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An Interview With Matt Forbeck


Game Designer and Author, Matt Forbeck

Okay, so what happens when you are kinda getting back into gaming, don’t know it nearly as well as your totally involved brother and you go to the best four days of gaming in Indianapolis? You end up running into an individual huge in both gaming and writing.  The only problem is you don’t even know that he is that huge and big.

An Interview with William Witt of Pajaggle Games


An Interview with William Witt of Pajaggle Games

William Witt of Pajaggle Games

William Witt of Pajaggle Games

There are many colorful displays at Gen Con but I think that Pajaggle may have taken the best of show for that department. The company was part of the Family Fun Pavilion and one of fifty participants in the Cheese Weasel Conquest. The colors alone make the game fun but listen in as William Witt and I discuss:

  • The game platform
  • How it is three games in one for ages 7 above
  • Some of the awards the game has received
  • The history of the company
  • His advice to those who would like to start a game company
  • What does the name mean?

Catalyst Games at Gen Con 2014


An Interview with Loren L. Coleman, Owner of Catalyst Games

A Large-scale Version of "The Duke"

A Large-scale Version of “The Duke”

While I am not the world’s most avid gamer and have only recently gotten back into the hobby, BattleTech, Shadowrun and The Duke are all on my list of “To Do and To Get”. All are products of Catalyst Game Labs.

Frankly, the two largest problems in my life at the moment are; too many games and too little leisure time, along with too many music submissions and too little listening time.  Then again, as a gamer and indie music geek, I want those problems.

The company has a huge selection of high quality games. They are a regular at the Gen Cons and occupied at least three booths worth of space, aka the Catalyst Compound.  They also had one of the most awesome attractions for the attendees.  Check out the large-scale version of The Duke in the photo on the right.

Joan Wendland of Blood and Card Stock Games


Game Designer Joan Wendland

Blood and Card Stock Games offers a variety of non-collectible card games.  They are a game company that I would call a “gateway” game company.  By that I mean they offer games that offers games that non-hard-core  and hard-core gamers alike will enjoy.

I was lucky enough to get some time with Joan Wendland who is the “owner, operator, game designer and Queen of Cards”. Listen in as we talk about:

  • The many games the company has to offer
  • Joan’s interesting education
  • Her advice for those who wish to develop a game
  • Her thoughts on Kickstarter

You can find out more about Blood and Card Stock Games at their website

Break From Reality Games at Gen Con 2014

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Break From Reality Games at Gen Con 2014

Break From Reality Games

Eric Salyers of Break From Reality Games

This is an interview with Eric Salyers, the president and founder of Break From Reality Games.  They were one of hundreds of vendors at this year’s Gen Con and one of fifty participating in the Cheese Weasel ConQuest.  Listen in as we talk about their games and their most awesome game mat series, GripMat.

The company made quite an appearance at the con with a booth larger than most of the other vendors.  They had a good number of games available and their awesome game mats in many patterns and styles.

They also had some fuzzy things that make neat noises when you touch them.  Among the games we discussed or mentioned were: Ricochet Rock Jockeys, Damage Report, Disaster Looms and CEO & Corporations.  The one I found most interesting was the last mentioned because, unusual for a space game, there is no combat but still a very competitive game.

2014.08.13 – The Amega Weapon at Gen Con


The Amega Weapon at Gen Con 2014

The Amega Weapon at Gen Con

The Amega Weapon at Gen Con

This is one of many interviews Lumpy got while attending Gen Con 2014.  If you want to follow all the interviews and concerts we covered at Gen Con, check out the Gen Con 2014 category page here at

In this interview, Lumpy catches up with one of the creators/developers of the new board game, The Amega Weapon. Listen in and find out if you can survive the black star in this space adventure board game.  Also check out the video (at the end of this post) for more information on the game.

While I didn’t get to actually play the game (or many others for I was at the con to do interviews and not play), I did not hear any negative feedback about it.  Anything I heard about the game at the con or after was either positive or, for some reason, confusion as to whether it actually exists.

I assure you it does exists.  It is a multi-player board game suitable for the entire family.  It is a high quality product with pewter pieces that they make themselves and a game with art work by Greg Winters (known for his Star Wars work).  Yes, they put effort into designing a great game but, also important, they put just as much into providing a high quality product and a great price for the gamer.

New Games Debuting at Gen Con

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Games, Games and More Games

If you have been reading here of late, you know that this is Gen Con week.  While Indie Nation is not a gamer’s site, there is not a single member of our staff who is not a gamer.  This post was actually drafted from my ToDo list for today.

Kudos to Board Game Quest for a really long list of games we should see at Gen Con.   Below are just the ones I want to check out that are being released with companies that start with the letter A.  It is going to be a heck of a con.

One Day Closer to Gen Con 2014

English: H.G. Wells Book War Of The Worlds

English: H.G. Wells Book War Of The Worlds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While Not Entirely, It is Mostly About the Games


The 2014 Gen Con will begin Wednesday night.  I am busy making a list of things to do.  Some of you may be wondering why an online indie music station is so pumped about a gaming con.  The fact is that every single member of the news crew here is some type of gamer.  Furthermore, some of the artists performing at Gen Con are regulars in our rotation here.  In short, it is an excellent match.

I am not alone in feeling this way.  Last year nearly 50 thousand people attended.  There are so many vendors in the exhibit hall that it is impossible to absorb every booth.  Over the next few days, I am going to share with you just a few things you can experience at the event.  Today it happens to be a game.  On other days, it will be either a different game, a writing seminar or an indie artist.

TGGN 6-4-2013

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Through Gamer Goggles News – 6-4-2013


English: The exhibit hall of en:Origins Game F...

English: The exhibit hall of en:Origins Game Fair 2007 in en:Columbus, Ohio. Category:Conventions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The music in this week’s podcast is by Brother Love.  You can find him at  We must caution the listener not to go to which currently re-directs you to Brother brand printing supplies but, in the past, it was a porn site and is definitely not safe for work.


WotC won’t be in the exhibit hall at Gen Con.


The Examiner


2 mobile titles from Wizards


Origins game fair




Titanium Wars





TGGN 5-28-2013 Heavy Gear Assault edition

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TGGN 5-28-2013 Heavy Gear Assault Edition


A 1:144 scale HACS-02HG-MPS Grizzly, from Drea...


Today’s podcast featured the music of Chris Ayer.   You can find Chris and more about him at BandCamp and FaceBook.  In this episode Matt interviews a few of the folks behind Heavy Gear Assault.  Below are some of the question they answer.


  • John what is your background?
  • What is the premise of HGA? or a run down of the game and the KS
  • Will there be faction representation for each of the major faction?
  • From the video it seems like some of the game will take place in an open battlefield, how does that fit in with the arena part of Heavy Gear arena?
  • What gears will we see available?
  • Do you foresee more gears in the future?
  • Does HGA stay true to the combat system of Heavy Gear?
  • What about the crowd?  In Arena the crowd is a very important game mechanic, does it have a place in Heavy Gear?
  • What is UE4?
  • Why is UE4 important?


Also of geeky note, Heavy Gear now has Linux support.





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