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Psychocide – Bad Decisions & Alcohol


Alcohol & Bad Decisions

Psychocide is a hard rocking quartet from Montreal. Their music is explosive and energetic. Their latest release, Alcohol & Bad Decisions shall be available March 3, 2017.

The album is engineered by Christian Cummings who has worked with U2, Blink-182, Switchfoot and The Used. The album is a concept album which tells the story of characters that will be in a future comic book. After the break is a music video from the band.

Bronx Cheerleader – Psychedelic Rock

Bronx Cheerleader – Psychedelic Rock from Saint Catharine’s, Ontario

If you like creative jammin’ psychedelic rock and roll, safe bet you are going to love Bronx Cheerleader. From Saint Catharine’s, Ontario, this band has a great psychedelic sound. These Canadians use dreamy vocals, great effect guitar, some steel pedal guitar, and lots of simply great music. While they heavily use guitars and vocals, they do eclecticism well mixing in other musical events in a pleasingly unexpected way.

Bronx Cheerleader - Real Punks Don't Sing About Girls

Real Punks Don’t Sing About Girls


In my opinion, one of the hurdles an artist can be confronted with is sticking largely with one genre.  It is too easy for the music to start sounding “all the same”.  In order to leap the obstacle, the musician must do the genre superbly well.  Bronx Cheerleader is as good an example of perfectly making such a jump.

They have a good number of releases, both singles and LPs, dating back to 2005, many great tunes. They are also hip enough to offer Real Punks Don’t Sing About Girls on 12″ vinyl. They offer Tough Guy Cliches as a free download.

Steve Benjamins – Sightlines

Steve Benjamins – Sightlines

Steve Benjamins is a musician from Toronto.  His latest release Sightlines is an ear pleasing collection of downtempo and indie pop.  While his music does have the sound of these genres, this work is eclectic, unique and fresh. His voice is both powerful and soothing. His compositions leave the listener wishing to hear more.  In my opinion, this six track EP, his third release, is his best…  I mean that, on discovery of Steve, I listened to everything I could find by him on the web.

Steve Banjamins - Sightlines

Steve Benjamins – Sightlines

Steve’s combination of vocal and musical styles keep it mellow while maintaining steady movement and energy. He keeps it interesting, you won’t want to stop listening. 

There are tracks that flow very much like a Philip Glass work with simple almost monophonic repetitive melodies, others layered for an orchestral feel, at times reminiscent of Mike and the Mechanics, even very unique tracks with a discordant battle going on between the instruments and, best of all, doing it all by creating distinct sound of his own.

Elessar Thiessen – A Rainy Week in Paradise

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Elessar Thiessen – A Rainy Week in Paradise

A Rainy Week In Paradse

A Rainy Week In Paradise

Elessar Thiessen is a Winnipeg singer/songwriter. His “day job” is a producer. However, he is certainly not a musician who “shouldn’t give up his day job”. He has more than enough talent to give up producing and just play. According to his bio, he got his first guitar at age 8 and has played ever since. It also said that the Canadian weather kept the young musician indoors. One thing for sure, whether due to weather or just talent, his latest work shows off not only his production skills but also his talent for composing and playing.

While he does get some help from other artists on some tracks, he is basically the musician on this album. (And, naturally, the producer.) His latest work is a showcase of how many things he can do well, very well or exceptionally well. His voice is excellent. He uses it well, capitalizing on rhythm, tone, and amplitude to powerfully and emotionally deliver the song. The lyrics and their delivery add more, he knows when to simply repeat lines for emphasis, pump it out with more soul, slide it off his tongue in smooth jazzy style and,use expression and words to paint a picture in the listener’s mind’s eye.

Galaxxies an Awesome Canadian Duo of Creativity


Refreshingly Different



If I had to describe the work of this band in just two words, I would use “refreshingly different”.  If I had to assign them to a genre, which I hate doing, I might go with avant-garde.  Galaxxies describes themselves as “experimental, alternative/indie pop music”.  Regardless of how one would describe them in terms of genre, their music is great.  While it could certainly fit into the genres mentioned, I think the most important thing to say about their style and music is that it has a unique and wonderful sound.

