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Devious Weasel Games at Gen Con 2014


Shadows of Malice and More

Dancers at The Devious Weasel Booth

Dancers at The Devious Weasel Booth

Listen in as Lumpy got to sit down to hear about Shadows of Malice with Jim of Devious Weasel Games.  The game if for 2-8 players and a cooperative group play game.  The game offers the users a few variables such as game length by varying the number of game tiles use.  The game is about 60 dollars suggested retail, is a high quality thick heavy board and is for ages 12 and up.

Another kewl thing they did is they had the three lovely women pictured at the right performing at the booth.

Break From Reality Games at Gen Con 2014

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Break From Reality Games at Gen Con 2014

Break From Reality Games

Eric Salyers of Break From Reality Games

This is an interview with Eric Salyers, the president and founder of Break From Reality Games.  They were one of hundreds of vendors at this year’s Gen Con and one of fifty participating in the Cheese Weasel ConQuest.  Listen in as we talk about their games and their most awesome game mat series, GripMat.

The company made quite an appearance at the con with a booth larger than most of the other vendors.  They had a good number of games available and their awesome game mats in many patterns and styles.

They also had some fuzzy things that make neat noises when you touch them.  Among the games we discussed or mentioned were: Ricochet Rock Jockeys, Damage Report, Disaster Looms and CEO & Corporations.  The one I found most interesting was the last mentioned because, unusual for a space game, there is no combat but still a very competitive game.

A Conversation with Greg Spero

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Greg Spero

A short while past, I had the pleasure of catching up with Greg Spero, a young talented mostly jazz musician.  Personally, I hate the fact that musicians are almost forced to “pick” a genre.  As Mr. Spero points out it, is mainly done for marketing reasons and that musicians can not help leave out all the music that influenced them as they create their own unique material.  Listen in as he explains that and we discuss many other things.

We did this interview via Skype and the VOIP gods were not too kind to us on this day.  Pops, clicks and modulation are not possible to easily remove but, deal with it, for the conversation and music are stellar.

All Shall Perish at The Mayhem Festival


All Shall Perish is an American Deathcore band formed in Oakland, California in 2002.They have toured all over the world and became the first all American metal band to tour Siberia, their playing style contains a lot of fast paced, heavily muted power cords in rhythm, higher octaves in lead and mainly heavy double bass pedaling with rapid succession of snare in percussion.

What this all means boys and girls is that when you see All Shall Perish live the sheer amount of bass coming out of the subs, is damn near enough to feel like you just got sucker punched in the gut in the most awesome way possible.   At the RockStar Energy Mayhem Festival, I was lucky enough to get to sit down and interview Hernan “Eddie” Hermida who is lead vocalist for All Shall Perish. What I learned from Eddie was simple smoke weed constantly and in a pinch beer can save the day; ok so that’s not really what I took away from this interview, but in one of the funniest interviews of my day at the Mayhem festival those were just a couple of the topics covered.

Straight Line Stitch


When you First listen to Straight Line Stitch your attention might be grabbed by a deep guttural growl or a resonating scream,you will also hear a beautiful voice and might be surprised to learn that the super sweet almost pop-like soulful singing and growls are coming from one very talented female vocalist Alexis Brown.

Straight Line Stitch is an American Metalcore band from Knoxville, Tennessee Band members include Alexis Brown-Vocals, Seth Thacker-Guitar, Kris Norris-Guitar, Jason White-Bass and Kanky Lora-Drums. At the RockStar Energy Mayhem Festival I had the pleasure of interviewing both Alexis and Seth and a sweeter welcome to the Festival I could never have hoped for. Rainy and muggy Alexis and Seth escorted me to the back of their trailer to talk.

At one point our interview was interrupted by a man looking for weights and Alexis is her naturally sweet and slightly sarcastic voice told the man “We’re in the middle of an interview, but they’re over there” without skipping a beat.

With unstoppable work ethic and music that stretches from face-ripping metal to soulful stratospheric rock, Straight Line Stitch are poised to grab heavy metal music by the horns. With the both Gender and Genre defying Alexis Brown on vocals and the exquisitely unique sound that is Straight Line Stitch you just can’t go wrong.

