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Wetwood Smokes

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Wetwood Smokes

A Kick Ass Band from Orange County with Serious Classic Rock Roots

One of the good things about taking a year off is that I have lots of music in my inbox and I allows me to selective. The downside is having to listen to large doses of bad stuff for the sake of protecting your ears. This band gave my ears a break from audio torture.  Wetwood Smokes contacted us asking for our take on their second release Organ Donor.

Since then, they have released their third aptly named, Our Third. I contacted Chrystian because I was unsure what they would most like reviewed and, based on the information at their website, I was unsure if they were touring and still a trio.

Chrystian, replied. They are now a quartet and, told me to – what I liked best.

Full Trunk

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Full Trunk

Hard Blues Rockin’ Band from Israel

Happy New Year all. I am still digging through my inbox backlog. No worries great music is timeless. Let us all kick off the first Monday of 2017 with some awesome rockin’ blues from Full Trunk.

Previously known as Nisman Trio this Israel-based band really kicks ass. I immediately listened to and loved every track… even though, at times, I can’t understand the lyrics. Don’t let the fact that some of their material is in Hebrew, they have plenty of Tunes sung in English.

Press Release – EGrooves Vol. 1

An Album to Promote the Music of Africa

Most people are barely aware or completely unaware of African music.  I honestly wonder how many people actually know which instruments commonly attributed to Spanish and Cuban music are in fact African in origin.  This is why I was glad to get the following press release in my inbox.

EP Review – Anger Management by Seven Mouldy Figs

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Anger Management by Seven Mouldy Figs

Anger Management by Seven Mouldy Figs

Anger Management by Seven Mouldy Figs

The album kicks off with the raucous thick sounding song titled From me to you. The sound is thick, heavy and distorted accompanied by a slightly whinny well delivered lead vocals, delivering the lyrics in phrased burst working well against the driving rhythm guitar and steady drums. It is a good choice for an opening track because it leaves you anticipating the rest of this four track EP.

2011.12.05 – Pick of the Day – The Press

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The Press Live at The Roc Bar in Cleveland

Lumpy and Boz met these fine musicians when they played with The Hush Now.  The Hush Now came to Cleveland back in October and played The Roc Bar.  The Press was the act that played before them.

We had never heard this Cleveland band before and were so impressed by them that we decided to approach them and get them on Indie Nation. The tracks you are going to hear were recorded at that live show.

I like this Simple Steps EP from Dreams

POSTED ON November 27th  - POSTED IN music

I am often asked how I find all of the music I play.  Well first of all, I look for it at sites like Mevio’s Music Alley.

I also abuse Google Reader and have a folder where I stalk many other podcasters and music blogs.

Today,  I happened on Simple Steps via You Ain’t No Picasso.  He credits No Modest Bear (NMR for short).  I am glad that music is universal, NMB is written in Swedish.

I liked the sound of this band very much, somewhat reminding me of other styles but blended together for something unique and different.  I like the fact that they share the music for non-commercial work and liked the EP enough to contact them about bot play here.  I also thought merited a post here.

More or less, I am suggesting that you go get the free EP.  They give you choice of formats and the MP3 files are 320kb samples so the quality is awesome.  I would also suggest you post to FaceBook and Twitter, the process listening to, downloading and posting are nothing more than a series of windows over at BandCamp.  In just a few minutes, you can get yourself a good free EP and help promote, what I feel is, a good band.

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