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VoicePlay – Amazing A Cappella

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VoicePlay – Amazing A Cappella



VoicePlay is an amazing a capella quintet based out of Orlando Florida. The musicians use only their voices as instruments. Originally, a street corner barbershop act, now actively touring. (They play The Magic Kingdom often.)

VoicePlay is not your typical a capella act. They use their voices for more than vocals. The do great videos and come up with some great top tens.

2011.11.05 – Indie Soup – Whole Lotta Talk

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Well it is midnight.  It is dark in both locations we broadcast from and it is time for Saturday’s Live Stream of Indie Soup which streams live weekly form 00:00 to 02:00 hrs on Indie Nation.  We must warn the listener that this streams late at night and may contain material offensive to even those who have the lowest moral standards.  It should be considered NOT SAFE FOR WORK or NSFW. 

100 Episodes and Only 1 Kill – Midnight Spookshow (Live)

POSTED ON October 28th  - POSTED IN Entertainment, Midnight Spookshow

Midnight Spookshow celebrates 100 episodes and the spookiest holiday of all in this two-hour Halloween bash! Featuring special guest appearances by Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th 7-10), Ashley Williams (Human Centipede), Dan Frisch (Hostel 1 & 2) and Nick Principe (Laid to Rest 1 & 2), just to name a few, this is an episode not to miss!

Check It Out At!

2011.10.20 – Halloween Show 001


Greetings Listeners,

Boz and Lump decided it was high time to get spooky and in the mood for Halloween!

We opened with “Halloween” by The Coffinshakers

Then two by The Martians:

  • Mulch The Undead Cowboy
  • The Pumpkin Grave

Boz and Lump on the mikes with some news

“Ice Cream Man” by Steve Goodie (Also check out The FuMP)

A few from Paul and Storm:

  • If They Might Be Giants Were the Ice Cream Man
  • Cheetos
  • Lame Monster Party

“Vampires Suck” by Odd Austin (Mevio) featuring Devo Spice

“My Crazy Woman” from Earl Clifton and The Pin Ups (Mevio)

Back for news:

“I Can’t Find My Penis Anymore” by Robert Lund of The FuMP (Mevio)

A Few from Tom Smith (Mevio), also with The FuMP (Mevio)

  • Undead Happy Trees
  • Zombie Pirates in Love

“NPR vs Zombies” from Smart Bomb Radio (Mevio)

“Frankenstein’s in the Mood” by Beau Hall (Mevio)

We closed it out with some old skewl Mercury Radio Theatre, Dracula

2011.10.06 – Pick of the Day – The Hush Now – “Memos”


Great New Album Release “Memos” by The Hush Now

I get daily emails from labels and agents asking me to check this band or that band out.  Frankly and honestly, I don’t get truly excited about too many of them.  I listen to music almost constantly.  The bathroom is the only room in my house with out speakers. The psychological term is “desensitization”.  Add to that, I also have a programing director, Meshelly, who helps me  considerably. Her and I split the load of “bad” listening and emails.

The Hush Now - Memos

This is not to say that I don’t like many of them. Usually,  I say “yeah, it’s good” or “yeah, ok”. Rarely do I jump up and down, get excited and actually call friends and associates to tell them about the band.  Seriously, it is my job to “listen to bad music so you don’t have to”.   Meshelly, Steve, Eric and many others got phone calls about The Hush Now.  A great band and I assure you, they shall get play here.  Today it is my job to say “I listened to great music to share it with you!”

Lost Boys & Evil Bongs – Midnight Spookshow

POSTED ON June 24th  - POSTED IN Midnight Spookshow, Movies

Midnight Spookshow makes its debut on Indie Nation with special guest G Tom Mac! In this episode G Tom Mac reveals how he became the iconic sound of The Lost Boys, Tim sees Super 8 in Waldo-Vision, Allen has a bad reaction with an Evil Bong and Zack lays down the gauntlet over Bloody Disgusting’s review of Red Riding Hood. As Zack said, “Bring it”!

Check It Out At!

Edible Anatomically Correct Hearts!

POSTED ON January 31st  - POSTED IN Holiday, news, Things that make you go hmmm
The Table: Valentine's Day Dinner
Image by dalylab via Flickr

In a few short weeks, another holiday that the greeting card industry, florists, jewlers and chocolatiers live for…  The time of attempts to seduce Cupid and live some romance.  I swear, if this were more local, I would buy one just to do a zombie scene.  Yeah, I said zombie.

