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Black Water (The BP Version)

POSTED ON July 11th  - POSTED IN independent music, music, videos

I know we try and keep it non-political here but this one is just too funny to pass up. Beside, I think he is more honest about it than the six o’clock news and that house of white color in D.C.  That, and it is just on darn good parody.

I have had a few questions regarding this mess myself:

  • Why do we keep calling it a spill? I don’t understand how something gushing out of the ocean floor at 4000 PSI is a spill. I think geyser or fountain is a better description.
  • How did BP manage to get federal assistance, aren’t they a British company?
  • Shouldn’t we be talking liability and not assistance? Oh that’s right, more taxes to fix it. Does that mean that the citizens of the US are liable?
  • Why did their stock value increase?
  • When do you intend to buy anything from BP again?

Personally, I think Steve Goodie has it summed up darn good.

You can find out more about Steve Goodie, and many other comedy musicians, at and The FuMP. Kudos to Mr. Goodie! You can find out more about Steve at

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