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The Music Vault – An Impressive Archive of Concerts

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The Music Vault – An Amazingly Impressive Archive of Live Concerts

Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Music Vault is a YouTube archive of concerts. The Music Vault has literally tens of thousands of concerts. Kudos to Open Culture for sharing this gem of a find.

If you are a Grateful Dead fan, you will love this YouTube channel. As Open Culture notes, The Grateful Dead have the most dominant presence on the site but, considering how many shows they did, shouldn’t that just follow as reasonable?

The abundance of the dead can make it a bit tough to find other bands.  However, try searching YouTube using “Music Vault + [insert band name here]” to filter out some of the Grateful Dead.

I spent about a half hour browsing the site. It is not that difficult to find artists other than The Dead. In my opinion, the site is well worth the browsing time. You may also wish to explore the link to Open Culture as they have many links to many artists. I picked one they didn’t mention to share after the break.

Welcome to The Whatever and Whenever PodCast


Welcome to the First Episode of The Whatever and Whenever PodCast

Bloc Party

Bloc Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to episode 001 of the Whatever and Whenever PodCast, actually, when we recorded this episode, we had not even thought of a name for it. Meshelly and Lumpy just knew that we wanted to add another show to the line up at Indie Nation. We wanted to do news and music… and we wanted to simply use it to hijack the stream when nothing else was scheduled. We also knew we wanted something that would be fun and safe for work. Our thought was something like a drive time show, mostly music, some fun banter and some recent news.

So on the mics we go, fired up idjc (Internet DJ Console) and off into cyberspace we blasted. And remember, you will never know when a new show may stream live and, in the end, time-shifted or live, it is hopefully great content.

2012.03.16 – Friday Night Freak n’ Geek


2012.03.16 – Friday Night Freak n’ Geek

Greetings once again Indienation Listeners, Followers and Curiosity Seekers! As I get more and more stoked with coming to you with each new episode, I’ve been sharpening my skills as a more technical podcaster. After doing conventional radio after all these years it seems difficult to break out of that mold of Pavlovian Conditioning and getting with the new age of radio. In other words folks – I think I’ve almost fully grasped what it means to be a viable part of the new media order. Podsafe, Indie Music Radio all for the sheer love of playing it, doing it and rubbing into the corporate ass-holes face as to why they are dying a slow and painful death!

This week I’m delving more into my passion of all passions – Heavy Metal. Lumpy is thoroughly convinced we are going to Hell now! lol We were lucky to get a hold of some new material that wasn’t released yet. I wanted to stay close to 2 tracks from each band so we could fit a couple more artists into the show. These are 2 of the fastest hours I spend during the week and it sure beats flipping burgers!! Cleta, OmniDragon and Knowles join in on the fun and we extend the invitation for you the listener to join us as well through TeamSpeak. Let us know you are there and we’ll get a shout out to ya!

We happened to be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on this one and toast to you a big gulp of George Killian’s Irish Red Beer as our last call! This is such a great brew cold as well as for cooking in Pot Roasts, Stews, Stuffed Peppers or Stuffed Cabbage and especially for that St. Patrick’s Day favourite – Corned Beef!

2012.03.09 – Friday Night Freak n’ Geek


2012.03.09-Friday Night Freak N’ Geek

Join Lumpy and Boz for Friday night Freak n’ Geek as they chat with Cleta, OmniDragon and Knowles as they join them via Teamspeak they talked about everything from Lumpy and Boz’s Cats, to the Corned beef, and split pea soup they are cooking and even talked about opossums in a pastry shop. They tell about the cigar they have tonight and the beer they will be sampling as they give a toast at the end of the show, lots of laughs, good stories, and great music.They started the show with some music from:

2012.03.16 – The LumpCast

2012.03.16 – The LumpCast

Readers and Listeners,

A new episode of The LumpCast has been published featuring the music of; Ana Popovic, Chillerstadt, George Clinton, Polina Kourakina, Sly Stone, Thomas Reed Smith Band, Jim Truth, 60 Seconc Crush, American Heartbreak, El Debarge, Sevendust, Alice Cooper, Ana Popovic, Andy Steve and Andy, Ministry, Candye Kane, Ben Sem, and Ampliphonic. Check out 2012.03.16 – The LumpCast

The Great Toilet Contest 02.03.2012


Welcome to Friday Night Freak & Geek where Boz and Lumpy share excitement of  the strange, bizarre, weird and yes outright utterly stupid topics of society and your own backyard whereabouts!! In Other Words – we try to touch base with the most interesting current events possible that happen all around us commoners!

