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Melvoy – Irrelevant Elephant

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Introducing Melvoy – A Great Mix of Sound



I am on my third full listen of Melvoy’s new album.  I am as pleased with it as I was on the first listen.  The music is a nice blend of surf, rock, and Latin.  The music and vocals are wonderfully solid and full.  The work is well produced and has a terrifically thick sound. While it is hard to assign a genre to this artist’s work, it certainly deserves the label of excellent.  The 11 track release, Irrelevant Elephant, is something I think you should check out.  It is impossible to listen to this album and not allow some of its amazing energy to positively impact your mood.  In short, if you even remotely enjoy this style of music, you are going to fall in love with this album.  Put your ear buds in and get the salsa ready!

Eternally Dizzy

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Introducing Eternally Dizzy, A Powerful Trio

I don’t know much about this new band from Columbus, Ohio. What I do know is that I like what I hear very much.  I first heard of this band over at Record, Rewind, Play.  I checked out what they had to offer over at Bandcamp and liked the 90s alt-rock sound.  This trio’s members are:

  • Andre’ Vanderpool – Front Man
  • Joe Camerlengo – Bass
  • Jeremy Skeen – Drums


Monogroove’s New Release, Echos in the Glass

This is a request to review an album that I was really glad to receive.  It is was, unlike many, great to listen to.  The tough part will be deciding on a favorite track.

First, a little basic information on Monogroove, according to their Reverb Nation Bio is:

Monogroove is the Los Angeles based female fronted dual vocal Power/Pop Band Performing in and around the LA circuit, Benefits, Charity/fundraisers and private gatherings

The Members are:

  • Rin Lennon – Vocals and Guitars
  • Andrea Ireland – Vocals
  • Brad Myers – Bass
  • Kenny Cratty – Drums

Yes, the gender make up is the same as the Mamas and the Papas.   Musically they do have somewhat of that sound.  However, being a fan of the famous foursome, I think that this release offers a much more eclectic mix of sound.

Monogroove - Echoes In The Glass

Monogroove – Echoes In The Glass

Echoes in the Glass is a very solid album of great music.  From the catchy sax rift that kicks the album off with the first track, When You Went Away, with a sound much like Mo-town, to the last track, the band does a good job of providing the listener with 17 tracks that you will want to listen to.  They even tossed in an awesome cover of Tomorrow Never Knows, a tune that, in my opinion, is a tough one for any band to cover.

The band is excellent vocally with some beautiful harmonization on almost every track.  It is definitely the vocals that I feel is the band’s strong suit.  However, I want to make it clear that the music is also great.  Another thing the band does well is to keep a certain style of their own while still giving the listener a good dose of eclectic music.  There are funky songs, mellow songs, sad ballads and just down right happy tunes on this collection.

You can find out more about this band at the links below:

You can buy their music at (affiliate links):

Monogroove: REAL
Monogroove: Five Minute Cat Wash
Monogroove: Echoes in the Glass
Monogroove: Sexy Never Knows

A Band Called Quinn to Host a Remix Concert

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A Remix Contest

Cover - Forget About It

Cover – Forget About It

I received and email yesterday from Louise Quinn.  She was letting me know that the band, A Band Called Quinn, is hosting a remix concert for their song, Forget About It, which is one of the tracks from the multimedia show Bidding Time. Bidding Time is a show for genXers and supported by Creative Scotland.  You can check out show dates at

If  interested in entering the contest, you can listen to the original mix here.  The “stems” for you to remix with are available here.  The closing date for this contest is April 18th.  You will email your entry to  Last but not least, quoting her email “The winning remix shall be released on Tromolo Records & the winning remixer will receive tickets for the show, a tour round the set & drinks with cast & crew as well as their very own rabbit mask!”

EP Review – Anger Management by Seven Mouldy Figs

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Anger Management by Seven Mouldy Figs

Anger Management by Seven Mouldy Figs

Anger Management by Seven Mouldy Figs

The album kicks off with the raucous thick sounding song titled From me to you. The sound is thick, heavy and distorted accompanied by a slightly whinny well delivered lead vocals, delivering the lyrics in phrased burst working well against the driving rhythm guitar and steady drums. It is a good choice for an opening track because it leaves you anticipating the rest of this four track EP.

