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2012.03.16 – The LumpCast

2012.03.16 – The LumpCast

Readers and Listeners,

A new episode of The LumpCast has been published featuring the music of; Ana Popovic, Chillerstadt, George Clinton, Polina Kourakina, Sly Stone, Thomas Reed Smith Band, Jim Truth, 60 Seconc Crush, American Heartbreak, El Debarge, Sevendust, Alice Cooper, Ana Popovic, Andy Steve and Andy, Ministry, Candye Kane, Ben Sem, and Ampliphonic. Check out 2012.03.16 – The LumpCast

2011.08.01 Pick of the Day – Candye Kane – Superhero

POSTED ON August 1st  - POSTED IN Blues, Holiday, independent music, music, Pick of the Day, Podcasts

Sling a Web and Swing, It’s Spiderman Day!

Candye Kane - SuperheroToday is a holiday Lumpy can easily get excited about.  A holiday in honor of one of his favorite superheros.  Today is Spiderman Day! w00t!

I am not sure exactly what one is supposed to do to celebrate such a day but I am sure going to see if my library has any of the movies on the shelf.  I had thought about rigging up a way to swing about the neighborhood but the staff here has warned me that the sight of me in a tight brightly colored suit would likely land me in mental ward.  If any hot red heads out there are willing to try that upside down kiss thing, drop me a line.

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