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The Hush Now at The Roc Bar in Cleveland, Ohio


Interview and Live Recording of The Hush Now on 2011.10.07

The Hush Now - Memos

Three of our staff were fortunate enough to catch up with The Hush Now at The Roc Bar in Cleveland, Ohio.  The band, management and the club were kewl enough to set us up with and interview and recording the band. We must confess that our staff was very excited with being able to catch this great band. Special thanks to Rachel Miller of Big Picture Media for setting all of this up for us.

The Boston based band consists of Noel Kelly (vocals/guitar), Adam Quane (lead guitar), Barry Marino (drums), Pat MacDonald (bass) and, the latest addition, John Millar (keyboards).  Join us as Georgie, Boz and Lumpy sit down with them for both a casual and chaotic interview.

2011.10.06 – Pick of the Day – The Hush Now – “Memos”


Great New Album Release “Memos” by The Hush Now

I get daily emails from labels and agents asking me to check this band or that band out.  Frankly and honestly, I don’t get truly excited about too many of them.  I listen to music almost constantly.  The bathroom is the only room in my house with out speakers. The psychological term is “desensitization”.  Add to that, I also have a programing director, Meshelly, who helps me  considerably. Her and I split the load of “bad” listening and emails.

The Hush Now - Memos

This is not to say that I don’t like many of them. Usually,  I say “yeah, it’s good” or “yeah, ok”. Rarely do I jump up and down, get excited and actually call friends and associates to tell them about the band.  Seriously, it is my job to “listen to bad music so you don’t have to”.   Meshelly, Steve, Eric and many others got phone calls about The Hush Now.  A great band and I assure you, they shall get play here.  Today it is my job to say “I listened to great music to share it with you!”

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