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Carolyn Marie – The Moment

Carolyn Marie

The Moment

Still catching up on the inbox after so much time away. I have another gem to share today. Carolyn Marie is a pop powerhouse serving up excellent music and videos. She is also a very talented dancer and choreographer. Additionally, she is in touch with e-media via her zine.

The Moment was produced by multiplatinum Grammy-winning, producer, Earl Cohen.

The Beatles – 50 Years Later

POSTED ON February 15th  - POSTED IN Entertainment, music, rock

“It was fifty years ago today…”


English: The Beatles wave to fans after arrivi...

English: The Beatles wave to fans after arriving at Kennedy Airport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the record, the famous Sullivan Show appearance actually occurred before I was born.  Granted, only 6 days, but nonetheless still before. However, I would be a liar if I didn’t simply confess that I am a Beatleholic and do not consider Beatlemania an affliction but a blessing.  As well as the Fab Four has done over the years, it is clear I am not alone.

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