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Love in the Dark

Love in the Dark

Disclaimer – some might consider material by this band not safe for work, if explicit lyrics offend you, please exercise you freedom of choice and navigate to another post as we exercise our freedom of speech.

I don’t know much about these artists. Love in the Dark, a 6 piece band from Chicago, according to their email, records their own material in the drummer’s basement. Looking at some of the photos on their Facebook Page, I would best describe the seating sardine style. The band’s members occupying every possible square inch of space with the keyboardist, at times on the floor. However, they blast a lot of sound out of the small space.  A lot of very awesome sound.

2014.08.18 – Tech Net News and Opinion


Tech Net News and Opinion


Picture of Gen Con Indy 2008 in Indianapolis, ...

Picture of Gen Con Indy 2008 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to this week’s episode of Tech Net News and Opinion.  The week we shall discuss Gen Con 2014, a man not quite legally dead, some Chicago politics, whether satire and fake news need a tag, facial recognition abuse by the police,  a dumb criminal using Siri, a recent court decision regarding piracy and ex parte, Linux in Munich, music, technology, a new card reader,”oragamic” solar panels, and smart tattoos.

If you have never been to a Gen Con, Lumpy will spend almost one-quarter of the show playing some of the artists who performed there and talking about his experience.  Lumpy has never attended a Gen Con before.  There are a few things he knows for sure:

  • He had a great time
  • He got many interviews
  • He learned much
  • He has every intention of returning in 2015

Buddy Guy Now Even More of a Legend

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The Chicago “Legends” is now on “Buddy Guy Way”

Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton performing at the C...

Image via Wikipedia

Buddy Guy, who according to his bio at Mevio “… devastated the Montreux Jazz Festival, with the Stones sitting in. He’s won the admiration of everyone who ever tried to pick the blues on guitar, from B.B. King to Eric Clapton. Buddy Guy is a legend! ”

In my humble opinion, there is no doubt that he is a legend.  Forget about the fact that he has a chain of clubs named such for now the famous guitar man has a street named after him.  According to an article at The Huffington Post:

 The city of Chicago has renamed the stretch of Wabash Street in front of his club, Legends, “Buddy Guy Way.”

Rock yer Socks ~ Episode #2 ~ Bacon!

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Rock yer Socks ~ Episode #2 ~ Bacon!

A cooked rasher. Raw bacon rashers are an esse...

Image via Wikipedia


The show opener….  Bacon.  From The great Luke Ski over at the , simple enough it was BACON!. Not rock but still bacon , heh.




From comedy to Rock I moved on to the band known as:

Boo Koos –     Macon Bacon Sep. 17 2009

They refer to themselves as Four average Joes from Chicago. Let’s leave it at that.

More rocking with bacon related tracks from :
The Emoton – The Bacon Boys Apr. 4 2007
The Emotron uses a Yamaha Sequencer while many bands use Laptops, we are totally brginging back 1997!
Georgia, USA

Now rocking and bacon and geeky, get this the next two tracks not bacon music but a artistname with the name Bacon.  In fact a hard rocking sound and member of the Ubuntu community management as well.

Jono Bacon – the lake Jun. 21 2006
jono bacon – banished Jun. 21 2006

Jono Bacon has been making music since he was a child, and in addition to
his work in Seraphidian and LUGRadio, he writes and records his own music.
The music spans a range of styles from thick, heavy and death metal to acoustic pieces
filled with ambiance and orchestral backing

…Jono Bacon works at Canonical as the Ubuntu Community Manager, and helps lead the worldwide community of contributors who work on the Ubuntu family of distributions.

Jeff Lynn bacon bits may 11, 2010.

From Florida USA great sound and pretty slick for a one man ‘band’.

Karp with Bacon Industry jan 19, 2006 hard rocking punk sound.
You can also listen to this track on YouTube

The bacon rock concluded with Jehosaphat Blow Shake Your Bacon Jul. 22 2009
Their listen indicates that they are from China, but who knows with a description from Mevio Music Alley.

A recent arrival from Planet Boogaloo, Jehosaphat Blow has come in search of the perfect music to “shake hips” and “cause much shimmying”

Rock on,  Bacon Rules…

– Jeff


Stupid As Charged – Episode 001 ~ Fishy High Cats Dead Cop Tickets.

POSTED ON February 24th  - POSTED IN Featured Podcast, Podcasts, SAC, site, Stupid, Stupid As Charged

Stupid Idiots

Something fishy is watching me:



Bubbles was scheduled for a court appearance, she never made it.

OMFG I didn’t know that gold fish were considered creditable witness to a crime, but sure as shit.  This 19 year old from the Chicago area is arrested for burglary.  Also charged with killing the fish in the fish tank to Leave no witnesses. My hell he could have just ate them, or threatened them with a cat, a fishing pole.  How dumb do you have to be to kill fish using ketchup, mustard, and hot-sauce thinking they would go blug blub blub I saw him it was the one armed man!  I saw him do it.  Stoopid, kid only the babblefish from HitchHickers Guide to the Gallaxy would speak but then again its speaks out of its ass.  +1 on the stoopid scale for that one.


Willy Wonka’s Meth House, say what? :



Imaging you and your family and pets are enjoying a night at home, and you smell something funky from the downstairs apartment, and you realize that the pink elephant and walking mushroom aren’t real and your cat stops vomiting on your carpet.  You know something is up!  Well well don’t be too quick to judge here, in SOUTHWEST GREENSBURG, Pa, this happened to be the case.  The apartment renter claims he has 28 different chemicals in the apartment the man  Not Charged, Says He Was ‘Trying To Find New Novel Substances’


I wasn’t trying to make anything illegal,” he told Ingram.
When asked if he was specifically making the drug Ecstasy, the man replied,

“No, but things that might have the same effects as ecstasy, but not with the same chemical structure.”

Come on dude!  You aren’t Willy Wonka, and sure as hell were not making the ever lasting gobstopper.  +1 stoopid ass.  Now I wonder if the cat will recover.



Red light Green light, Tickets in Baltimore this dead cop write:

Officer James Fowler

Officer James Fowler (R.I.P)

Only in America ‘Trust Us’  , Baltimore Maryland has a system setup at many stop lights that will take a picture of red light runner, and mails the car owner a ticket in the mail.  Under law, the state of Maryland requires that all ‘photo cop’ pictures are reviewed by and sign by a real police officer.  The only problem for the past several month, these ‘hand signed’ violation were signed by an Officer that passed away in 2010.   Well then, if you pay these tickets guilty or not we say you are stoopid, and the city of Baltimore has one foot in the grave and suffers from cranial rectal inversion syndrome!  +1 If you cant trust stoopid dead Cops, you can’t trust anyone.



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