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Megabox, Back with Exclusive Artists

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Being in the news is nothing new for Kim Dotcom.  I recall the YouTube take down fiasco, his song to the president, the raid, and, as almost all of us at Indie Nation News believed, learning the raids were very likely illegal.  If you need to catch up on this ongoing adventure, I suggest this page at TechDirt with lots of articles on Dotcom, otherwise wait for the movie.  I am sure that someone is going to do one soon.

However, I wonder how many others remember “Megabox” and Mr. Dotcom’s pledge to take down the modern music industry?

UMG Ask Insurance Companies to Help with Royalty Payments

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Another Lawsuit, to Pay for a Lawsuit

A CD Video Disc (playing side) produced in 1987.

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I have often said that the current music industry is a dinosaur, many have.  I often use terms such as “new media order” and “new business model“.  It is obvious that I feel the way the big boys play is obsolete and I am not alone in that feeling.

Google Buys Motorola

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Just in case you just crawled out from under a rock,  TechCrunch (and the rest of the world) reports that Google has dropped 12.5 billions dollars and bought Motorola.  The entire Internet is buzzing about why, what and and whatever but ARS Technica likely has it right.. they needed the patents.  It is rather sad that patent trolls have turned net survival into a matter of preemptive strikes but in my opinion that is what it is.

Toshiba Satellite Laptops Review!!!

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Hey Everyone David here from

Yeah still here, After working on many Toshiba Laptops I’ve Noticed a few things.

That they had a few problems that the manufacture has not fixed. From Overheating, DC Power Jack Breaking, Low Battery Life and Video Cable Linkage shorting out.

I just wanted to say come on Toshiba Please fix these errors…

Other then them few problems with the laptops they are not to bad. I have a HP myself but I will still say I will not go out and buy a Toshiba Satellite Model Laptop.

Thanks Everyone from and


WeedCast 420-001 – WalMart of Weed and Weed Be Growin’

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Miracle Grow for Weed and WalMart of Weed

"Marijuana Cigarette"

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Welcome to the first episode of what may be a regular show here at Indie Nation.  Before we even begin we do not wish to imply that this is an endorsement of marijuana use nor is it the opinion of the station.  It is a little spur of the moment thing that Leiser and Lumpy decided to give a whirl.  We always seem to run into such stories when we are digging the news for Stupid As Charged and believe that there is certainly an entertainment value to it.

Besides, the debate regarding the legalization of marijuana, not only for medical purposes but recreational as well, has been going on forever. Lumpy can ever recall Paul Harvey doing  “The Rest of the Story” shows on “ditch weed” and, no joke, this cough syrup that performed so well that, feminizing the name in honor of his wife, the pharmacist named it Heroine.

Stupid as Charged – Episode 004- Bad Tattoos, Money, Breath and Hair


Stupid as Charged – Episode 004- Bad Tattoos, Money, Breath and Hair

Man Tattoos Murder Details on Himself


Today’s first five dunce cap nominee is officially convicted,  according to a Reuters article at Yahoo Odd News, a 25 year old man was convicted for a 2004 murder and, at least part of the case against him was a tattoo.  Unlike that television series where the one thug had a tattoo of the prison to escape though, it was far from any type of map to freedom.  In fact, it worked just the opposite.  He became suspect when he was arrested for a suspended license in 2008. The tattoo, according to the article, depicted a helicopter shooting a peanut man outside a store.  Apparently, a peanut is a rival gang member and the man convicted had a gang nickname of “chopper”.  An AOL article includes a photo and states that the tattoo was a replica of the crime scene and that is what allowed police to make the connection.  Lumpy ranks this one with five dunce caps.

Over 900K Told They Can’t Make a Big Mac

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Big Mac

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This one is a bit older news, it is tough out there job wise.  Boing Boing eventually points us to an article at Bloomberg which reports that after receiving over one million applications, McDonalds has hired 62,000 more employees.  The article also reports that it was 12,000 more than they initially planned to hire.  While the creation of the thousands of part-time-minimum-wage jobs is good news on some fronts, and McDonald’s has enjoyed stock price increases, it only takes a little simple math to realize that over 900,000 applicants were told that they were not going to be flipping burgers anytime soon.

In a related story, The Wall Street Journal reported in early March that Subway has passed the legendary burger and shake shop as the top franchise in terms of units.  McDonalds, according to the article, weighs in with 32,737 locations and Subway crept ahead with a tally of 32, 349.  Is the clown loosing ground to the somewhat healthier and leaner Jared? I wonder how many jobs Subway created?

An appropriate tune to close this one may actually bring a third cardiac arrest shop, er fast food chain, into the mix.  I will let you all digest this one to the tune of  “I Work at Taco Bell” by Odd Austin. ( All-American Rejects Parody)  You can find Odd Austin at, at The FuMP, SoundClick and Mevio’s Music Alley.  You can find, friend and follow Odd Austin on MySpace, FaceBook and Twitter.  You can purchase his music at Amazon, Odd Austin and CD Baby.


Odd Austin: EP of Intense Ubosity
Odd Austin: Wrong Side of the Bed


Remember, as always, clickable links will be in the show notes and this one will be tagged with Big Mac, Taco Bell and Subway.

