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2012.02.20 -Monday Night Tech Net News and Opinion – Episode 10


2012.02.20 -Monday Night Tech Net News and Opinion – Episode 10

English: Sick of Sarah – The Roxy Theatre on 5...

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We started off tonight with some music from Sick of Sarah that was, recorded live at The Pirates Cove in Ohio.

  • Kick Back
  • Over Exposed
  • Hello, Good Morning (Sent out to Lumpy)

You can find Sick of Sarah at:
Sick Of

We started the news with a, article from

Future Chrome Version May Choose Your Passwords, and Change Them when You’ve Been Hacked

In a story from Ars they report that in a future release of Chrome users will be able to generate passwords and change them if you’ve been hacked. You will be able to create and change the passwords on a site by site basis, but, they are looking to create a system where the user will be able to change all of their passwords at once. Currently Google is looking for a way to “authenticate to the browser to enable this feature”.

We have some more news from

English: Google Logo officially released on Ma...

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Google Public Dns Prevails as the World’s Largest Service

According to Google’s Public DNS service is handling more than 70 billion DNS request per day. This makes it the largest public DNS service on earth according to Google. Their Public DNS service was, launched in December of 2009 in order to encourage a faster Internet experience to users of the service. Google has also expanded their servers to new countries such as Australia, India, Japan, and Nigeria.

We played some music by Nigel Passey From his new EP The Lights, The Sound and The People

  • Change
  • Don’t Run
  • Pick up the pieces

You can find Nigel Passey at:

We had another news story from

Anonymous Antisec Hackers Break into and Bring Down Ftc Website

In this story from Arstechnica they report that members of Anonymous’s “Antisec” have attacked the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection website server. They were able to hack into the server and deface the sites that are, hosted on it. The members of Anonymous posted a log from the hack to and it shows the server’s directories, user account names, encrypted passwords, and the MySQL databases. In an announcement, from Anonymous they state “if ACTA is,signed by all participating negotiating countries… We will systematically knock all evil corporations and governments off of the Internet”.

Our next news story tonight was from

Malicious Backdoor in Open-source Messaging Apps Not Spotted for 3 Months has reported that a backdoor has been found in the Horde Groupware and Webmail application. The malicious code has been in the Horde version 3.3.12 product, Horde Groupware 1.2.10, and Horde Groupware Webmail 1.2.10 for the past 3 months. It allowed hackers to run remote commands on the server. Horde says that the releases were altered, after unidentified hackers breached the FTP server that was used, to distribute the installation packages.

We had another news segment from

High Orbits and Slowlorised: understanding the Anonymous attack tools

In another story from they discuss how Anonymous is staying away from their product known as Low Orbit Ion Cannon and are starting to use a new product names High Orbit Ion Cannon. The Low Orbit Ion Cannon or L.O.I.C. was a website and the new H.O.I.C. is an actual application. The main power of H.O.I.C. is that it can be, customized for each attack target easily using their simple GUI.

We moved on to some music by Jamie Gray from his new EP Anywhere

  • With you
  • Everytime you fall
  • On A Sunny Day

You can find Jamie Gray at:
Reverb Nation

We then moved to a news story from

Takedowns Run Amok? the Strange Secret Service/Godaddy Assault on Jotform

A popular site named JotForm was taken, down recently by the US Secret Service without any warning. The site became unreachable which made over two million user-created forms unusable. Customers blasted the site and many cancelled their subscriptions. Many commenters blame the company for using GoDaddy and are now on NameCheap and Hover. The Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary has tools Ars Technica that they are launching and internal investigation to verify that proper procedures were, followed.