Worth the Wait Living Up to Their Name

Taking a Break to Make it Even Better

I like it when bands make good choices.  Worth the Wait, in my opinion, is doing just that.  According to a post at their Facebook page, they are going take a bit of a break.  Unlike many bands who do so due to conflict within, they are doing so for all the right reasons.  This band is taking a break for all the right reasons.  They are focusing on making their “come back” to mean a better band.

2011.10.06 – Pick of the Day – The Hush Now – “Memos”


Great New Album Release “Memos” by The Hush Now

I get daily emails from labels and agents asking me to check this band or that band out.  Frankly and honestly, I don’t get truly excited about too many of them.  I listen to music almost constantly.  The bathroom is the only room in my house with out speakers. The psychological term is “desensitization”.  Add to that, I also have a programing director, Meshelly, who helps me  considerably. Her and I split the load of “bad” listening and emails.

The Hush Now - Memos

This is not to say that I don’t like many of them. Usually,  I say “yeah, it’s good” or “yeah, ok”. Rarely do I jump up and down, get excited and actually call friends and associates to tell them about the band.  Seriously, it is my job to “listen to bad music so you don’t have to”.   Meshelly, Steve, Eric and many others got phone calls about The Hush Now.  A great band and I assure you, they shall get play here.  Today it is my job to say “I listened to great music to share it with you!”

A Conversation with Greg Spero

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Greg Spero

A short while past, I had the pleasure of catching up with Greg Spero, a young talented mostly jazz musician.  Personally, I hate the fact that musicians are almost forced to “pick” a genre.  As Mr. Spero points out it, is mainly done for marketing reasons and that musicians can not help leave out all the music that influenced them as they create their own unique material.  Listen in as he explains that and we discuss many other things.

We did this interview via Skype and the VOIP gods were not too kind to us on this day.  Pops, clicks and modulation are not possible to easily remove but, deal with it, for the conversation and music are stellar.

Bad Audio Interview with Sick of Sarah at Vans Warped Tour


Jamie Holm ant Abisha Uhl of Sick of Sarah - Photo by Eric Leiser Photography

For those of you who follow Lumpy, you know that gremlins also stalk me.  I tried to get rid of them with some holy water and that didn’t work out too well.  While Eric and Lumpy had a great time at Van’s Warped Tour, there were some bummers as well.  The first one being that it took the Blossom staff so long to figure out where the press tent was, that we missed the fabulous five piece’s performance.  The second which your ears shall certainly hear, was that the press area was right below one of the stages and full of background noise.

As they say, that is rock and roll. Nonetheless, I was not going to ditch this interview and thanks their label, I am already making plans to catch them in Cleveland in September.  I guarantee you the “do over” will be much, much better.

All in all though, it was a great day and a great event.  I ended up with so much material that I am going to have a hard time post processing all the audio and editing all the photos in less than a month.  Personally, Lumpy thinks that is a nice problem to have.

These ladies are not your typical “chick” band.  First off, they really, really get the new media order.  The bit torrent release of 2205 broke all records with over one million downloads. Add to that, while they may sound similar to bands like The Motels, they sure as the sun rising tomorrow add their own unique flavor and style. Listen close to the way Jamie thumps out the bass, you can tell she did guitar work as well.

In this interview, provided you can actually understand it, you will hear some great music by the quintet who have a driving hard sound and catch punk phrased lyrics.  We played three tracks in between interview and commentary segments.  Those tracks are, in order:

  • Over Exposed
  • Hello, Good Morning
  • Autograph

2011.08.15 – Pick of the Day – Al Philipp and the Woo Team – Relax


Get Your Chill on and Relax, Today is National Relaxation Day

Al Phillipp and the Woo Team

Today is Monday, August 15, 2011 and it is National Relaxation Day.  According to, there doesn’t seem to be any official organization for this particular holiday and is likely just something promoted by the spas. However we all need to take a break, relax and chill from time to time so why not just kick back and take some time to do just that today.

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