Typwritters No More, Last Typewriter Manufacturer Closes Doors

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The Atlantic has a story that may sadden many writers. The typewriter to many a writer still has a certain appeal. Although the demand for typewriters in the United States is practically non-exist ant, according to the article there has been a demand for them in India. That demand, however, has recently dired up and Gordej and Boyce, the last typewriter manufacture in the world is shutting down. The company states the obvious, the computer has taken over and there is simply not enough demand to support an industry.


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Pepsi to Release a “Social” Vending Machine

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According to an article at International Business Times, you will no longer need to reach in your pocket for change to buy your friend’s a Pepsi. Quoting the source:

“Along with buying a soda with either cash or credit, the Social Vending System allows people to send a user a soda as a gift. All they have to do is enter the recipient’s name, mobile number and a personalized text message. Consumers can even send a video along with the gift. Once received, the recipient will learn where they can redeem it.”

The article also states that you can send a Pepsi to a complete stranger through something creatively dubbed “Random Acts of Refreshment”. The machine features a touch screen and has “Be Social” printed in large letters on it. So who will you send your first Pepsi to?

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Hello Everyone David Here from

Here is a nice tip to help get your company or brand name out there for next to nothing.  Free Business Cards and other items just having to pay for shipping.  The being said;  I used the company called I have ordered not only 250 free Business cards for only about $5 for shipping, I also ordered Rubber stamps, Car door magnets, Bumper stickers, Key-chains, ink pens, mouse pads and much much more. They have a great selection and they do a wonderful job at printing everything. With over 3000 designs to choice from or you can upload your own images Vistaprint is a great way to start. Click on some of the links to check them out, at that quality for that price you can not go wrong.

A few more things they offer is Website Hosting, but as well as Logo’s, (800) Numbers, T-shirts, Hoodies, Coffee mugs, Engraved Pens.

But that’s only a few things, check them out online at


Thanks From and

Rock yer Socks ~ Episode #1 ~ Electric

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Rock yer Socks

~ Episode #1 ~

It’s Electric….

Jeff here, and Mevio Music Alley has some amazing Rock bands!  Episode number 1, is going to be Electric and Rock yer socks off …

My choice of Rock music for this episode was simply put, find bands or tracks names with the word ‘Electric’ in them.  I stuck with Rock N’ Roll for this Episode and frankly I think it rocks if I say so myself.

So let the show begin….

Opener : This Is A Shakedown! with  Electric Sound released on May. 28 2009

[amazon_link id=”B003FNEN02″ target=”_blank” locale=”US” container=”” container_class=”” ]Electric Sound[/amazon_link]

This song kicks some ass!  , more information about this band can be found on their label

Next we played    BITCH QUEENS   –  Spotlight Electricity

[amazon_link id=”B003Z2SHTQ” target=”_blank” locale=”US” container=”” container_class=”” ]Spotlight Electricity[/amazon_link]

Pretty slick ass track,  you can Learn more about Bitch Queen here.

Track 3 : Electric Daze  – Flood, on Myspace


Electric Daze’s music has been described as a mix between Jimi Hendrix
to Black Sabbath creating a style of music that many call  retro garage rock
Their music blends the vintage classic rock sound with a big Texas edge to the tune of raw,
edgy vocals and raunchy, in-your-face riffs.

Two for by Electric Touch: Myspace

Electric Touch     Call My Name

[amazon_link id=”B001EDJ454″ target=”_blank” locale=”US” container=”” container_class=”” ]Call My Name[/amazon_link]

Electric Touch     Sounds From The Underground

Next up was Left Arm     Electric Babies

[amazon_link id=”B002C2MO1M” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Electric Babies EP[/amazon_link]

Left Arm is a loud-ass low-down dirty garage punk rock n’ roll band from Edwardsville, IL
(just across the dirty Mississippi from St. Louis, MO). Their new album, “Dissatisoul”
is out now on TIRC Records.
NOFX     Electricity, on youtube , NoFX Offical WebSite

[amazon_link id=”B003YNKWOE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Longest EP[/amazon_link]
NOFX was formed in L.A. back in 1983 and has released 10 studio full lengths,
about 6 EPs, and a metric ton of . They somehow managed to
sell over 6 million records worldwide, which is an unprecedented feat for
an independent band.

Rural Electric Project     Priestess Battery, on myspace from Jul. 27 2005
To quote their tag line “Out of the Middle of Nowhere 5 urban trasplants came together to form a post punk band.”

Show wrapped up with The Weaklings     Losin My Electricity

[amazon_link id=”B0012DCWQO” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Losin' My Electricity[/amazon_link]

Find them on CDBaby

From    Jun. 3 2007     Rock and Roll
Rock-N-Roll Owes Me? Hell Yeah It Does! Since 1994 The Weaklings have released three
full-length records, a dozen singles and have had at least as many compilation appearances.
They’ve had releases on labels too numerous to count, including: Junk, RAFR, Tee-Pee,
Safety Pin, I-94 and National Dust all to great

and… That how Jeff,  Rocks Yer Socks…
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