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The Accidental Birth of “American Woman”

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The Accidental Begining of “American Woman” by The Guess Who

Musicians try to jump on any creative spark as quickly as possible. When I was still composing, I wrote lyrics on napkins and matchbook covers because that was what was handy.

I am not going to spoil the video but listen in as Randy Bachman tells the tale of origin of American Woman.

The Origin of American Woman

Kudos to Open Culture for the find.

Leon Theremin Plays the Theremin

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Leon Theremin performing a trio for theremin, ...

Leon Theremin performing a trio for theremin, voice and piano, c. 1924. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leon Theremin Plays the Theremin

The Theremin is a unique instrument. You don’t touch it to play it. Invented by Profesor Lev Sergeyvich Termen, later known as Leon Theremin, in 1919, it is one of the first electronic instruments.

It works by capacitance and heterodyning. Most have two antennas, waving your hand in front of one controls the amplitude (volume) and the other the pitch. The closer you move the volume hand, the quieter it gets and the closer your pitch hand is, the higher the pitch. It is also fairly difficult to play. You need much practice and a good ear for pitch.

Due to its ethereal-spacey sound, it has been used in many science fiction works including Dr. Who. It has a sound that lends itself well to the genre. It also gained recognition when Jimmy Page used it in some of Led Zeppelin’s music.

Check out the inventor performing on his instrument in the video below.

Leon Theremin and His Wonderful Theremin

If you wish to watch more Theremin videos, you can check some out at Open Culture which is where I found the above video. If you would really like to find more about the instrument itself, I would suggest Theremin World.  Also of note, the professor did not stop with just the Theremin, he also created a Theremin Cello.

The Beatles on Streaming Services and HD Videos

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The Beatles on HD and Streaming Services

Wordmark of The Beatles, originally painted di...

Wordmark of The Beatles, originally painted directly on drum by Erwin Ross, Hamburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a Beatles fan. I have been since I was a small child. I actually remember the day Abbey Road was released. I was six years old. What was big news then is now history.

In case you missed it, they made what I believe will be, perhaps not historic, but at the least a milestone release on Christmas Eve. In the video below, a short 35-second mix of various Fab Four hits, announces that The Beatles are now available on nine streaming music services. (Source)

The Beatles are now streamable at:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Google Play
  • Amazon Prime Music
  • Tidal
  • Deezer
  • Microsoft Groove
  • Napster/Rhapsody
  • Slacker Radio

In case you noticed that Pandora and iHeart are not on the list, it is because The Beatles have always been available on those services.  Tech Times has more details about why.

I think this is pretty awesome news. I also discovered that they have released many HD videos as well. I am going to share one of my favorites below and there will be a link to the Open Culture article which has many more videos at the bottom of this post.

The article at Open Culture also goes into how John, Paul, George and Ringo were ahead of their time. Obviously, these videos were not made any time recent.  While a few other bands in that era did movies and videos, The Beatles and The Monkees were likely the most progressive regarding what we now call “music videos”.  Most other videos of the time were more like documentaries or simply concert videos. Hopefully, more and more “main-stream” artist will get with the new media order and embrace what the listeners want and not treat new technology like a mobster.

The Beatles – Revolution

More Videos at Open Culture

2014.09.15 – Tech Net News and Opinion


2014.09.15 – Tech Net News and Opinion

This is the recording of our weekly news show.  In this episode we discuss some Celtic music news, Android news, Chrome OS app news, net neutrality, Minecraft, Microsoft, writing on maps from the era of Columbus, and more.

 We opened with two from  Ceil Moss

  • As Far as the Eye Can See from the album of the same name
  • Lies a Lurrighan

You can find this band at:

Psy is Back with Snoop Dogg and They are Hungover

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Hung Over and Moving in a Great New Video


youtube (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Shortly after Gangnam Style hit 2 billion views, many thought, perhaps hoped that Psy had faded into music history.  Well he is back.  This time he is kicking it with Snoop Dogg and they are raping about what happens the morning after you paint the town a little too hard.  The video is destined to be a classic.