I don’t know if I have the heart to see how well this unique, edible delight would weather the crossing of the ocean.  Novelties on Valentines Day, in my opinion, have always been kewl.  In the past, I have mentioned neat novel sight like Heartmaker, which is still up and running.  I simply must share this one I originally found over at Boing! Boing!

Edible, anatomically correct hearts.  Yum, yum, yum…

However, this one really takes the cake.  Well, technically it is a cake.

“They are scarily realistic, but delicious with a red velvet sponge, cream cheese frosting and blackcurrant & cherry ‘blood’.”

Uniquely combining Night of the Living Dead with the throws of cupid,  Lily Vanilli Cake Fight presents “Valentine’s Bleeding Hearts“.  The hearts are anatomically correct and appear to be freshly removed from someone’s chest.   They cost 7 pounds each and a portion of that is going charity.  You can read more about over at the blog post.

I also think they should also market this at Halloween.  This picture could easily be captions “Brains?” and, who knows, it could happen, zombies are not famous for high IQs.

Halloweenathon Part Two

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Bram Stoker's Dracula
Image by Ben Templesmith via Flickr

This is part two of a Halloweenathon.  You can find part one here.  Tonight’s show is part music and part radio drama.  It was something I did not actually plan to do.  Yeah, I usually do a Halloween Shoe… Heck, it is the only holiday of the year where I fit in.

I was in the mood for some old time radio drama and hit  I recalled Zack Daggy did a scary show.  I had a quiet, I mean DEAD quiet Sunday, a few ghouls showed up and one thing led to, well, eventually this.  Enjoy and be afraid….

  • The Deformities with “Creature Feature” and “Vampire Lover”
  • Paul and Storm with “Olive Garden”, “Cruel, Cruel, Moon”, “Infected”, “Live”, and “Lame Monster Party”

Up next is a live radio theater performance of “Dracula”.  This is part of the Community Audio Collection over at The Internet Archive. It is actually a live theater performance and only nostalgic in style. Radio Theater presented Dracula at the Player Theatre.

Credits for the live show are as follows;

  • Written, directed, music, and sound design by Dan Bianchi.
  • Wes Shippee was the engineer.
  • The Eisenhowers“Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein”
  • “Goblin City” by Panthers
  • From Tom Smith, and to close out “Zombie Pirates in Love”, “Giant Monster”, and “Undead Happy Trees”

Special thanks and kudos to;

  • Mevio’s Music Alley, likely the best “podsafe” music repository on the planet!
  • The Internet Archive, the place for all kinds of archived media
  • Gavin Salkeld for the music used in our IDs
  • The artists, past, present and future who share their music under a Creative Commons License
  • Each of you who listen to this show
  • The staff of for putting up with me
Written, directed, music, and sound design by <a title=”Dan Bianchi on Linked In” href=”” target=”_blank”>Dan Bianchi</a>

Halloween Sounding Music by Gavin Salkeld and Kevin Macleod

POSTED ON October 30th  - POSTED IN Featured Podcast, independent music, music, Podcasts


Lumpy considers these two musicians very special.  They are really very into what I always call the  new media order.  They use the Creative Commons License to promote themselves and, at the same time, help podcasters like me and stations like us by allowing us to use awesome background music for voice overs, station promos and IDs.

Gavin is especially kewl.  For lack of a better name, he is our “in house music producer”.  He is the musician responsible for our background music in almost all of our IDs and promos.

I thought it would be a neat Halloween thing to create about a thirty minute podcast with very minimal chatter.  Something that you could play as the trick or treaters ding donged your door bell.  I ran on over to and got some appropriate noises. Then I did something that should please many of you, I talked very little.  Give out the candy, kids no tricks please, enjoy and happy Halloween.  I left out any station IDs or promos.  It is almost all music, perfect Halloween music in my opinion.

I started it off with Kevin MacLeod

  • Voices
  • Awkward Meeting
  • Classic Horror
  • Aftermath
  • The Dracula Waltz

Next some Gavin Salkeld

  • The Killing
  • Lost Souls
  • A Grim Discovery
  • Flashback
  • Give Yourself Up
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