Then we had another article from

Verizon Turns on 4g Lte in Five New Cities

On January 19th Verizon customers in 5 U.S. cities will have access to their 4G network. The nations largest LTE carrier has added service in Glen Falls and Utica New York, Lawton Oklahoma, Brownsville and McAllen Texas. Also Spokane, Atlanta, and Houston will see expanded service. Verizon’s LTE blankets more than 200 million users in 195 markets. Verizon is on track to complete its 4G rollout by the end of 2013

We played some music by Boggie

  • Cheesecake Blues
  • Crosscut and Saw Blues
  • East Chicago Blues
  • Snatch It and Hold It Blues

You can find Boggie at:
Mevio’s Music Alley
And next we covered a, article from

Hot Nanotubes Blast Chemo-resistant Cancer Cells into Oblivion has an encouraging article about nanotubes and using them to blast chemo resistant cancer cells. This particularly diffuclt to control breed called Cancer Stem Cells are difficult to kill because the divide so slowly.Cancer drugs have been proven to, be ineffective and they are also resistant to heat therapies. Tests of nanotubes being injected into tumors and then being exposed to laser light for 30 seconds from outside the body have shown promising results. This causes the nanotubes to vibrate and create heat which stop the growth of the cancer stem cells.

Our next news article was from

How Much Would It Cost to Build the Death Star?

On a lighter note some geeks have taken the time to calculate how much it would cost to build an actual Death Star. They modeled warship. According to calculations it would take 833,315 years to produce the amount of steel and the final cost would be 852 quadrillion American dollars at 2012 prices. Their would be 13,000 times the current world’s GDP. I would not expect to see a Death Star being built, in the near future.
Our last news tonight was from

Online Role-playing Can Zap Marital Happiness, Survey Finds

Researchers have found that gaming has an effect on marital satisfaction. Among couples that were willing to, be studied, researchers found the biggest problem when gaming enters a relationship is not so much the time spent, but the arguments resulting from the disrupted bedtime routines and the lost time spent doing activities or engaging in serious conversation.

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Zero Power Standby Mode May Be a Reality Soon

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Zero Power Standby Mode May Be a Reality Soon

NEC V53A(uPD70532) CPU on the PI-B308 made by ...

Image via Wikipedia

In today’s world of increasing energy consumption, it is imperative that we find ways to use less and less power, especially for the things we use most.  I would feel that computers in standby mode fall into that category.  After all isn’t that what standby mode is for?

An article at reports that:

NEC Corporation and Tohoku University announced today the development of the world’s first content addressable memory (CAM) that both maintains the same high operation speed and non-volatile operation as existing circuits when processing and storing data on a circuit while power is off.

Opinion : Vote for me or vote for my faith?

POSTED ON June 13th  - POSTED IN news, politics, site

Opinion Presidential based on religious views?

Governor Mitt Romney of MA

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It is 2011, and yet bigotry, sexual discrimination, lack of tolerance and arrogance is a big problem with the United States of America.  Before I get too deep into my opinion on this matter, I will let you know that I am Christian, I am American, and have compassion and tolerance for most views and try to keep an open mind and allow people to practice what they wish and how.  Yet it is embarrassing often to call myself American,  for the same reasons that are a problem with this Country (USA).

When dealing with clients outside the USA, their attitudes towards the USA as a country is that we are arrogant and self serving.   This too becomes a issue when former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney announces he wants to run for President of the United States of America.  The press goes wild, and some great people of America go crazy as well.  All due to the fact Mitt Romney being Mormon,  but wait  he is really Christian!  The Mormon Church is a common nick name for the real name which is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,  or LDS for short when you talk to fellow members of the LDS Church (I will refer to LDS Church further in this post).   Now not the sit on a fence and say the LDS Church beliefs are for everyone, they aren’t.  They stand for a high moral foundation in compassion, charity, tolerance.  This is what the USA lacks as  whole.

Today I read an article on stating Is America ready for a Mormon president? When in fact the correct statement is a slap in the face,  ‘When will American be ready for a presidents who’s personal life is not full of scandal’.  Too many time in our country of the United States we have had presidents with moral issues, financial issues and flat out arrogant lies.  For example  what is your definition of IS, Mr William (Bill) Clinton forked tongue could sell ice cubes to Eskimos!