Galaxxies is a Canadian duo that has no shortage of creativity. They also take full control of every aspect of their work’s realization.  Garrett Gengler is involved in every step of the project including web design, video and cover art. Marcile Wilmot is the other half of the project and she takes writing credits and brings her Jamaican upbringing to the table as well. It shows in their music, their album art and even their well done covers.

The Galaxxies EP is a great five song collection.  Each of the tracks are unique and different.  All of the track are well produced and share only the commonality of being great music.  Frankly, it was difficult to decide on what tracks to include in this podcast.  I went with Galaxies, Love Ain’t True, and Slow Time.

Buckcherry – New Album – Released in USA and Canada 19 February

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Buckcherry to Release Confessions on February 19, 2013

Buckcherry's Confessions

Buckcherry’s Confessions

I am very thankful that Century Media, a label who has the goal of bringing you the finest metal in the world,  sent us a pre-release of Buckcherry’s new album, Confessions  And I mean really, really, really thankful.  While we tend not to push much main stream music on our station, this album is must have for your metal collection.  It is going to take dozens of listens for me to pick a favorite track.

This thirteen track album, conceptually about the Seven Deadly Sins,  is one of the best releases I have heard in years.  Kudos to the band for keeping with the signature style that we all love and simultaneously showing diversity.  Naturally, I expect Buckcherry to release quality but, in my opinion, they really stepped it up with this release.  I am not totally familiar with all six of this band’s releases but this is the best work I have ever heard from them and deserves the highest praise possible.

This album is to be released in the US and Canada on February 19.  Mark your calendar and be sure and get this album… you will not regret it.  You can check out this release by listening to the Podomatic Episode featuring the band.

Breathalyzer at the Bar

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Breathalyzer Kiosks Tested at Bars

Alco-Checkpoint Alcohol Breathalyzer Vending M...

Image via Wikipedia

I wonder who thought of this one?  According to, in an effort to keep social drinkers safe, Ladybug Teknologies has launched kiosks which will tell you whether it is safe to have another drink or not.  Branded the “SipSmart Network”, these machines have been installed in bars.

On Oct. 14, Ladybug hosted a Canadian launch party for the SipSmart Network at Koi in Hess Village in Hamilton, Ontario. An American kick-off took place Oct. 21 at Caputi’s Sheridan Pub in Tonawanda, N.Y., just outside of Buffalo.

Kiosks will stay at Caputi’s and Chainsaw Saloon in Waterloo, Ontario, through the holiday season. Balloons Restaurant and Nightclub in Ellicottville will host a third kiosk for at least a month.

15th Annual Indie Gathering – 2011 update 28 Aug

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The 15th annual indie gathering update #1

Indie Gathering Logo

Update for Saturday and Sunday:

So far many awards have been issued for film scores, scripts and the films as well.  A broad array of type of films where showcased both including the music related to them as well. From Comedies, Drama, Sci-fi and Documentaries the list is detailed on The Indie Gathering website.  The list of the 2011 winners including email addresses for each winner that was honor,  this is a great way to network with those involved in the craft of Independent films and music production.  Where else can you find such information and contacts but at the Annual Indie Gathering.   Wow!  awesome stuff to be able to network with the many groups and individuals  involved in such a large project and sharing their talent with the public.

Truly International:

The Annual Indie Gathering was truly international  with members from The United States, Canada, Europe, and more.  Such an event just get bigger each year.  Sci-fi fans as well had their spot as part of the event on Sunday will showcase Sci-fi,  this on top of the FX and make-up competition that was shown on Saturday.  So much going on and trying to stay up to date in real time is impossible, but at the same time @lumpy is having a blast and will sure come home with tons of pictures and interview segments.

Who will be the next Jackie Chan?

There were stunt people performing live fight scene as part of the competition.  Talk about 15 minutes of fame, some of the competition were showcased with two minutes of less. All ages competed in different events, under 12 years old and 40+ years,  who will be the next Jackie Chan you never know with the talented people that puts some of the current action movies to shame.

What’s next?

Trying to summaries such an event in a few paragraph doesn’t do justice to the Annual Indie Gathering.  We will do our best in the coming day to share what saw and heard.   Just you need to be there to truly grasp how large this event is.


BNN Maple Bacon Ice Cream

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BNN : Bacon News Network


A cooked rasher. Raw bacon rashers are an esse...

