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Welcome to The Whatever and Whenever PodCast


Welcome to the First Episode of The Whatever and Whenever PodCast

Bloc Party

Bloc Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to episode 001 of the Whatever and Whenever PodCast, actually, when we recorded this episode, we had not even thought of a name for it. Meshelly and Lumpy just knew that we wanted to add another show to the line up at Indie Nation. We wanted to do news and music… and we wanted to simply use it to hijack the stream when nothing else was scheduled. We also knew we wanted something that would be fun and safe for work. Our thought was something like a drive time show, mostly music, some fun banter and some recent news.

So on the mics we go, fired up idjc (Internet DJ Console) and off into cyberspace we blasted. And remember, you will never know when a new show may stream live and, in the end, time-shifted or live, it is hopefully great content.

What are we about?

POSTED ON May 16th  - POSTED IN news, site

Greeting Listeners and Readers,

Jeff and I have been plenty busy here trying to get the site to look good and, more important, work well. I have also had assistance from long time friend and former partner in broadcasting, Exios. Exios and I used to do a podcast back in the day. He would grab tech-geek news and I would try and find one good podsafe artist each week to feature as an independent artists.   In short, I was the DJ and he was the news guy.  I am pleased to announce that we will be bringing it back and it’s home will be here, but more on that later.

For now, I just wanted to bop in a plop a post up on the front page. A tad bit more about what we are going to be about. Yes, it may be a bit of redundancy for we do have and about page

but I think it still merits a post. Indie Nation is about Indie, more proper term perhaps being Independent, music. Yes this is true. We do seek more Indie DJs and podcasters. However, we are also about podcast about many other things. Indie Nation is intended to be a community of listeners, chatters, podcasters, live DJs and Tweeters. The bot shall continue to spin independent artists when scheduled shows or live DJs are not on the stream (I so keep wanting to say on the air. Is that term so off? After all, it is the vibrating air you actually are hear. Unless we are actually in the matrix, there is no sound without an analog conversion.) We do think we are more than that.

We will soon have news stories for you. More podcast are on the way and they are not all independent music shows. Be sure and check out these shows as they are added, for now, check out some of our current podcasters, such as The Mothpod and check out the 6 hours of mostly live programming every Wednesday here on Indie Nation.

So indie nation listeners, should we call you “indie heads”?, or should we stick with my old “fellow geeks” let us know we would like a kewl nick by which to refer to out listeners.  More importantly, let us know what you would like us to be about.  Refer independent artists and labels, tell us about podcasts you like.  Send us news links if you wish and refer causes here that you think we might like to promote.

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