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New Music News Site, Interview and FREE Download

New Music News Site, Interview and Free Music Download

Mayhem Festival

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For those of you who enjoyed Meshelly’s Interview at the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival, I have some good news.  There is an interview with vocalist, Mitch Lucker of Suicide Scilence at Magnifier which is a new site from the team at Music Beta by Google.  Not only that there is FREE track available at the site, so those of you who enjoy this type of music and interviews with stars, head on over and check it out this interview.

I like this Simple Steps EP from Dreams

POSTED ON November 27th  - POSTED IN music

I am often asked how I find all of the music I play.  Well first of all, I look for it at sites like Mevio’s Music Alley.

I also abuse Google Reader and have a folder where I stalk many other podcasters and music blogs.

Today,  I happened on Simple Steps via You Ain’t No Picasso.  He credits No Modest Bear (NMR for short).  I am glad that music is universal, NMB is written in Swedish.

I liked the sound of this band very much, somewhat reminding me of other styles but blended together for something unique and different.  I like the fact that they share the music for non-commercial work and liked the EP enough to contact them about bot play here.  I also thought merited a post here.

More or less, I am suggesting that you go get the free EP.  They give you choice of formats and the MP3 files are 320kb samples so the quality is awesome.  I would also suggest you post to FaceBook and Twitter, the process listening to, downloading and posting are nothing more than a series of windows over at BandCamp.  In just a few minutes, you can get yourself a good free EP and help promote, what I feel is, a good band.

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