This weeks adventure takes us through finding the mostest awesomest name for that championship football game brought to us every year by what is known at as the No Fun League. Seeing as the name chosen for this great match is allegedly trademarked, we figured we would come up with our own name for it and see if the fans out there agree that it’s in fact the better name!

And of course our traditional beer endorsement of the week and great new up and coming heavy music make for excellent background entertainment for any party or dumpster diving challenge!! Tonight’s featured artists include The Mydols, Project 4rm Watts, Straight Outta Junior High, Adriana Skye, Ric Seaburg, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Pillar of Autumn, Sudden Death featuring Carrie Dahlby, Jim Truth and the legendary Alice Cooper.

  • From Mydols Website:


    • Super Bowl
    • Hot Rod Your Home
    • Gimme Your Paycheck
  • Superbowl Stuntin from Project 4rm Watts
  • From Straight Outta Junior High:

    Straight Outta Junior High

    • Fantasy Football
    • She Doesn’t Like Me
    • Wasted
  • Game Face by Adriana Sky
  • Superbowl Andy by Ric Seaberg
  • From Arch Enemy

    Arch Enemy

    • Khaos Oveture
    • Under Black Flags We March
    • Through The Eyes Of A Raven
  • From In Flames
    • Sounds Of A Playground Fading
    • Where The Dead Ships Dwell
    • Liberation
  • From Pillar of Autumn
    • Breathing Underwater
    • Carpe Diem
    • Killing Machine
  • Give It To Everybody by Sudden Death featuring Carrie Dahlby
  • From Jim Truth
    • Caught or I Am Almost Gone or Fail Angel
    • Gun Or Knife or A Wish For Other Wings or The Line Drawn
    • Slipping or The Nightmare Come or Done
  • From Alice Cooper
    Alice Cooper

    Alice Cooper (Image via

    • I’m Eighteen
    • No More Mr Nice Guy
    • Woman Of Mass Destruction

Tech Net News and Opinion 003


Greetings Listeners, In this episode we will spin some great indie music and discuss OpenDNS, Native Client, debunking of the bandwidth hog, more woes for Adobe, and browser security.

As usual, we started with some music:

  • We started with a few from Brother Love
    • Soccer Girl
    • Push
  • From Alice Cooper
    • I’m Eighteen
    • No More Mr Nice Guy
  • From Chance
    • Independent
    • Finger on the Trigger Makes a Man Feel Bigger

Band Width Hog Myth Debunked

A study done by DSL Reports seems to beating up a falacy. TechDirt reports that the myth of the “bandwidth hog” has long been used as a justification for band width caps. To be brief and short, the study can find no data to back the ISPs claims. The article at TechDirt also states that, since many ISPs will not provide any data to back their claims, they are and have been well aware of the fact that the bandwidth hog is not disruptive.

Back to the queue for more music:

Google Chrome Reported to be the Most Secure Browser

Ars Technica tells us of a study done by Accuvant Labs regarding the security of Explorer, Chrome and Firefox quote:

The research was funded by Google, which might make any reasonable person suspicious of its conclusions. Accuvant insists that Google gave it “a clear directive to provide readers with an objective understanding of relative browser security” and that the conclusions in the paper “are those of Accuvant Labs, based on our independent data collection.” Accuvant also made the supporting data available as a separate download so that it can be scrutinized by other researchers.

The article states that the 102 page report is very fair and the lab stated it will update the report as the browsers continue to develop.

Introducing DNSCrypt

Quoting the OpenDNS web site:

DNSCrypt has the potential to be the most impactful advancement in Internet security since SSL, significantly improving every single Internet user’s online security and privacy.

