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A Band Called Quinn – A Scottish Man

A Scottish Man, A Five Minute Theatre Piece

The piece below is part of The Great Yes, No, Don’t Know Show.  Quoting the email from Louse Quinn:

National Theatre of Scotland

National Theatre of Scotland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

National Theatre of Scotland’s The Great Yes, No, Don’t Know, Five Minute Theatre Show, was co-curated by David Greig and the late David MacLennan & featured over 840 performers, including one dog and two sheep, from eight countries, presenting a series of live scenes, songs, skits, rants and dramas, as a democratic dramatic response to the theme of “Independence”. The show celebrated a momentous year and provided hundreds of answers to one very important question; allowing individuals to discuss what independence, means to them, and not purely in a political sense.  The Great Yes, No, Don’t Know, Five Minute Theatre Show, was performed at various locations across Scotland, the UK, the world and the web, streaming live over 24 hours on 23rd June 2014, from 5pm

A Band Called Quinn live on Camglen Radio

A Band Called Quinn live on Camglen Radio (Photo credit: cameronjking)

Five Minute Theatre makers included poets, primary school pupils, film-makers, families, community groups, teenagers, visual artists, professional theatre-makers and expectant mothers, with ages ranging from three months to 80 years old. Their five minute dramas were broadcast from across the globe from towns, cities, states and countries including Rutherglen, Govan, East Timor, Los Angeles, Lancaster, Texas, Thurso, Leeds, Istanbul, New Jersey, New York, South Australia, Edinburgh, Mumbai, Inverness and Paris. Locations included a garden, a field, a car park, schools, bedrooms, a toilet, a pub, a library, a hospital,  a beach, and the Falkirk Wheel, all streamed on the

virtual stage for a global audience.

Full details at

A Band Called Quinn to Host a Remix Concert

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A Remix Contest

Cover - Forget About It

Cover – Forget About It

I received and email yesterday from Louise Quinn.  She was letting me know that the band, A Band Called Quinn, is hosting a remix concert for their song, Forget About It, which is one of the tracks from the multimedia show Bidding Time. Bidding Time is a show for genXers and supported by Creative Scotland.  You can check out show dates at

If  interested in entering the contest, you can listen to the original mix here.  The “stems” for you to remix with are available here.  The closing date for this contest is April 18th.  You will email your entry to  Last but not least, quoting her email “The winning remix shall be released on Tromolo Records & the winning remixer will receive tickets for the show, a tour round the set & drinks with cast & crew as well as their very own rabbit mask!”

Welcome to The Whatever and Whenever PodCast


Welcome to the First Episode of The Whatever and Whenever PodCast

Bloc Party

Bloc Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to episode 001 of the Whatever and Whenever PodCast, actually, when we recorded this episode, we had not even thought of a name for it. Meshelly and Lumpy just knew that we wanted to add another show to the line up at Indie Nation. We wanted to do news and music… and we wanted to simply use it to hijack the stream when nothing else was scheduled. We also knew we wanted something that would be fun and safe for work. Our thought was something like a drive time show, mostly music, some fun banter and some recent news.

So on the mics we go, fired up idjc (Internet DJ Console) and off into cyberspace we blasted. And remember, you will never know when a new show may stream live and, in the end, time-shifted or live, it is hopefully great content.

Christmas Day Podcast


What Did You Do on Christmas? We did another “Podcast of Christmas !”

Scrooge's third visitor, from Charles Dickens:...

Image via Wikipedia

For Lumpy, Christmas is for the children. My family celebrates it on Christmas Eve and I spent most of my Christmas Day organizing Christmas Music. This podcast originally streamed live on Christmas Day, it is Christmas Music with only a tad bit of chat in between. Merry Christmas and enjoy: Special kudos and thanks to Cleta and Knowles217 for joining me on this holiday special. Here is a list of what we played in three and half hour show.

Tech Geek News – The New Space Race

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A NASA astronaut jokingly advertises a recover...

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Greetings Listeners, Readers and Participants,

Welcome to our first attempt at “doing news live… sorta”.  Jeff and I have been wanting to get some news on this station for a while.  We thought it might be fun to try and do a show while streaming the process live and trying to get some chat/VOIP interaction. We start out with a bit of a rant and and digression.  William Shatner recorded a special wake up call for the Discovery and crew.  A wake up based on the intro to the original Star Trek series… It was all the rage and all the blogs picked it up.  Wait till you hear all the tunes Captain Kirk beat out.

Lunar X Competition Adds 7 More Contestants

The new space race is well under way.  It has been announced that the contest has added 7 more teams to the finals, bringing the total up to almost 30 contestants.  The teams consist of an eclectic mix of private companies, university teams and even a “mystery team” .    For the 29 entered teams the rules are pretty simple but the task is very hard.  The Google Lunar X Prize of 30 Million dollars will be awarded to the first team that privately launches a space craft, lands it on the moon, has it rove at least 500 meters and, of course,  sends data back to Earth.  The contest was first announced in 2007 and is expected to have a victor by 2015. (Lumpy had an entry idea that was rejected… it involved a very large catapult and snookie… we don’t think he would have won but it had high entertainment value.) For more news, click continue reading

Christmas Cast Two – Rock and Modern

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Santa Claus with a little girl

Image via Wikipedia

While I like the traditional Christmas music, I really like when artists do new unique tunes.  As The Indie Guide points out, it is also an excellent way to get your band noticed by new listeneres. I bet you will want to check out Atomsplit after you hear the original tunes they did. They added to it being a kewl yule.

I also like more modern versions of traditional music.  That is what this episode is about. We will feature more upbeat and modern, less traditional music in this Christmas special.  While we shall do many traditional covers, they will be a new and upbeat take on the traditional songs. I shall also toss in a few excellent more traditional sounding tracks.  The goal is modern and Christmas which leave me some poetic license in this new media order.

If the artist is available on Mevio’s Music Alley, (MMA) will take you there.  Hope you like the modern versions of some of the classics.

Thanks for listening, feel free to comment, and, of course, Merry Christmas.  Remember you can also leave feedback at our Google Voice number 818-81-INDIE.

Special thanks to

Merry Christmas!

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