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RIP George Michael

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RIP George Michal

While I was never into Wham, I do have much respect for the late George Michael. Kissing a Fool is one of my all-time favorite songs. In my humble opinion, he matured wonderfully as a musician.

Unfortunately, he moved on to the great band in the sky. He passed peacefully yesterday. I shall always remember him as a great lyric writer, a powerful vocalist and activist for gay rights.

Geroge Harrison’s Final Performance

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George Harrison’s Final Performance

I rarely meet anyone who totally hates The Beatles. I loved the band. However, I think one of the best things to happen with the breakup is the fact that George Harrison was no longer limited to one or two songs per album. 

I was never aware of the video I am going to share until I happened on it at Open Culture.

BB King at Sing Sing

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One of His Best Performances – BB King at Sing Sing

English: A B.B. King guitar pick, made by the ...

English: A B.B. King guitar pick, made by the City of Portland, Maine, to commemorate B.B. King day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a BB King fan. I actually got to meet him once. I feel blessed.  If I recall correctly, I saw him perform three times.  Despite growing up in the 70s, I am certain I could not forget seeing this legend.

I happened on the video below at Open Culture. As mentioned in the article, link after the video, he thought it one of his best performances. I have seen this and many other of his videos before and I agree.

If you liked the video above, check out the additional ones at Open Culture.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment and remember to support the indie artist.

Steve Benjamins – Sightlines

Steve Benjamins – Sightlines

Steve Benjamins is a musician from Toronto.  His latest release Sightlines is an ear pleasing collection of downtempo and indie pop.  While his music does have the sound of these genres, this work is eclectic, unique and fresh. His voice is both powerful and soothing. His compositions leave the listener wishing to hear more.  In my opinion, this six track EP, his third release, is his best…  I mean that, on discovery of Steve, I listened to everything I could find by him on the web.

Steve Banjamins - Sightlines

Steve Benjamins – Sightlines

Steve’s combination of vocal and musical styles keep it mellow while maintaining steady movement and energy. He keeps it interesting, you won’t want to stop listening. 

There are tracks that flow very much like a Philip Glass work with simple almost monophonic repetitive melodies, others layered for an orchestral feel, at times reminiscent of Mike and the Mechanics, even very unique tracks with a discordant battle going on between the instruments and, best of all, doing it all by creating distinct sound of his own.

Buckcherry – New Album – Released in USA and Canada 19 February

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Buckcherry to Release Confessions on February 19, 2013

Buckcherry's Confessions

Buckcherry’s Confessions

I am very thankful that Century Media, a label who has the goal of bringing you the finest metal in the world,  sent us a pre-release of Buckcherry’s new album, Confessions  And I mean really, really, really thankful.  While we tend not to push much main stream music on our station, this album is must have for your metal collection.  It is going to take dozens of listens for me to pick a favorite track.

This thirteen track album, conceptually about the Seven Deadly Sins,  is one of the best releases I have heard in years.  Kudos to the band for keeping with the signature style that we all love and simultaneously showing diversity.  Naturally, I expect Buckcherry to release quality but, in my opinion, they really stepped it up with this release.  I am not totally familiar with all six of this band’s releases but this is the best work I have ever heard from them and deserves the highest praise possible.

This album is to be released in the US and Canada on February 19.  Mark your calendar and be sure and get this album… you will not regret it.  You can check out this release by listening to the Podomatic Episode featuring the band.

Good Luck MJ!

POSTED ON November 30th  - POSTED IN news

We here at Indie Nation couldn’t be prouder of M.J. who is up for the 2012 Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award from the NASCAR Foundation. If M.J. wins tonight the Starlight Children’s Foundation will receive $100,000. Regardless of the outcome however, Michael and the Starlight Children’s Foundation are already winners, as Michael placing in the top four means the foundation has already been awarded $25,000.

The Starlight Children’s Foundation  offers a comprehensive menu of outpatient, hospital-based and web offerings that enable them to provide ongoing support for children and families – from diagnosis through the entire course of medical treatment. Their programs have been proven to distract children from their pain, help them better understand and manage their illnesses, and connect families with others facing similar challenges so that no one feels alone.


In Communities:

Starlight hosts family activities and outings that give families a chance to have fun together away from the hospital so they can relax, regroup and return home with a renewed sense of strength and hope. The events also build connections between families struggling with similar issues to combat feelings of isolation.

In Hospitals:

Starlight partners to bring entertainment technology that helps kids fill hours in hospitals or treatment centers with therapeutic fun; find distraction during long or painful medical procedures; access Starlight’s online educational programs and communities; stay connected with the outside world and keep up with school work during extended hospitalizations.

Additionally, they also partner to build custom-branded playrooms, kid-friendly treatment rooms and special events that help ease the loneliness, fear and boredom that accompany hospital stays


Starlight delivers educational programming via online interactive games, ezines, webisodes, a comic book and websites to help sick children understand common hospital procedures and manage illnesses and injuries such as cancer, sickle cell, cystic fibrosis, asthma, Crohn’s and colitis, severe burns and kidney disease.


The 2012 Betty Jane Humanitarian Award will be awarded tonight LIVE on the Speed Network at 8/7 c tune in to see if Michael wins!

We wish you the best of Luck M.J. and we are proud to have been a part of your journey!! 

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