Now with Mitt Romney’s announcement to run president could be good and bad for the US.  The bad is the attitude from the press like, the good is he has a foundation in his religious practice that  is a higher standard than most non LDS can’t fathom.   The LDS Church has in fact been more prepared than FEMA, the RedCross, and the US Armed forces when disaster strikes.   Through the LDS Church and it welfare programs, charity, and missionary work throughout the entire world, we have seen the LDS Church step forward and help.   During recent disasters like the earth quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan, the LDS Church rushed in to help.  I have both a son in the US Navy stationed in Japan, and a nephew that is proselytizing south of Tokyo.  The sad and amazing stories of hope poured in from Japan, and to hear that both members of my family were safe, in part to the LDS Church communication lines and that we have technology at our finger tips.

With a track record like what the LDS Church has,  why in 2011 is main stream media worried that we as the USA are not ready for a LDS president and have to again pull the discrimination card that the LDS Church has tolerated since the 1800’s when Joseph Smith sought for truth. Times are that there are  as many different religions as there are types of cell phones!  In fact I just looked on and the picture for ‘Mornon’ includes a head-shot of Mitt Romney!  So common the name Mormon has become that we all need to spend a few minutes and find that its truly a God fearing people that believe in the core values that the United State was founded on.   As our pledge states:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

You ever look on the printed bills we use for Money in the USA ?  In God We Trust.   Again our nation was founded with a belief in God!

So is America ready for christian president or not,  you will be the judge of that when you cast your vote, exercise  the freedom our forefather and our God has granted us when the time comes.

If you would like more information on the LDS Church you can visit their web site, and even meet their missionaries that sacrifice  their time and life to share their beliefs  with the world.

I just hope that the real focus is the politics not the fact that Mitt is LDS or not, and his merit will speak for itself.

A little bit of time, A small amount of money and you CAN change the world

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With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life it’s easy to forget things that are going on in your own little world, let alone the rest of the world. The earthquake off the coast of Japan and the resulting tsunami left us all shocked and bewildered, the images seemed more a Hollywood movie special effect than reality.

N.Y. Times interactive Click here for Photos of Japan before and after the tsunami as posted by the N.Y. Times using google earth

The sobering images both appalled and united us, not as countries but as people of the world. Our hearts united as one in shock, awe, and respect for nature’s fury; in sadness for those lost; and elation for those who survived.

Relief efforts have been made and as a result thousands have been saved. However, the rescue efforts are not over nor will they be for quite some time. Tens of thousands are still missing and the current state of the nuclear plants is questionable at best. So maybe it’s time for you to ask yourself what can I do?  The answer is simple: Donate.

By texting REDCROSS to 90999 you can donate $10 to the Red Cross tsunami relief efforts and do your part to help those in need.

Easy right? I thought you’d think so.

Opinion : What drives news to a top story

POSTED ON April 5th  - POSTED IN Opinion, site
New York Times

Image via Wikipedia

What drives the News.

Call it  trending, viral, or panic. What really drives the News around the world?   Regardless of the media outlets you use for your News source, does your opinion matter?   Recent events around the world have be not only the top stories but effected millions of people, from the earthquake; tsunami and ultimately a nuclear disaster in Japan, uprising in Libya, Greece, to the audition for the Aflac spokes-man (duck).

Tech Geek News – When Robots Rule the World

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When Robots Rule the World Episode

We opened the show with a favorite of many indie nation listers Housy Grooves, an awesome long, recorded live, jam by Dr. H. P. Wnkler.  The track was originally released on a net label which, regrettably, is no longer in existence.

Tonight’s show involved four on-air participant and many in chat.  Those on air were:

  • Jeff – Indienation’s Tech Director
  • John “Lumpy” Lemke – Indie Nation Owner and Unboss
  • Steve – Cleveland local music buff, used to DJ at several Cleveland stations
  • Dallin – Indie Nation and Lockergnome blogger, owner

Dallin, Lumpy and Jeff brought the new and Steve brought some sweet tracks from a few local Cleveland Bands.

Before we got started we  on robots and music, we suggested that those wishing to help out Japan should use the Red Cross by texting 90999.  We also cautioned the listeners that the scams are at a record high regarding this tragedy.

Teaching Robots To Move Like Us

Researchers at Georgia Tech are teaching robots to move like humans. Why, one might ask, would one teach a robot to move more like a human? Do the researchers have secret aspirations of entering the bot in “You Think You Can Dance?”

