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Sick of Sarah is Touring

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Sick of Sarah is Touring

I was so thrilled to get this news. These ladies are awesome musicians. Having seen them live before, I expect nothing less than some great concerts. Nonetheless, I will let them fill you in.

You can find out more about these girls at their website and they are listing the tour dates on their Facebook page.  If you wish to hear how they sound live, check out the interview and concert recording Lumpy got back in 2011.

Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage on North American Tour

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The following information was received from Adrenaline PR:

LAMB OF GOD Partners with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE for North American Tour

Testament and Huntress to Support

Long-time friends LAMB OF GOD and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE have joined forces for what will undoubtedly be one of the essential “can’t miss” tours of the fall of 2013.  The tour launches October 22 in Toronto and canvases much of the U.S and Canada.  The two bands are a dominant live pairing, and will combine for 28 North American shows in total.  Support for all shows except Los Angeles will be provided by thrash legends Testament, with Huntress opening all shows.

2012.02.17 – Friday Night Freak n’ Geek


Friday Night Freak n Geek ventures into a nice sit down chat with someone who keeps you laughing: Phil Johnson from Roadside Attraction. Clever and creative, Phil shares with us his some of the methods to his madness. Plus we get to sample our Beer of the week – well almost as we actually ended up doing last call on the Lumpcast this fine evening. Along with the power of Lacuna Coil and Sick of Sarah – we thought it would be fitting to slip in Mark Kindler’s “Uncle Walt” in tribute to Walt Disney – I hope I didn’t break any copyright laws for just using that name!

Cristina Scabbia, singer of Lacuna Coil

Cristina Scabbia, singer of Lacuna Coil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2012.03.02 – The LumpCast and the Spotlight on Various Artists

For this week’s episode of the LumpCast, I thought I would kick back to some of the musicians we have had the pleasure to get to know in the recent past, some locally from Cleveland and others from elsewhere.

I am playing short sets and spotlights for this show. Many of them are recordings I actually did with a Zoom H2 Portable Recording unit when these musicians played live at local clubs in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Listen in as Cleta, Omnidragon, Boz and Lumpy spin and eclectic mix of indie music.


2012.01.05 – Bands on Tour

2012 – Week 1 – Bands On Tour This Week

Welcome to week one of 2012. There are a good number of bands on tour: Wolfboy Slim, Call Me Constan, the Mix Mistress, Jeff Sherman, Javon Ivery, Davey Porter and the Young Republicans, Iris Dement, Realm of Insanity, Jamie Combs, Wish You Were Here, Richie Reece, Bob Niederriter, Robin Stone, Thor Platter, Third Class, MyTh and Company,  and Stiletto Overdrive.

2012 – Week 1 – Bands On Tour This Week

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2012 – Week 1 – Bands On Tour This Week

The American rock band Keelhaul performing at ...

Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to week one of 2012. There are a good number of bands on tour: DEADIRON, Jovan Ivey, Cathy Miller, Purple Monkey Sircus, Jason Patrick Myers, Rob Montague and The Flat Earth Society, Downplay, and Silverlights.

Sick of Sarah is Touring


Sick of Sarah - On Tour

One of the Best Bands in the World is on Tour!

I have great news listeners, one of the most loved bands featured at, Sick of Sarah, is on tour.  Add to that, they are starting a fan club.  Fan club membership cost 45.00 dollars and will get you an exclusive album along with other perks throughout the year.  You can join at

This all girl band has a powerful rocking sound with awesome punkish vocals.  They broke all records when they released their album “2055” as a bit torrent and had 1 million downloads in just 18 days.  Check them out.  You will dig what you hear.  Go see them live, you will love the show.

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