better

I like it when bands make good choices.  Worth the Wait, in my opinion, is doing just that.  According to a post at their Facebook page, they are going take a bit of a break.  Unlike many bands who do so due to conflict within, they are doing so for all the right reasons.  This band is taking a break for all the right reasons.  They are focusing on making their “come back” to mean a better band.

US Banks Endure Week Long Cyber Attacks

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Cyber Attack On Major US Banks

Cyber-attack on

An article over at reports that “at least half a dozen banks”, including a few major banks such as Citigroup and Chase, have been victims of some unusually heavy “denial of service” or DoS attacks.  These attacks basically flood the company’s server(s) with junk data reducing it’s ability to service customers to a crawl.  While these attacks are a annoyance to customers and companies, any compromised private data is unlikely.

Rent to Own PC Companies Had Spyware on Over 420,000 PCs

POSTED ON September 27th  - POSTED IN Law, news, Opinion, Tech and Net Opinion, Technology

Spyware (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can not imagine the rage of those who have these computers in their homes.  According to ARSTechnica, hundreds of thousands of computers are, best word in my opinion, infected with spyware.  I mean one would be frustrated enough to just have malware but how would you feel if you found out that the company you rented the machine from actually installed it… furthermore, what if you found out they had video of you during sex?

A Linux Virus?

POSTED ON July 24th  - POSTED IN news, Opinion, Tech and Net Opinion, Technology

While our news director and I love Linux, we both have mentioned, several times, that likely the largest reason for it being “safer” regarding being hacked is because it is not too pretty of a target to the hacker.  In short, it is not that popular an operating system.  (This does not negate the fact that the OS is most likely more secure than Windows, just that not as many hackers are trying to hack it.)

However, largely due to the success of Android, the operating system which was referred to as a “hobbiest operating system” in the past, is now very common among mobile devices.  That said, how soon before it becomes a target?

How about July 29?  According to an article at Hacker News, a 17 year old man will demonstrate what they call an ELF virus at a black hat convention.  The article states that the infection will allow access to private an confidential data.

It should be interesting to see how this impacts the users of these devices.  It could turn people off to it or, due to the likely fact that an open source project will find quicker solutions to it than an project that is limited to a set number of programmers, the users will find comfort in the patches.  One thing for sure, I do not plan on ditching my Ubuntu anytime soon.

2012.06.22 – Stupid As Charged


2012.06.22 – Stupid As Charged

Bardus est ut Bardus Does

This week’s “Stupid As Charged” consists of three stories which all share the theme of stupid, dumb, strange, weird or in some other manner are worthy of a dunce cap rating. In particular this episode; Robbed you thrice, same place, and almost got away with it, drug money, a dirty cop, strippers, and you got a DUI?!? That’s okay, I left the baby on the roof.

2012.06.08-Stupid as Charged


2012.06.08 – Stupid As Charged

Bardus est ut Bardus Does

This week’s “Stupid As Charged” consists of three stories which all share the theme of stupid, dumb, strange, weird or in some other manner are worthy of a dunce cap rating. In particular this episode..; You are free to go; wait; you stole our handcuffs, When shoplifting don’t forget the baby, and When pregnant the best plan is to be drunk, and get pierced.

We are also pleased to have Knowles join us for this episode.  So strap on your head phones, check your funny bone and get ready to hear about some less than intelligent crooks.

2012.06.04 – Tech Net News and Opinion


2012.06.04 – Tech Net News and Opinion

Greetings listeners,

English: Wil Wheaton at the 2011 Phoenix Comic...

English: Wil Wheaton at the 2011 Phoenix Comicon in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to this week’s episode of Tech Net News and Opinion.  This week we accidentally/intentionally did things a bit differently.  For those of you who have been asking for more news and less music, you got it.  Brian, Knowles, Meshelly, Knunez (iPhone at Geekshed), OmniDragon and Lumpy start and end this week’s show with music but the rest is all news talk.

Remember listeners and readers, if you wish to participate, the way to do so is to get on over to the Geekshed IRC Network and join us in #indienation.  We do the news live almost every Monday from 8-10 PM EST.  (As a general rule, if a Monday is a holiday in the USA, we do NOT do the news.)  If you have items you think we should cover as news, shoot us an email at or tweet us @indienationfm.

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