Through Gamer Goggles News (TGGN) 3-12-2012


Through Gamer Goggles News Episode 003

We opened this week’s show with a video game related song My Atari from Sudden Death who is better known as Devo Spice.  Devo Spice is a member of The FuMP which is short for Funny Music Project.

Video Games Good for You

From the Wall Street Journal 

“Videogames can change a person’s brain and, as researchers are finding, often that change is for the better. A growing body of university research suggests that gaming improves creativity, decision-making and perception. The specific benefits are wide ranging, from improved hand-eye coordination in surgeons to vision changes that boost night driving ability. “

Other points to note

  • Women that play video games are better able to manipulate 3D objects

  • Violent games have the strongest beneficial effect, But they are a two-edged sword. Compulsive video gaming can lead to obesity, introversion, and even depression. What was the name of that Bobby Brown song? Every gamer needs to listen to this while they play Don’t Worry Be Happy

  • According to the article the average gamer is 34 and plays about 18 hours a week.

We then played Pac Man by Devo Spice with Worm Quartet Both are members of The FuMP.

Using CCleaner to speed up your Microsoft Windows PC.

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imageA great application that many people don’t know about is CCleaner. This application will clean out your temporary files, optimize your system registry, and increase your privacy with a number of products you use. Many people don’t realize it, but, you are accumulating files on your computer with typical daily use that don’t need to be there. Internet browser temporary files and Windows system files take up space on your computer and should be cleared up from time to time. I encourage everyone to head over to and download CCleaner. This is the best application currently out there to solve this problem. After installing the program you will see a bunch of check boxes for different things the program will clean up. Personally I choose to disable clearing my browser history and recently typed URLs under the browsers that I use regularly. If you don’t care about your browser remembering links you typed previously feel free to leave those options checked. I do however recommend checking to clear all Temporary Internet Files. People can get gigabytes of information stored there over a period of time.

imageThe Windows Explorer section doesn’t do anything that drastic so I tend to keep them all checked. Under system, however, there are some important boxes to check. I have in the past run into people who use their Recycle Bin as a storage area. They were shocked when I emptied their Recycle Bin and said “I had important files in there”… If this is your method of file backup I ask that you take your computer to your local charity and donate it for your own protection and for the benefit of someone less fortunate. The Recycle Bin is a trash bin. If you keep your important documents in the trash can out on the curb of your house and are surprised that the truck drove up and took them away this is the same situation. The next option is Temporary Files. These are files that your operating system creates and are usually not something you will need to access later. Clear out Memory Dumps also. Depending on your settings these can be very large at times. I check all but Font Cache in this section and have never had any issues. The Desktop and Start Menu Shortcuts option made me nervous at first, but, it seems to clear out icons that are no longer valid.

imageThe advanced section has some options that won’t make a huge difference. You will get a notification on some that you will need to restart certain services if you select those options. Choose what seems beneficial to you in this section. I would not recommend selecting Wipe Free Space unless you want to ensure that someone could not “undelete” files from your computer.

imageimageUnder Applications the top will show settings for each of your browsers. Internet Cache is fairly safe to remove. Internet History is depending on your personal preference. I would be cautious of whether to remove Cookies or not. Cookies are what remember your preferences for individual sites throughout the Internet. If you check the Saved Form Information box this will make your browsers forget information like City, State, and Address information that might be remembered from a previous form you may have filled out previously. At the bottom you will see a Compact Databases choice. Your database stores your bookmarks, history, and other data. CCleaner can defragment this database to help save some space.

imageThe Applications, Internet, Multimedia, Utilities, and Windows sections are based upon the software installed on your computer. There are not individual settings for each of these programs, but, it will not do any drastic changes to your application. I leave all of these checked so that files are not built up over time from these applications. It is fairly safe for you to choose all of these boxes.

