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Mothpod 226 – Eating Crow

POSTED ON July 25th  - POSTED IN independent music, Mothpod

This week at The Indie Music Source

Allen Sale debuts a new song from G Tom Mac, brings you new tracks from The Clintons and Noctura, (both of whom have new albums), unleashes the full track by Letters VS. Numbers found in the Fright Night trailer, and scores a critical hit with the SJ Tucker gem D&D on this, Allen’s final episode as your host. Allen has enjoyed his time guiding you through the wonderful world, the ever expanding universe of independent music. He will be conjuring up more audio awesomeness at Astral Audio Entertainment if you want to enjoy the experience. Turn it up and enjoy!

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Lost Boys & Evil Bongs – Midnight Spookshow

POSTED ON June 24th  - POSTED IN Midnight Spookshow, Movies

Midnight Spookshow makes its debut on Indie Nation with special guest G Tom Mac! In this episode G Tom Mac reveals how he became the iconic sound of The Lost Boys, Tim sees Super 8 in Waldo-Vision, Allen has a bad reaction with an Evil Bong and Zack lays down the gauntlet over Bloody Disgusting’s review of Red Riding Hood. As Zack said, “Bring it”!

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