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Press Release – EGrooves Vol. 1

An Album to Promote the Music of Africa

Most people are barely aware or completely unaware of African music.  I honestly wonder how many people actually know which instruments commonly attributed to Spanish and Cuban music are in fact African in origin.  This is why I was glad to get the following press release in my inbox.

On Thanksgiving We At IndieNation.FM Are Thankful For….

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We at Indie Nation are thankful for all of those that are doing their part to make this world, and our lives better. Whether you are fighting for equality, or fighting to help your struggling community, we are thankful for you.  We are also thankful for the people who work hard to make it possible not only for some to fight for improvements in their country, but also bring their stories to the world.

Stories like that of 15 year old Kelvin Doe. Kelvin lives in Sierra Leon, the place he lives has electricity about one day of the month on average. He at the age of 13 designed and built his own F.M. radio transmitter to give Sierra Leon their first and only radio station, built generators to help power his city, and  he did it by finding broken electronics in the garbage,  figuring them out on his own, and then reverse engineering his end product.

Houses Built from Sand Filled Plasitc Bottles

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Sand Filled Bottles Provide Green Housing Material


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According to an article at, Nigeria is experimenting with a rather novel green solution in the area of housing.  It seems that Nigeria has no shortage of plastic bottles.  They are a large litter problem for the African nation and are now being used as housing material.  The sand filled plastic bottles are filled with sand, set in concrete and mud, and tied together to keep them plumb, square and level.

A School Bell with a Bang

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This one may best be filed under news that makes you go yipes! An article at Yahoo News indicates that a mine awareness team may have arrived in time to avoid a very explosive and destructive event.

(en) Uganda Location (he) מיקום אוגנדה

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A mine awareness team in war torn Uganda discovered a very disturbing bell at a school.  The team was at the 700 pupil facility to educate the attendees and staff about mine awareness.  What they discovered was that the bell which the school used to call the students was, in fact, and bomb shell.  The shell’s head was actually still active and could have, if struck hard enough, caused the explosive to fire.

The article stated that this was the second such discovery.  The previous live shell was discovered in the toy box of another school.

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A Conversation with Anouschka – Part Two

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The conversation originally took place on 19 December, 2009. It was right after she had just finished a tour, released a new album and just before she was about to head off to the African Bush as a volunteer field guide trainee.

This is the second of two edited and mixed interview. The first part is here. I tried to produce them in a manner that the order is not important, however, this one focused more on her most recent release, “So Why?”. This interview was more interview than music. The first part is more like short Q&A with a whole lot of music. Regardless, I think they are both excellent and, like her music, a just a different style.

Anouschka is an awesome person and a great conservationist, it was a pleasure to be graced with so much of her time to get this interview. Here is an outline of this conversation, songs in bold and interview questions in regular type:

  • We talk about her new release “So Why” and play the title track So Why
  • We talked about some of the musicians on the album and then we spun Vagrant of the Winds
  • I asked her about House of My Father and then we played it
  • We chatted about her trip to Africa and her song Silently
  • I closed the show with One of the Finer Days

You can purchase her music at Amazon, Anouschka and The CD Baby links below.

Anouschka: Anouschka
Anouschka: My Kind of Heartbreak
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