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2012.03.02 – The LumpCast and the Spotlight on Various Artists

For this week’s episode of the LumpCast, I thought I would kick back to some of the musicians we have had the pleasure to get to know in the recent past, some locally from Cleveland and others from elsewhere.

I am playing short sets and spotlights for this show. Many of them are recordings I actually did with a Zoom H2 Portable Recording unit when these musicians played live at local clubs in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Listen in as Cleta, Omnidragon, Boz and Lumpy spin and eclectic mix of indie music.


2012.01.30 – Tech Net News and Opinion – 007


Tech Net News and Opinion – Episode 007 – 2012.01.30

Greetings Listeners,

The Hush Now at The Roc Bar

Wi-Fi Signal logo
In this week’s episode of Tech Net News and Opinion, we discuss, Newt Gingrich being sued for IP law violations, a super hot X-ray laser, capturing Wi-Fi passwords and fake projects at Apple.  So tune in enjoy the music and our chat about the various news items.

A Conversation with Greg Spero

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Greg Spero

A short while past, I had the pleasure of catching up with Greg Spero, a young talented mostly jazz musician.  Personally, I hate the fact that musicians are almost forced to “pick” a genre.  As Mr. Spero points out it, is mainly done for marketing reasons and that musicians can not help leave out all the music that influenced them as they create their own unique material.  Listen in as he explains that and we discuss many other things.

We did this interview via Skype and the VOIP gods were not too kind to us on this day.  Pops, clicks and modulation are not possible to easily remove but, deal with it, for the conversation and music are stellar.

Interview with Daria Musk and RAM – Part 3


Let’s Talk About RAM, No Not PC RAM, RAMusic

RAM, Daria Musk, Jeff, DJ Angel and I spent so much time on line during an interview that it is turning into one marathon project to edit it.  I decided to have this one focus more on RAM.  No not the stuff you put in your mother board but the man who plays bass guitar with Daria.  RAM is much more than just a bass player he is a composer and musician in his own right.  He is very proficient with instruments electronic and computer musical instruments.  In fact he worked on the first real computer instrument, the Fairlight CMI.


RAM was also part of group called Present Dreams and they have four CDs available on Present Dreams.  If you like stuff like Synergy and Tangerine Dream, you should definitely check this music out.

Interview with Daria Musk and RAM – Part 2


As I mentioned in the notes for part one of this interview, I am not keeping things in the same order as we did them live on the stream.  In this segment you will get to hear something we kept going back too, how the Internet community, mainly Google Plus, impacted these to artist in a positive way.  One of the things that I am sure every listener will notice is that Daria Musk and RAM really appreciate their fans and the Google Plus community.

I have often mentioned that what I enjoy the most about being a podcaster is being the middle man between the artists and the listeners.  However, with today’s recent tech advances, that particular role may well be on it’s way to obsolescence.   Musicians can now simply interact directly with listeners… even perform hangout concerts on the Internet… I so love the new media order.

Daria Musk Interview – Live Marathon Interview – Part 1


Part One of an Interview with Daria Musk and RAM

Daria Musk and RAM

Daria Musk and RAM seem to like to go long on many things.  Fear not though, for while it may be possible to have too much of a good thing, that is not possible in this case. The last Google Hangout Concert went seven and a half hours.  This “thirty minute” interview went about two and a half hours.

While there were some, tech glitches, some VOIP skip, a fan in the background, a motorcycle or two, a semi truck, etc… Thanks to the marvels of real time compression and Audacity software, I bet had I not mentioned it, you would not even notice.

I tried to keep as much of it as possible.  Well, truth be told, I tried to keep as much as what RAM and Daria said and as little as possible of what DJ Angel, Jeff and I said.  The night we streamed this live, I told Daria and RAM that I might split it into two or three parts, when I emailed Daria yesterday, I was thinking more like four or five… As I edit it today, I fear I may never leave the studio.   There is just simply too much good stuff.

2011.08.16 – Pick of the Day – Daria Musk – Plus One Me

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How About a Daria Musk Day?

Daria Musk

“Pick of the Day”  was not originally about what day it was.  To be honest, it still isn’t.  It is an excuse to promote and share an independent artist.  With so many organizations choosing this day and that day, why can’t a streaming radio station pick one of it’s own?

With that in mind, I am going to make this day Daria Musk Day.  I am doing so because I intend to spend most of my day editing a long interview with her and RAM.  Both are talented musicians and composers who blessed us with over two and a half hours of their time.  Her and RAM created on heck of an Internet buzz when they streamed live via Google Hangout.  They had over 9000 viewers from over 100 countries as they streamed live and interacted with fans for seven and a half hours.

Google Buys Motorola

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Just in case you just crawled out from under a rock,  TechCrunch (and the rest of the world) reports that Google has dropped 12.5 billions dollars and bought Motorola.  The entire Internet is buzzing about why, what and and whatever but ARS Technica likely has it right.. they needed the patents.  It is rather sad that patent trolls have turned net survival into a matter of preemptive strikes but in my opinion that is what it is.

A Petition for Bert and Ernie to Wed?

Bert & Ernie

Cover of Bert & Ernie

This news article contains content that some may consider offensive.  If you are going to get upset about damage to puppets, please go elsewhere.  If gay lesbian subjects offend you… go elsewhere.  However, if you are into same gender puppet sex, read on.

Kudos and thanks to LeftyStrat for blogging about this.  It seems that there is actually a petition being circulated demanding that Bert and Ernie, the famous Muppets, long rumored to be gay, should be married.  I didn’t even know that they officially came out of the closet.  Lefty links to an article that also mentions something interesting.  The Archie comics are going to be writing in a gay character in the near future.

2011.03.30- Wednesday Night Live Part Four – Three Indie Artists


2011.03.30- Wednesday Night Live Part Four

[amazon_image id=”B003FGX1Z2″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Lost In Overdale[/amazon_image]

We start off, for the sake of continuity by replaying the last indie artists, Jamie Gray, from the previous show.  Keep in mind that Jeff, Steve and Lumpy do this live, mess up often, and just try to have fun with the listeners and, even more so, with those involved in chat and VOIP.

We seemed have finally talked ourselves out with the talk in segment three.  So let us just get to the music.


2011.03.30-Wednesday Night Live Part 3 – Mostly Tech Talk

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USSR stamp dedicated to Albert Einstein

Image via Wikipedia

We started off by talking about the band, Lestat, that we closed out the previous show with.  The band recently played out live and Steve had a chance to see them.  We remind the listeners that you can find Lestat at FaceBook.

We also noticed that we were being joined by a scanner or AM radio.  At first we thought it was Jeff’s scanner but after almost a week of gremlin chasing, we narrowed it down to a patch cord acting as an AM receiver.  Once we got away from the scanner conversation, we had a nice long run of tech talk and news.  Eventually, we got back to music.

Jacob Barnet 12 year old genius tackles relativity

This kid is amazing, he taught himself algebra, geometry, triginometry, calculus and physics in a week. With an IQ of 170, Einstein need just move on over and give it up to the boy genius. He started attending Purdue at age 8 and the now 12 year old is about to leave Purdue to do astrophysics research. Pretty nice first gig eh?  While other children his age might be tackleing a paper route, Jacob Barnet seems to be topping that by light years.  The 12 year old slightly autistic genius may have advanced Einstien’s theory of relativity.  The scientists at Princeton are looking over the young man’s calculations and think he may be on to something!

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