Image via Wikipedia

We have bacon everywhere.  Including Maple-Bacon ice cream.  You read that correct.  Ice cream with all its goodness, sugar, cream, and now bacon.  Well this is nothing new but still noteworthy of the bacon fan that I am.  The folks over at Fifty Lick , has brought us a wonderful treat.  Using human raised pigs that were not treated with hormones nor nitrates, and some wonderful ice cream the best of both worlds meet.   Wait a second,  humanly raised? does that mean farmer john took Wilber aside and told him his fate would be quick and painless ?

More related news J&D products out of Canada have a product that is mayoress and bacon, yep  the product baconnaise was born.  My bof are all ready clogged with goodness, but I am loving every minute of it.  With that in mind the comedy site The FUMP has a few songs related to Bacon including the Great Luke Ski ‘Bacon’  was turned into the Bacon – John Denver As A Mofo Version by Tom Smith which I will play as well.

All indie and fun,  including a beeder from  the video game Crysis2 used in the background, althought not indie per-say I was given permission to use this funky awesome composition  as a background.

Bacon, or bacoff.

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Rock yer Socks ~ Episode #1 ~ Electric

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Rock yer Socks

~ Episode #1 ~

It’s Electric….

Jeff here, and Mevio Music Alley has some amazing Rock bands!  Episode number 1, is going to be Electric and Rock yer socks off …

My choice of Rock music for this episode was simply put, find bands or tracks names with the word ‘Electric’ in them.  I stuck with Rock N’ Roll for this Episode and frankly I think it rocks if I say so myself.

So let the show begin….

Opener : This Is A Shakedown! with  Electric Sound released on May. 28 2009

[amazon_link id=”B003FNEN02″ target=”_blank” locale=”US” container=”” container_class=”” ]Electric Sound[/amazon_link]

This song kicks some ass!  , more information about this band can be found on their label

Next we played    BITCH QUEENS   –  Spotlight Electricity

[amazon_link id=”B003Z2SHTQ” target=”_blank” locale=”US” container=”” container_class=”” ]Spotlight Electricity[/amazon_link]

Pretty slick ass track,  you can Learn more about Bitch Queen here.

Track 3 : Electric Daze  – Flood, on Myspace


Electric Daze’s music has been described as a mix between Jimi Hendrix
to Black Sabbath creating a style of music that many call  retro garage rock
Their music blends the vintage classic rock sound with a big Texas edge to the tune of raw,
edgy vocals and raunchy, in-your-face riffs.

Two for by Electric Touch: Myspace

Electric Touch     Call My Name

[amazon_link id=”B001EDJ454″ target=”_blank” locale=”US” container=”” container_class=”” ]Call My Name[/amazon_link]

Electric Touch     Sounds From The Underground

Next up was Left Arm     Electric Babies

[amazon_link id=”B002C2MO1M” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Electric Babies EP[/amazon_link]

Left Arm is a loud-ass low-down dirty garage punk rock n’ roll band from Edwardsville, IL
(just across the dirty Mississippi from St. Louis, MO). Their new album, “Dissatisoul”
is out now on TIRC Records.
NOFX     Electricity, on youtube , NoFX Offical WebSite

[amazon_link id=”B003YNKWOE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Longest EP[/amazon_link]
NOFX was formed in L.A. back in 1983 and has released 10 studio full lengths,
about 6 EPs, and a metric ton of . They somehow managed to
sell over 6 million records worldwide, which is an unprecedented feat for
an independent band.

Rural Electric Project     Priestess Battery, on myspace from Jul. 27 2005
To quote their tag line “Out of the Middle of Nowhere 5 urban trasplants came together to form a post punk band.”

Show wrapped up with The Weaklings     Losin My Electricity

[amazon_link id=”B0012DCWQO” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Losin' My Electricity[/amazon_link]

Find them on CDBaby

From    Jun. 3 2007     Rock and Roll
Rock-N-Roll Owes Me? Hell Yeah It Does! Since 1994 The Weaklings have released three
full-length records, a dozen singles and have had at least as many compilation appearances.
They’ve had releases on labels too numerous to count, including: Junk, RAFR, Tee-Pee,
Safety Pin, I-94 and National Dust all to great

and… That how Jeff,  Rocks Yer Socks…
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