At the bottom of the screen you have an Analyze option and a Run Cleaner option. If you Analyze it will only tell you what could be removed and how much space it would free up. This is generally a good idea when it is your first time running the application. This will give you an idea of what you are getting yourself into. If you are content with what it is telling you go ahead and press the Run Cleaner button. You will, however, need to close any browsers that you have open before pressing this button. If you do not close your browser it will not be able to clean out the temporary files in some instances.

registrycleanNext lets look at the Registry tab. The Windows Registry is a set of files that contain all of the settings for your Windows operating system. It will remember settings such as what program do you open a .doc file with or what programs will start-up when you logon to your computer. As programs are added, updated, or removed from your computer your registry will build up items that are broken or missing. The Registry cleaner will remove these items allowing your registry to run more quickly. If you are an advanced user you may see entries that you want to be there and don’t want to be detected in future scans of this application. You can right-click on that entry and add it to the Exclude List. Next time you select Scan for Issues it will not show that particular item in the results. The CCleaner Registry cleaner is not an aggressive registry cleaner. I have never had a case where it has caused problems with any computes that I have run it on so you should be fairly safe when using it. Select Fix selected issues and then choose Fix All Selected Issues. You may want to run this application once a week or once a month at a minimum. Many users will see some noticeable performance improvements from doing these steps. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will try to respond.


An Interview with Joanne L. Harris, Writer, Director and Much More

Joanne L. Harris

Joanne L. Harris

This particular interview is with Joanne L. Harris. This is one of many in a series of interviews at the 2011 Indie Gathering. It is an annual international event usually held at the Westlake Holiday Inn in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. This was the event’s fifteenth year.

Joanne L. Harris wrote, directed, produced and did the photography for a short documentary titled “A Mass of Wine“.  This was her first attempt at a documentary and she did quite well.  The film placed fourth in it’s category.  While we did talk about the film, we also covered many other topics regarding writing and film.  Listen in and ignore the bustle in the background as this lovely and talented lady shares with us her experience and knowledge regarding this project and screen writing in general.

2011 Indie Gathering Interview – Joanne L. Harris – A Mass of Wine

2011.08.06 – Pick of the Day – Lotzie Weaver – The Futility of War

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Hiroshima Day – 66 Years in the Post Nuclear War Era

The mushroom cloud over Hiroshima after the dr...

Image via Wikipedia

Today is Saturday, August 6, 2011 and it marks the day that the United States of America became the first and only country to use nuclear weapons in warfare.  Today is Hiroshima Day.  A day that the world entered an new sad era.  It marks the first time a country used a nuclear weapon against another.  While historians shall forever argue whether it saved lives by ending World War II, I remind you all that World War I was “the war to end all wars”.  Historically, in my opinion, it has only mad warfare scarier.  Now, not only can we destroy a nation, but the planet itself.

While I agree that it seems unlikely to this vet that we can totally eliminate the need for armed forces for there will always be one war torn nut out there, I can not argue against the pacifist who claim that the only way to peace it to live, think and breath peace.  Hopefully, this date will always be the only example of nuclear war in out history books.

So hippies and veterans alike, on this day let us just unite and listen to a track by a man I found over at Mevio‘s Music Alley, Lotzie Weaver’s “The Futility of War”.  According to his bio at Mevio, former Beatles manager, Sam Leach said ‘John and George would’ve loved Lotzies songs’.  There is no doubt it has a overly true message.

You can find Lotzie at Music Alley and his website.  You can purchase his music at Amazon and Lotzie Weaver

2011.07.27 – Pick of the Day – Andrew Dean and the Farm Machine – The Price

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National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day

While yesterday was a day to think about peace, an idea I truly endorse, I am also a veteran and feel that we should never forget those who sacrificed life, limb and mental well being in battle.  To quote our president as reported today at E-News Park Forest:

We will never forget that America owes its liberty, security, and prosperity to the heroic acts of our service members.  We must also remember that their selfless sacrifices have had a profound impact on the promotion of freedom across the globe.  On National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, we recommit to supporting our venerable warriors and their families, and we pay our deepest respects to those who laid down their lives.

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