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GuMix Radio 389 – 2015 on 33-45

POSTED ON January 17th  - POSTED IN house, independent music, music, Opinion, Review, Song and Music Reviews

Awesome House Track, GuMix Radio – 389 – 2015 on 33-45

I listen to many podcasts. One of them I enjoy much is GuMix. I will get to more about this artist in a bit… a good long bit. The track I am sharing below is a long, awesome house track. Listeners, get your groove on with GuMix 389 – 2015 on 33-45. Will talk more about this track after the break. This is, in my opinion, an awesome hour and a half groove.

GuMix Radio 389 – 2015 on 33-45

2016.01.06 – POD – Technology Day – DJ Trackstyle -Ambientasia


2016.01.06 – Technology Day

Featuring Ambientasia by DJ Trackstyle

Today is National Technology Day. Personally, I have a serious love-hate relationship with technology. I love to try to use it but I hate fighting with my old PCs to make them work.

DJ TrackstyleI also love applied technology when it comes to music. I am not one of those who feel that synth music is soulless. I have been around synthesizers since the days of monophonic patch cord Moogs. I still have a DX7 sitting my studio and love electronic music.

It seemed appropriate to go with a synth song today. I found this artist way back in the day at the now non-existent Podsafe Music Network. I am going to spin Ambientasia by DJ Trackstyle

While most of the links in my notes are now useless, a few Google searches showed me that the DJ is still out there. You can find DJ Trackstyle at the links below.

Thanks for listening and downloading. Please remember to support the indie musicians.

Street Magic With A Powerful Twist

POSTED ON March 13th  - POSTED IN Community, Entertainment, Public Service

There are so many bad things that happen in the world today, that when you see something genuinely good, there are almost no words to describe the beauty.

You do not need to speak the language, to see the warmth,beauty, love, and kindness of strangers. Watch as a young street magician, makes a homeless mans day. The smile on that mans face will surely bring tears to your eyes, as it did mine. After finishing his trick, and making the world just a little bit brighter, the young man simply walks away.

There is a story that has been around for many years, about a wise man sitting on the beach, when he notices a child that looks like they are dancing on the beach. He has to see the joyousness just a little closer, but when he approaches the child, he sees that the boy is not dancing, but instead  throwing starfish back into the ocean. The wise man asks the boy “Why are you throwing them into the ocean?” The boy responds “The tide is going out and the sun is getting hotter, if I do not save them, they will surely die” The wise man thinks upon this for a moment and then says “There are miles and miles of beach, surely you do not believe you can make a difference?” As the young boy picks up another starfish returning it to the ocean, he simply replies “It made a difference for that one.”

How do we go about the monumental task of changing the world? We do it by reaching out, with kindness, hope, and love. Touching one heart, one soul at a time.

2012.05.18 – Stupid As Charged


2012.05.18  –  Stupid As Charged

Bardus est ut Bardus Does

This week’s “Stupid As Charged” consists of four stories which all share the theme of stupid, dumb, strange, weird, or in some other way are worthy of a dunce cap rating. In particular this episode; being sure to use all applicable discounts with that stolen credit card,  how not to use a motion detecting camera, a coffee bandit,  and, what no more fish?

2012.05.11 – Stupid As Charged


2012.05.11-Stupid As Charged

Bardus est ut Bardus Does

This week’s “Stupid As Charged” consists of four stories which all share the theme of stupid, dumb, strange, weird, or in some other way are worthy of a dunce cap rating. In particular this episode; a no money robbery, a police station hold up, a hot dog honey, and stealing from a police charity event.

2010.10.22 – Indie Soup – Dedicated to Cleta – Part One

POSTED ON October 28th  - POSTED IN music, Podcasts, Public Service

Those of us who participate in online communities comprehend just how real such communities are.  Cyberspace is clearly psychological and emotional space.  The bonds we form are just as real as the bonds we form with co-workers, physical neighbors and classmates.

Recently, several online communities were saddened and disturbed to hear that Cleta, well known on Twitter, FaceBook, Geek Shed IRC and lockergnome, had taken ill.  You can read about the medical situation that led up to hospitalization at her blog.  Thanks to the efforts of Chibit in #cleta at Geekshed and Meshelly making a few phone calls, we know that she had surgery, is in ICU and, although recovering, she will be there a while.

This show is dedicated to Cleta, one of the sweetest and dearest community members any of us have been blessed to know. She has listened to Lumpy, Meshelly and Indie Soup so often, that we certainly know enough songs that she like to fill 2 hours.  If you know Cleta and would like to send her get well wishes please use 818-81-INDIE to leave her a voicemail or send emails to info[at]indienation[dot]fm and we will get them to her.

This show originally streamed live on and is broken into two parts for publication. As usual, we welcome your comments and feedback. (I think it is also a good place to leave get well wishes.)

Here are the show notes;

  • We started out with a few from the Monterey International Pop Festival
    • Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth
    • The Mammas and The Pappas – California Dreaming
    • Jefferson Airplane – Somebody to Love
    • Otis Redding – Shake
    • The Who – My Generation
  • Alice Cooper
    • I’m Eighteen
    • No More Mr. Nice Guy
  • Dr. H. P. Winklerdoing an awesome live jam at the “Xmas in Space Party”
    • Housy Grooves

And yes, listeners all of the music above is “Podsafe” and available for your listening pleasure at Mevio’s Music Alley.

Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth

Housy Grooves – Serious Old Skewl LIVE Groove


I think this is one of my favorite long jams of all times. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I share with you “Housy Grooves”, the marvelous work of Dr. H. P. Winkler. There are a number of kewl things about it. First being is that it is free and available at The Internet Archive. Heck, they even have embed code for you to put a player up with it. Now how kewl is that?

Second, is that it is part of the new media by being on the Stromklang Net Label. Now don’t get me wrong, CDs have their place, for me, if they are signed by the artists. Otherwise, they are just becoming coasters, marred with concentric rings of coffee and coke.

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