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Polina Kourakina Needs Your Help

POSTED ON March 18th  - POSTED IN Community, independent music, music, Public Service

Help record, press, and distribute her first full-length album.
Released from Cleveland based Singer/Songwriter Polina Kourakina
This campaign will help fund her first full-length album. This Erie key of A is not only a collection of songs, splattered on an album cover, drenched with music to fill the notation of a page. It is a connection of the journey she embraced that landed her miraculously in the heart of a wonderful music scene. Which captured her soul into a state of enlightenment, unlike any other time in her life. With your help, this album can start a movement of joy and celebration!!!

What She Needs & What You Get

Here is where the fun begins. In detail this is what we need to do to make this the most stupefying album ever made!

  • Record, Mix, and Master the Album
  • Copyright, digitally distribute, and put on Pandora radio
  • Physical CD’s, and a few T-shirts to give you guys
  • Vinyl Press the album, small run (you know you want one!!)
  • Any Residual amount of money will go directly into the tour funding account.

In leu of repeating what perks are available, here is a summary of what you will receive:

  • LP Vinyl each one is different (random color vinyl pressing batch)
  • handmade t-shirt ( signed or unsigned)
  • a limited-time signed poster
  • a physical cd, (signed or unsigned your choice)
  • a download


Fundraiser for First Full Length Album By Polina K
All of the wonderful ways you all can contribute will help make this dream a reality.
Spread the word and please help the beautiful Polina Kourakina reach her goal to complete her first full-length album.
You can find her at:

Help Daria Musk, RAM and Kate Cushing Speak at SXSW – The Topic is “Going Global Overnight on Google+”

POSTED ON August 17th  - POSTED IN Community, independent music, interviews, New Media Order, news, Opinion

Register and Vote for Panels to be Presented at SXSW

Did you know that anyone can register and vote on the panels to be presented at SxSW?  I know you all know about over night Internet Google+ sensation Daria Musk but did you know that this talented young lady, along with RAM and Kate Cushing need your votes for just such a panel?  That’s right, there is a proposal to discuss just that.  I am certain many a musician and film makers would desire to attend such a panel.

SXSW 2011

Image by nan palmero via Flickr

I am asking all of you to go take the five minutes to register and vote for this panel.  After all, many of you watched and/or heard it happen… Don’t we all want everyone to know just how this happened, can happen and learn from their experience? In my opinion, such a wonderful synergistic melding of “laughing in the face of lion”, fate and tech should be shared at this event.

Cleta is Recovering! w00t!

POSTED ON November 11th  - POSTED IN Community
Cleta's Avatar from Twitter

Cleta's Avatar

I am pleased to say that I was able to speak with community member Cleta last night. Just in case you are “out of the loop”, Geek Shed (#Cleta), Twitter and Geeks Community member has been fighting a long battle with some health issues and, more recently, she was rushed from one hospital to another for life saving surgery. Many of us have been very worried.

It was a tears of joy experience to hear her voice. I am pleased to let you know that our friend is out of ICU and can now take guest. It will still be at least a few more weeks before our friend will be discharged but she is, very thankfully, recovering from her ordeal. For those of who wish to leave her a get well voicemail use Indie Nation’s 818-81-INDIE Google Voice number.

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