Although only currently available on the Mac platform. The design uses encryption but not SSL to communicate with OpenDNS and keep everything private and confidential. It is described as lightweight and the site claims it would eliminate spoofing, spying and any man in the middle attacks.
More music:
  • Three from Jeff Ronay
    • Michael Angels Cosmic Grab Bag
    • Someone Took the Money
    • Open the Pod Door Hal

More Woes for Adobe and Flash

CNET is reporting the the troubles for Flash just won’t seem to stop. The Adobe company’s Reader program has vulnerabilities. Similar problems are reported in Flash Player In both the Mac and Window versions the program can be hacked to crash and the culprit can gain control of the computer.

The article states that it gets around the Internet Explorer sandbox on windows machines. It also states that it is unknown how or if it works in other browser. While some versions of Adobe products have fixed the problem, others are not expected to be mended for about a month. The article suggest using alternative products.

New Windows Defender Runs Outside Windows

CNET reports via an instructional article that the newer version of Windows Defender will be able to run outside of the Windows OS. The malware protection software will be available in both 32 and 64 bit versions and could be run off a thumbdrive, CD, or DVD. The program is under 300 MB in size and also offers the option of saving it as an ISO file vs. an executable program.

A few more songs:

  • From Pale Hollow
    • Rolling Through The Days
    • Satisfied Mind

“Native Client” Showcased at Google

After hearing about this one, I asked “how can one not be impressed”. According to a post at CNET, Google had unveiled a project it has kept under wraps for three years. Native Client, as it is called, is claimed to improve browser performance by by two to ten times.

To demonstrate this, they played games in a browser tab… games normally played in a console. Those who viewed the demonstration claim that the games moved smoothly and performed well. Native Client, also dubbed NaCl, is open source.

The goals, according to the Google spokesperson are to bring more to the web and security. They state they are in the “prove it” state of the technology. The review at CNET is more extensive and has a very impressive video of the platform in action. Native Client is to go public in 2012.

Mother Refuses to Give up on Baby Pronounce Dead

This one was a last minute addition thanks to Cleta and Meshelly.

We closed it out with three more songs:

  • From MC Lars
    • What Is Hip-Hop?
    • Distant Planet
    • The Giving Tree

2010.10.22 – Indie Soup – Dedicated to Cleta – Part One

POSTED ON October 28th  - POSTED IN music, Podcasts, Public Service

Those of us who participate in online communities comprehend just how real such communities are.  Cyberspace is clearly psychological and emotional space.  The bonds we form are just as real as the bonds we form with co-workers, physical neighbors and classmates.

Recently, several online communities were saddened and disturbed to hear that Cleta, well known on Twitter, FaceBook, Geek Shed IRC and lockergnome, had taken ill.  You can read about the medical situation that led up to hospitalization at her blog.  Thanks to the efforts of Chibit in #cleta at Geekshed and Meshelly making a few phone calls, we know that she had surgery, is in ICU and, although recovering, she will be there a while.

This show is dedicated to Cleta, one of the sweetest and dearest community members any of us have been blessed to know. She has listened to Lumpy, Meshelly and Indie Soup so often, that we certainly know enough songs that she like to fill 2 hours.  If you know Cleta and would like to send her get well wishes please use 818-81-INDIE to leave her a voicemail or send emails to info[at]indienation[dot]fm and we will get them to her.

This show originally streamed live on and is broken into two parts for publication. As usual, we welcome your comments and feedback. (I think it is also a good place to leave get well wishes.)

Here are the show notes;

  • We started out with a few from the Monterey International Pop Festival
    • Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth
    • The Mammas and The Pappas – California Dreaming
    • Jefferson Airplane – Somebody to Love
    • Otis Redding – Shake
    • The Who – My Generation
  • Alice Cooper
    • I’m Eighteen
    • No More Mr. Nice Guy
  • Dr. H. P. Winklerdoing an awesome live jam at the “Xmas in Space Party”
    • Housy Grooves

And yes, listeners all of the music above is “Podsafe” and available for your listening pleasure at Mevio’s Music Alley.

Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth

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