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Frank Zappa Greeted by US Navy Marching Band

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I agree with the thoughts of Alex Winter and Open Culture, many may have forgotten Frank Zappa

. That is sad. I shall always remember him as one of the most brilliant musicians of all time. His dark style of lyrics and breaking all the musical rules are simply the surface of his genius. He did all genre of music and it may be next century before we fully comprehend how brilliant his music is.

One great example of his musical genius is the track Rubber Shirt from the Sheik Yerbouti double album. The album became a huge hit when it was censored. The album is full of overdubs and is a masterful mix of songs. The Rubber Shirt track is an example of what Zappa called “Xanochrony”. The song is a mix of different musicians all recorded at different times, time signatures and tempos. The result sounds like a wonderful jazz improv.

2012.02.04 – Indie Soup Live with Guests, “Dear You”

2012.02.04 –  Indie Soup Live with Guests, “Dear You”

.. who knows what you will hear next!

This week we are pleased to have musical guest, the members of the band, “Dear You”. Listen as we talk with them and spin some of their most excellent music. Louis Moore (drums), Danny Davis (guitar), and Mason McDonald (vocals/bass), 3 of the bands 4 members, were kewl enough to take some time our their schedule and join us via VOIP for an interview.


2011.03.30- Wednesday Night Live Part Four – Three Indie Artists


2011.03.30- Wednesday Night Live Part Four

[amazon_image id=”B003FGX1Z2″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Lost In Overdale[/amazon_image]

We start off, for the sake of continuity by replaying the last indie artists, Jamie Gray, from the previous show.  Keep in mind that Jeff, Steve and Lumpy do this live, mess up often, and just try to have fun with the listeners and, even more so, with those involved in chat and VOIP.

We seemed have finally talked ourselves out with the talk in segment three.  So let us just get to the music.


2011.03.30-Wednesday Night Live Part 3 – Mostly Tech Talk

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USSR stamp dedicated to Albert Einstein

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We started off by talking about the band, Lestat, that we closed out the previous show with.  The band recently played out live and Steve had a chance to see them.  We remind the listeners that you can find Lestat at FaceBook.

We also noticed that we were being joined by a scanner or AM radio.  At first we thought it was Jeff’s scanner but after almost a week of gremlin chasing, we narrowed it down to a patch cord acting as an AM receiver.  Once we got away from the scanner conversation, we had a nice long run of tech talk and news.  Eventually, we got back to music.

Jacob Barnet 12 year old genius tackles relativity

This kid is amazing, he taught himself algebra, geometry, triginometry, calculus and physics in a week. With an IQ of 170, Einstein need just move on over and give it up to the boy genius. He started attending Purdue at age 8 and the now 12 year old is about to leave Purdue to do astrophysics research. Pretty nice first gig eh?  While other children his age might be tackleing a paper route, Jacob Barnet seems to be topping that by light years.  The 12 year old slightly autistic genius may have advanced Einstien’s theory of relativity.  The scientists at Princeton are looking over the young man’s calculations and think he may be on to something!

2010.06.01 – Today’s Pick of the Day – Joe’s Garage – It Cuts Like That

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An Awesome Indie Band from Cleveland, Ohio.

Today’s Pick of the Day is a band that I like well enough to actually stalk them with my Zoom H2 Portable Recorder. That is how today’s pick came to be. I was fortunate enough to get a recording of them performing “It Cuts Like That” live at Brother’s Lounge in Lakewood, Ohio.

I assure you that this will not be the last your hear from Joe’s Garage here at Indie Nation. For those of you who listen to Meshelly and I on our Indie Soup each week should know this one. The band gave us permission to use it in our show intro.

So if you like a classic sounding rock band, these guys are your ticket. I would also encourage you to stay tuned to Indie Nation so that you can hear more. Joe’s Garage was a no-brainer addition to the artist we spin on our bot. Our bot, thanks again for permission guys, has every track from the Lost In Overdale album and some additional ones, I recorded live.

So if you want to get a better sample of this, and many other independent musicians, keep us in your earbuds and check back tomorrow for another fresh pick from one of our staff here at Indie Nation.

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