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Psychocide – Bad Decisions & Alcohol


Alcohol & Bad Decisions

Psychocide is a hard rocking quartet from Montreal. Their music is explosive and energetic. Their latest release, Alcohol & Bad Decisions shall be available March 3, 2017.

The album is engineered by Christian Cummings who has worked with U2, Blink-182, Switchfoot and The Used. The album is a concept album which tells the story of characters that will be in a future comic book. After the break is a music video from the band.

Shelita Burke – Belong

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Shelita Burke – Belong

I got a direct message from @ShelitaBurke asking me to give a song of hers a listen. The song, Belong is a very pleasing track and has already received one million plays on Spotify.

I shall share Belong after the break, it is a lovely mix of vocals and music. The lyrics are very poetic and her vocal approach nicely uses repetition to create a song that pleases the ears. It left me wanting more Shelita Burke.  I am confident you shall feel the same way.

2014.09.22 – TNN – Tech News


Indie Nation Tech News

Tech Net News and Opinion

Monday Night News

This is the Tech News portion of our news show here at  If you wish to listen to the full two hour show it posted earlier.

We would also like to remind the listeners that we encourage listener participation through chat, comments and you are welcome to actually join us on the air. We do the show live almost every Monday from 8-10 PM DST. To find out how to join us on the air, contact us via our chat room on the Listen Page.

2014.09.22 – Tech Net News and Opinion


2014.09.22 – Tech Net News and Opinion

Tech Net News and Opinion

Monday Night News

We opened this week’s show with Titanic and Cape Cod Girls from the album Choice Cuts by Water Street Bridge. You can find out more about this band by listening to the interview at the end of the newscast or by checking out the individual posting of the interview on Indie Nation. Join Brian and Lumpy as they discuss some Walking Dead spoilers and rumors, Google news in general, drones vs Star Wars and more in tech and science news. We would also like to remind the listeners that we encourage listener participation through chat, comments and you are welcome to actually join us on the air.  To find out how to join us on the air, contact us via our chat room on the Listen Page.

General Site Contact Information

Walking Dead News

  • First off, the season premier is 12 October
  • Season 5 Episode 2 – Another character from the comic, Father Gabriel.
    •  Carol is supposedly back at the end of the premier
  • FYI – Lumpy did check, Walking Dead Season  Marathon begins on 6 October
  • The Air Herald reports that there will be a spin off
  • There is talk about Beth, it seem that a trailer gave that and a few other things away

Closing Tunes

We closed with a few more tracks from Water Street Bridge:

  • Pay Me/Iko
  • Zombie Jamboree
  • Lumpy’s Interview with them at Gen Con 2014

The Slang

From Columbus, Ohio – The Slang

The Slang

The Slang

There is much to like about this band from Columbus, Ohio.  To start with, I feel The Slang is a great name for a band.  I also really like the EP cover.  Stuff like that, however, does not make a band good or bad.

The band is the work of John Bobo, who is the songwriter, plays several instruments and vocalist, and John Newsome is the bassist.  They are currently touring their EP with additional members  Matt Thiedt on guitars and keys and Michael Dillon on drums.

Musically, this alternative/power pop band has a sound reminiscent of the late 90’s; energetic, loud but not noisy, and a wall of sound.  I am not 100% certain but I believe it was also a requirement of the 90s that every song had a keyboard in it.  Furthermore, in that era, 9 out of 10 bands and radio stations were “alternative”.  While I poke fun at the era, I still turn the volume up when music from it plays… admit it, you do too.

Compositionally, they don’t blow me away. In a good way, they have a typical late 90s sound. They cover that style exceptionally taking “the same old thing” and making it fresh, vibrant and alive.

Technically, the work is exceptional.  It was recorded at The Cutting Room. The EP is well produced and mastered having been done by successful, seasoned engineers.  (Mixed by Mark Needham, who has done work for Imagine Dragons and Tokyo Police Club, and mastered by Brian Lucey, who has done work for The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys.)

Phil Johnson is Doing a Podcast!

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Being Blackbeard A Podcast about Crossbones

I am not into Crossbones at all.  That said, I doubt I will be much into this podcast.

However, I have e-known Phil Johnson for years.  I am certain that this is going to be a great podcast. He is a talented man and a professional performer.  Add to it, he got a few of his comedy friends to co-host the show.  He does comedy music, serious music, stand up comedy and his work is always great and high quality.  That and the fact that it is already getting 5 star reviews on iTunes.