Seriously though, according to an article at

“‘It’s important to build robots that meet people’s social expectations because we think that will make it easier for people to understand how to approach them and how to interact with them,’ said Andrea Thomaz, assistant professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech’s College of Computing.”

I can see where that makes sense. The more human something appears, the easier it is for most of us to interact with it. The research involves having humans observe a robot and, based on the robots movements, describe what the robot is doing. The traditional jerky, start/stop movement of a robot like that of RoboCop are not a very good “human” impersonation.

Reworking joints and how the robot moves allowed the research bot, Simon, to move in a more human-like manner. The more human-like motion allows humans to better perceive what the robot is doing. The longer term focus is to actually have it perform the same motion in a somewhat different manner. After all, no human wave is “exactly” the same twice… it is believed that introducing slight variations will make the motion even more human.

We all ramble bit and discuss androids, more about robots, network assisted vehicles, robots that communicate, about being touched by robots and then got back to music.

We moved on to The Mercury Project with four tracks by this Cleveland, Ohio trio; Solar Flare, Gimble Lock,  Gimble Lock, Intelligent Life and Soviet’s First.

Although we did not discuss the next two stories on the air, we opted to leave it in the show notes… kinda a bonus if you will.




Fraudsters Hit Record High for Japan Relief

POSTED ON March 28th  - POSTED IN news, Public Service
Flag of the Red Cross

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According to an article at Boing! Boing!, fraudsters trying to take advantage of would-be-do-gooders by turning them into victims, are at a record level.  Quoting the article:

Fraudster scumbags have beaten all records in setting up fake Japan relief pages, fielding more than 1.7 million malware pages, 419 scams trading on the Japanese disasters, 50+ fake domains with “Japan tsunami” or “Japan earthquake” in their URLs. MacWorld recommends donating via the Red Cross, or other established charities that you’re familiar with.

The staff here at Indie Nation agrees with the Boing! Boing! and MacWorld.  Stick with the charities you know and we also suggest texting 90999 to donate to the Red Cross with you cell phone.  So be smart, be leery and don’t become another victim.

Avoid Scams, Go With the Red Cross and Text 90999 for Japan

POSTED ON March 22nd  - POSTED IN Indie Nation News, news, Podcasts, Public Service
Flag of the Red Cross

Image via Wikipedia

The staff here at Indie Nation, just as almost every one else, as stunned and moved by the magnitude of assistance Japan will need to recover from the recent tsunami.

We are also aware that there already are many scamers attempting to take advantage of sympathetic hearts. We suggest that you donate 10 dollars to the Red Cross by texting 90999.

There is also a page at the American Red Cross web site where you can donate.  Kudos to George Takei for the tweet with an even better link that lets you earmark your donation by selecting from specific needs around the world.

Also, to all of you Tweeps out there, help let even more people know about this by retweeting George Takei (aka Sulu) who had 91 retweets at the time of this post.

Survey: iPad 2 attracts 70% new buyers

POSTED ON March 13th  - POSTED IN Apple, Hardware, news, Technology
Apple iPad 2

Apple iPad 2

According to a survey of customers buying the iPad 2 at its launch, 70% of them did not own an original iPad.

See more at Apple Insider.

70%?! That’s an impressive feat, especially considering the undisputed popularity of the first generation iPad.

You would think that all those who wanted an iPad would have one by now.

It really speaks to the appeal of the iPad, indicating that it is much more popular than current sales numbers would indicate. Apparently a significant number of people have always intended to get an iPad but decided to wait until the second generation was released.

Also, the iPad 2’s impressive features (such as the dual core A4 chip, faster graphics, cameras, and mirror display capabilities) have likely caught the attention of people who had not cared about the iPad before.

Will I get one? No. I personally would rather get a Kindle or Nook, as I am more interested in e-readers at the moment. Interestingly enough, 24% of the iPad 2 buyers surveyed own a Kindle, though only 6% said they intend to use their iPad 2 as an e-reader.

It will be interesting to see what the sales numbers are in the coming weeks…and whether they are impacted at all by the ongoing disaster in Japan.

(this post also published on my Lockergnome blog)

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