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Steve Benjamins – Sightlines

Steve Benjamins – Sightlines

Steve Benjamins is a musician from Toronto.  His latest release Sightlines is an ear pleasing collection of downtempo and indie pop.  While his music does have the sound of these genres, this work is eclectic, unique and fresh. His voice is both powerful and soothing. His compositions leave the listener wishing to hear more.  In my opinion, this six track EP, his third release, is his best…  I mean that, on discovery of Steve, I listened to everything I could find by him on the web.

Steve Banjamins - Sightlines

Steve Benjamins – Sightlines

Steve’s combination of vocal and musical styles keep it mellow while maintaining steady movement and energy. He keeps it interesting, you won’t want to stop listening. 

There are tracks that flow very much like a Philip Glass work with simple almost monophonic repetitive melodies, others layered for an orchestral feel, at times reminiscent of Mike and the Mechanics, even very unique tracks with a discordant battle going on between the instruments and, best of all, doing it all by creating distinct sound of his own.

The Slang

From Columbus, Ohio – The Slang

The Slang

The Slang

There is much to like about this band from Columbus, Ohio.  To start with, I feel The Slang is a great name for a band.  I also really like the EP cover.  Stuff like that, however, does not make a band good or bad.

The band is the work of John Bobo, who is the songwriter, plays several instruments and vocalist, and John Newsome is the bassist.  They are currently touring their EP with additional members  Matt Thiedt on guitars and keys and Michael Dillon on drums.

Musically, this alternative/power pop band has a sound reminiscent of the late 90’s; energetic, loud but not noisy, and a wall of sound.  I am not 100% certain but I believe it was also a requirement of the 90s that every song had a keyboard in it.  Furthermore, in that era, 9 out of 10 bands and radio stations were “alternative”.  While I poke fun at the era, I still turn the volume up when music from it plays… admit it, you do too.

Compositionally, they don’t blow me away. In a good way, they have a typical late 90s sound. They cover that style exceptionally taking “the same old thing” and making it fresh, vibrant and alive.

Technically, the work is exceptional.  It was recorded at The Cutting Room. The EP is well produced and mastered having been done by successful, seasoned engineers.  (Mixed by Mark Needham, who has done work for Imagine Dragons and Tokyo Police Club, and mastered by Brian Lucey, who has done work for The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys.)

EP Review – Anger Management by Seven Mouldy Figs

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Anger Management by Seven Mouldy Figs

Anger Management by Seven Mouldy Figs

Anger Management by Seven Mouldy Figs

The album kicks off with the raucous thick sounding song titled From me to you. The sound is thick, heavy and distorted accompanied by a slightly whinny well delivered lead vocals, delivering the lyrics in phrased burst working well against the driving rhythm guitar and steady drums. It is a good choice for an opening track because it leaves you anticipating the rest of this four track EP.

The Dead Good and Thirteen Polaroids

A Kick Ass New EP by a New Musical Duo, Introducing “The Dead Good”

The Dead Good - Thirteen  Polaroids

The Dead Good – Thirteen Polaroids

There are days when I really love my inbox.  Then there are other days where “we listen to bad music so you don’t have to” rings so loud that I hate even having to touch the emails to delete them.

Today was not one of those days, thank you Sonny for letting us know about your band and your Thirteen Polaroids EP !  This duo, self-described as a “German-Italian alternative rock duo”, formed in Los Angeles has a really solid début EP.

2012.3.20 – Spotlight on Nigel Passey

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Spotlight on Nigel Passey

Today we shine the spotlight on Nigel Passey. A very talented musician we became aware of due to one of one of our programing directors Cleta. Listen in as, Lumpy, Cleta and OmniDragon, as we talk with Nigel Passey about his new
EP The Lights, The Sound and The People and all other exciting things he has coming up. Nigel joined us all the way from Leeds in the UK! via Teamspeak. This episode streamed live on indienation on March 20th 2012 Be sure and listen often for live on stream shows!

We started the show playing his wonderful song:

  • Change

Then we chatted with Nigel about where you can find him at:
Cleta talked with Nigel about who and what inspired him to start doing music. Then we talked about what inspired him to do the song Change. Nigel said hello to some of his Family and Friends. Lumpy chatted with Nigel about advice for anyone that wants to get started in music. Nigel told us you can buy his new EP The Lights, The Sound and The People on The Lights, the Sound & the People' - Single - Nigel Passey Nigel told us he may, be touring in the US soon. Then we play another one of Nigel’s songs
We played:

  • Don’t Run

Then we chat some more with Nigel as he gave more shout outs to his friends and family. Then Lumpy chatted some more with Nigel then he asked him what the song we closed out the show with was about.
We played:

  • Pick up the Pieces

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2011.03.30- Wednesday Night Live Part Four – Three Indie Artists


2011.03.30- Wednesday Night Live Part Four

[amazon_image id=”B003FGX1Z2″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Lost In Overdale[/amazon_image]

We start off, for the sake of continuity by replaying the last indie artists, Jamie Gray, from the previous show.  Keep in mind that Jeff, Steve and Lumpy do this live, mess up often, and just try to have fun with the listeners and, even more so, with those involved in chat and VOIP.

We seemed have finally talked ourselves out with the talk in segment three.  So let us just get to the music.


I like this Simple Steps EP from Dreams

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I am often asked how I find all of the music I play.  Well first of all, I look for it at sites like Mevio’s Music Alley.

I also abuse Google Reader and have a folder where I stalk many other podcasters and music blogs.

Today,  I happened on Simple Steps via You Ain’t No Picasso.  He credits No Modest Bear (NMR for short).  I am glad that music is universal, NMB is written in Swedish.

I liked the sound of this band very much, somewhat reminding me of other styles but blended together for something unique and different.  I like the fact that they share the music for non-commercial work and liked the EP enough to contact them about bot play here.  I also thought merited a post here.

More or less, I am suggesting that you go get the free EP.  They give you choice of formats and the MP3 files are 320kb samples so the quality is awesome.  I would also suggest you post to FaceBook and Twitter, the process listening to, downloading and posting are nothing more than a series of windows over at BandCamp.  In just a few minutes, you can get yourself a good free EP and help promote, what I feel is, a good band.

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