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Video – Barry McCabe – I Wonder

Barry McCabe I Wonder

Barry McCabe

Cover of Barry McCabe

Barry McCabe is one talented musician.  He blends blues, rock and a dash of Celtic to create tunes that are both eclectic and uniquely his style.  Having exchanged emails with him over the years I feel he is a musician who genuinely enjoys connecting with his fans.  This is very evident if you check out the energy he pumps out during live performances.

Welcome to The Whatever and Whenever PodCast


Welcome to the First Episode of The Whatever and Whenever PodCast

Bloc Party

Bloc Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to episode 001 of the Whatever and Whenever PodCast, actually, when we recorded this episode, we had not even thought of a name for it. Meshelly and Lumpy just knew that we wanted to add another show to the line up at Indie Nation. We wanted to do news and music… and we wanted to simply use it to hijack the stream when nothing else was scheduled. We also knew we wanted something that would be fun and safe for work. Our thought was something like a drive time show, mostly music, some fun banter and some recent news.

So on the mics we go, fired up idjc (Internet DJ Console) and off into cyberspace we blasted. And remember, you will never know when a new show may stream live and, in the end, time-shifted or live, it is hopefully great content.

2012.06.04 – Tech Net News and Opinion


2012.06.04 – Tech Net News and Opinion

Greetings listeners,

English: Wil Wheaton at the 2011 Phoenix Comic...

English: Wil Wheaton at the 2011 Phoenix Comicon in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to this week’s episode of Tech Net News and Opinion.  This week we accidentally/intentionally did things a bit differently.  For those of you who have been asking for more news and less music, you got it.  Brian, Knowles, Meshelly, Knunez (iPhone at Geekshed), OmniDragon and Lumpy start and end this week’s show with music but the rest is all news talk.

Remember listeners and readers, if you wish to participate, the way to do so is to get on over to the Geekshed IRC Network and join us in #indienation.  We do the news live almost every Monday from 8-10 PM EST.  (As a general rule, if a Monday is a holiday in the USA, we do NOT do the news.)  If you have items you think we should cover as news, shoot us an email at or tweet us @indienationfm.

2012.02.03 – The LumpCast – Blues and Blues Rock

Welcome to this week’s LumpCast.  Remember, you can always join Lumpy live for the stream of the show on Fridays at 10 PM to Midnight almost every Friday night.  This week, we swapped scheduled times with Friday Night Freak n’ Geek and aired at 8 PM EST.  Listen in as Lumpy spins mostly the blues.

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New Indie Soup Post and New Indie Soup Domain

POSTED ON October 22nd  - POSTED IN Indie Soup, Podcasts

Meshelly and Lump hope you are ready for this week’s episode of Indie Soup.  It is also the first fresh post at our new home.  While we are still certainly part of Indie Nation, we just thought it time to bust out our own domain.  Welcome to!

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2010.10.22 – Indie Soup – Dedicated to Cleta – Part Two

POSTED ON October 28th  - POSTED IN music, Podcasts, Public Service

This is part two of a show dedicated to, Cleta, our freind and community member who has sadly taken ill.  You can find part one here.  Again, if you wish to leave her a get well message, dial 818-81-INDIE and we will get it to her.

Here are the show notes;

You can also find many, almost all actually, of the artists played on this show at Mevio’s Music Alley and can explore even more indiependent atist at the Indie Nation Artist Page. Again, if you wish to leave her a get well message, dial 818-81-INDIE and we will get it to her.

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