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2011 Indie Nation Impromptu Christmas Party


Greetings and Happy Christmas Listeners,

Welcome to our first annual Christmas party, held both on-line and in the Cold Crank Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. At one point in time during this three and a half hour live stream almost every member of the staff was able to join us.

The party thought started rather impromptu when some of us locally got together to do some Christmas IDs for the stream. Then Cleta got busy at geekshed and got in touch with a few of the other regulars. Regrettably we did not manage to contact everyone due to the impromptu nature of it. So if you didn’t get and invite, don’t be offended, that is just the way it worked out this time.

Cameo Cleveland: Corrisa Bragg


An Interview with Corrisa Bragg

Recently, I got a chance to interview my friend Corissa Bragg a local singer/songwriter and actress. We chatted a bit about acting, music, her upcoming journey to India, and her last hurrah here in Cleveland before the big trip.

Bragg recently stared in “My City” a short that follows a young musician on a course of self discovery as she decides what to do with her future. The film was written and directed by local filmmaker Kyle Retter and was shot in partnership with Shoot It Already Films this summer. It will be premiering at Arts in Collinwood December 28, 2011, at 7 o’clock and admission is free.  Come early for some great food, drink, and a chance to hang out with the cast and crew, doors open at 6.

The Hush Now at The Roc Bar in Cleveland, Ohio


Interview and Live Recording of The Hush Now on 2011.10.07

The Hush Now - Memos

Three of our staff were fortunate enough to catch up with The Hush Now at The Roc Bar in Cleveland, Ohio.  The band, management and the club were kewl enough to set us up with and interview and recording the band. We must confess that our staff was very excited with being able to catch this great band. Special thanks to Rachel Miller of Big Picture Media for setting all of this up for us.

The Boston based band consists of Noel Kelly (vocals/guitar), Adam Quane (lead guitar), Barry Marino (drums), Pat MacDonald (bass) and, the latest addition, John Millar (keyboards).  Join us as Georgie, Boz and Lumpy sit down with them for both a casual and chaotic interview.

2011 Indie Gathering Interview – Put On the Spot – Actress Giorgiana Lascu Interviews Film Score Composer Danny Ryan


On the Spot and Not on the Couch

This particular interview is a bit different. While it is another one of many in a series of interviews at the 2011 Indie Gathering which is an annual international event usually held at the Westlake Holiday Inn in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, it is different from all the others in one respect.

What makes this one different is that it is not conducted by Lumpy. I know from much experience with “wannabes” that out of 100 people who come to me wishing to learn how to podcast less than 10 will actually follow through and do a single show. After that, less than 1 will actually stick with it long enough to put 7 shows under their belt. Most end up fading away with excuses about jobs, family, bad microphones and “the dog virus ate my podcast”.

Danny and Georgie

Danny Ryan and Georgie Lascu

When I met Georgie, as she likes to be called, she had expressed and interest in interviewing folks involved in indie film. I also know from years of teaching people the best way to get them going is to get them doing. Let them sit on the couch too long, they loose motivation to boredom and being “taught” too much. If the spark starts something smoldering, one best put wood on it while it is still hot.

She seemed genuinely interested and motivated. I asked her if I could put her on the spot and she agreed. Not only did she do a great job on this, he first ever, stone-cold-on-the-spot-with-no-prep-time interview, she is now one of our stations newest interns and still motivated as ever.  While she did actually sit on a couch for this particular interview, she is not a couch-sitter like the 99% percent who spend most of their life dreaming and wishing.  Georgie did a “georgous” job by “doing” this interview.  She also placed second in the acting competition.  You can get in touch with Georgie at and friend this young talented actress on Facebook.  You can also soon see her act in a soon to be released episode of The Black Ice Chronicles.

Speaking of young and talented, opposite on the couch from our green staff member, sat an equally young and talented film score composer.  While I did not get to check out much of Danny Ryan‘s work at the event, he was nice enough to give me a DVD of his work.  I have watched it three times since the event and absolutely love how he adds much emotion to the scenes he scored. There is a difference between background music and a film score.  Background music is just that.  A film score adds drama and impact to a scene.  This young man really gets that.  I particularly like the “alphabet soup” scene.

Film Score Composer, Danny Ryan, showing his work at the 2011 Indie Gathering

Danny and Georgie may not have technically done the best interview.  I have taught Georgie much about using the Zoom since her first five minutes of exposure to it.  However, they are both excellent examples of advice given by many producers, actors, writers, directors and almost every single individual I interviewed at the event.  You become a writer, director, producer, actor or whatever by writing, directing, producing, acting or whatevering.  I know that if you listen to this interview, you will see that they both have fire and passion in them for what they do.  I don’t see these two fading away.

I must confess, that I often get frustrated with all the wannabes out there.. they burn me out and wear me down… they make me feel like I am wasting my time.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a hater, it is not like that.. each to their own. All I ask is that one act in  honesty and stop teasing with false promises.  It seems that more like to live in denial and avoidance than reality.  Get off the dam couch.

It is just nice to see something like this ignite to something more.  I am confident that you will hear more from both of these young “doers”.  It was a real joy and pleasure to meet both of them and watch an idea actually grow into something more.  Hippies like myself live for those moments.

Regarding The Indie Gathering, the  event is a must attend for anyone in the independent film industry. Whether you score movies, act, edit, direct, do make-up, costume or special effects, this is an event that you should mark on your calendar each and every year. The event features many, many screenings in three simultaneously running screening rooms, many seminars and demonstrations for all who attend and contests for those who enter. You can find out more about this event over at

Though many participate and coordinate this gala film festival that usually books most of the hotel, it is largely the work and efforts of Kristina Michelle (IMDb) and Ray Szuch.

You can find Ray at the IMDb, MySpace (as a martial artist), MySpace (as a stunt man), and as a producer, at LinkedIn

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