RockStar Energy Mayhem Festival

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Meshelly here…
Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of being at the RockStar Energy Mayhem Festival, the crowd was electric.


Cover of Megadeth


There wasn’t a single place in the whole center that did not smell at least a little like Mary Jane which had me giggling. With all the artists that performed there and there were a lot, in my honest opinion Straight Line Stitch and Suicide Silence on the Revolver stage and Megadeth on the Main stage stole the show. The heat was sweltering the rain was pouring down at times but when you looked around there was not a single person who would rather be anywhere else but there in the moment for that amazing day. I was able to sit down (and in a couple cases stand but I got love for you guys lol) and interview people from five amazing bands and all of them were great to interview! It was a fun day all around and being on the megatron for a solid 30 seconds while singing along to “Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeth was the cherry on the top of my sundae that is until Megadeth’s set ended. That my friends is when Dave Mustaine walked over to the front of the stage and blew me a kiss and that was the sugar on top. Keeping checking back over the next week for more posts and interviews and check out the Flickr page for amazing photos taken at the RockStar Energy Mayhem festival.
Until then this is Meshelly and I’ll catch you later.

Kick Ass Punk Rock from Sharks and Interview from Vans Warped Tour


Sharks – Hot Punk Rock from the UK

Sharks and Lumpy - Photo by Eric Leiser Photography

The date was July 20, 2011 and the temperature would have likely been cooler on the bright side of Mercury.  The only thing hotter than the weather was the music and energy at Vans Warped Tour. We wish to warn you now… you shall hear some material considered NSFW which is short for Not Safe For Work.

The Mothpod 195 – Inspirational Muppets

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This week at Indiana’s Indie Music Source

Indie Artist Phil Putnam Stops By The Studio. Phil And The Mothman Discuss Phil’s Crowd Funded Album, Lady Gaga’s Career, And Muppets.

Featured Music

  1. Phil Putnam (On Cover) – I’m No Prize
  2. Sound of Surrender – Ambulance Anxiety
  3. Alexx Calise – See You Again
  4. Parachute Musical – No Comfort
  5. The Crash Moderns – Pimp My Life
  6. Janita – Do We Learn
  7. Phil Putnam – Sophisticated Life
  8. John Snow – What A Shame
  9. Shelley & Cal – Maybe
  10. Rose’s Pawn Shop – Dancing On The Gallows
  11. Eliza Blue – Swords & Shields
  12. Phil Putnam – More Than This

All this and much more awaits on Mothpod 195 – Inspirational Muppets, brought to you by eMusic. Get 35 free mp3s just for being a Moth Maniac when you go to

Turn it up and enjoy!

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A Converstaion with Anouschka – Part One

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This is the first of two rather edited interviews with songwriter Anouschka. The conversation originally took place on 19 December, 2009. It was right after she had just finished a tour, released a new album and just before she was about to head off to Africa as a volunteer field guide trainee.

We were on Skype for hours and I used material from all three of her albums; Anouschka, My Kind of Heartbreak and So Why?

Anouschka is an interesting person, it was a pleasure to be graced with so much of her time to get this interview. Here is an outline of this conversation, songs in bold and interview questions in regular type:

  • Buried Alive
  • My Loyal Heart
  • Who do you think you sound like?
  • A Man Like You
  • I asked her for a short bio, just sounds better than “tell me about your childhood”.. we talk a bit about the “My Kind of Heartbreak” album, the cover art, concept and it’s analog roots
  • Lets See This Through
  • I ask her how she composes
  • Sometimes I just Go Crazy
  • Where to find her CDs. Everything is at
  • When Are You Coming Around?
  • I ask her about Rainy Night in Chelsea
  • My Kinda Heartbreak
  • I ask her about Call Daphne
  • Good Girl Gone Wild
  • Where to find her CDs. Everything is at
  • Beautiful but Damned

Look for part two of this interview Thursday of this week. And listen to the stream for Lumpy is likely to stream it from time to time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. You can purchase her music at Amazon, Anouschka and The CD Baby links below.

Anouschka: Anouschka
Anouschka: My Kind of Heartbreak
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