Pick Of The Day – Inflicted Shame By Oblivious Signal

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Diligent work in and out of the studio over the last several months, along with multiple live shows and appearances has generated two singles to be released consecutively and a renewed band spirit for female fronted rock band Oblivious Signal.

The release of Push Me Away on December 11th marks the first of several upcoming releases, leading ultimately to an album release in 2013.

Push Me Away initially may sound like a relationship break up song, but this one is about the band and their relationship with each other. “The song really signifies us coming together as a band to persevere through all good and the bad.
The video is going to be about the band and how it broke up and came back together stronger and with a vengeance…” Cristina T Feliciano says, giving detail about the songs origins and why it is such an important one to the band as a whole. “We lost ourselves as a band in our individual thoughts of what people wanted, it caused us to forget about we all wanted…our common goals… and we ended up pushing each other away because of it.”

This was the band’s first recording experience with Beiler’s Brothers studio, known for their work with Nonpoint, Look Right Penny, and Smile Empty Soul. “I think Beiler Bros captured Nicks guitar sound really well made them sound great. Along with the drums and bass …it all came out better than I expected.” – Jason Talley, Oblivious Signal Drummer

Front-woman and producer CTF re-mastered the song in her private studio to personalize it to the band’s specifications. “It’s so hard with your own music to ever stop working on it and say ‘This. This is it. It’s perfect.’ You always hear just one more thing you want to make better. But finally I was able to to let it go say it’s complete, because we love this song and really want people to hear it.”

“We all had a great time, and our strong collaboration really proved that this is where we needed to be the whole time – writing for the love of music…all else will fall into place if we continue to strive for our common goals without letting anyone interfere,” she added.

Strategizing g with new managers Jason and Alison Theriot of Silvercat Entertainment brings a new spirit to the table. Feliciano says “Jason Theriot has been a consistent endorser of us doing what we are good at – writing music and focusing on our fans. It is awesome to have a strong foundational support behind us that believes in our talent and is willing to work with us as we are to take us to the next place in our lives.”

“Getting in the studio was a long time coming for us. We were excited to put all the pieces together and record such a great song. There was a ton of energy through each recording session and we can not wait to get “Push Me Away” to fans that are craving new music from us.” – Bassist Greg Andrews

Oblivious Signal is planning regional shows to support the online release of Push Me Away available on iTunes and via their website:

2012.01.03 – Pick of the Day – Rob Montague


Rob Montague and The Flat Earth Society, January 4, 2012  at The House of Blues, Cleveland, Ohio

Rob Montague photo by Eric Leiser Photography

We don’t really need a reason to do a pick of the day, short of having a reason to do one.

It could be that the artists is just good, they might have a track that is relevant to what day it is, or they might be doing a show.  Maybe we just felt like it… The only standard is the, same as at the station, it must be great independent music.

In the cast of Rob Montague and The Flat Earth Society, it is a case of two out of three. He is playing a live gig in Cleveland tomorrow and he is a very good musician. Join us for this pick of the day as we feature his songs; And She Said Hello and Brand New Day from his Album “Farewell Song”.

2011.09.19 – Pick of the Day – Paul and Storm and The Moneyshot Cosmonauts – Pirate Music


Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Mark Summers ("Cap'n Slappy") and Jo...

Image via Wikipedia

Indie Nation listeners, I don’t speak like a pirate very well but there are more than a few musicians who do.  And we said “pirate” music not “pirated”.  This stuff is all legal and podsafe.  I hope that makes the RIAA choke.

You can read more about this wacky, kewl holiday over at  I should warn you now that many a folk would not consider the first song safe for work… be warned and consider it tagged NSFW.  Although the first song is about seamen, I can see why some folks might get confused.

Are you curious as to how this all started, would you believe in a game of tennis?  (The two founders are the swashbucklers in the photo.)  Be sure and check out the Facebook Fan Page.

2011.09.15 – Pick of the Day – Beatnik Turtle – How Did I Google This?

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Isn’t Everyday a Google Day?

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

According to, today is Day.  While many may debate whether Google shall actually become Skynet or not, there is no doubt that they do a great deal for us in today’s world.  The same web site also mentions, that the seventh of this month is Google Commemoration Day.  The site states that it was the day the company was founded.  However, Wikipedia claims that date was the fourth.  So what day is Google Day?

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