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James Hill Rocks on Ukulele

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James Hill Rocks on ukulele

English: A red Ukulele, manufactured by Makala

English: A red Ukulele, manufactured by Makala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some musical instruments are usually not taken too seriously. In my humble opinion, “the Uke” is all too often erroneously placed in that category. James Hill is on a mission to destroy that myth. He super-seriously rocks on the ukulele.

Not only does he does perform but also teaches. Check out his mastery in the videos after the break. You shall be amazed at the types of sound he creates. Seriously on of the craziest creative things I have ever seen.

Sick of Sarah is Touring

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Sick of Sarah is Touring

I was so thrilled to get this news. These ladies are awesome musicians. Having seen them live before, I expect nothing less than some great concerts. Nonetheless, I will let them fill you in.

You can find out more about these girls at their website and they are listing the tour dates on their Facebook page.  If you wish to hear how they sound live, check out the interview and concert recording Lumpy got back in 2011.

2013.08.09 – The LumpCast

The LumpCast, Another Show of Eclectic Podsafe Music

Welcome to this week’s episode of The LumpCast. We opened with, as I almost always do, Housy Grooves by Dr. H.P. Winkler. The original net label is no more. However, you can find this awesome house tune at

This week’s episode features the music of Seer, Tvs Kyle, The Hush Now, Steve Goodie and many more. Join Lumpy as he spins swing, rock, hip hop and just about every other genre known to man.

You can get the full show notes and listen to the entire show at The LumpCast.

Video – Barry McCabe – I Wonder

Barry McCabe I Wonder

Barry McCabe

Cover of Barry McCabe

Barry McCabe is one talented musician.  He blends blues, rock and a dash of Celtic to create tunes that are both eclectic and uniquely his style.  Having exchanged emails with him over the years I feel he is a musician who genuinely enjoys connecting with his fans.  This is very evident if you check out the energy he pumps out during live performances.

We Have Gremlins

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Sorry for the inconvenience but we are having technical difficulties.

Something went wrong during a theme update.  The posts are all still here, the stream is still live but the navigation and side bar are not displaying right.

Please be patient while we try and fix things.

Sick of Sarah is Touring


Sick of Sarah - On Tour

One of the Best Bands in the World is on Tour!

I have great news listeners, one of the most loved bands featured at, Sick of Sarah, is on tour.  Add to that, they are starting a fan club.  Fan club membership cost 45.00 dollars and will get you an exclusive album along with other perks throughout the year.  You can join at

This all girl band has a powerful rocking sound with awesome punkish vocals.  They broke all records when they released their album “2055” as a bit torrent and had 1 million downloads in just 18 days.  Check them out.  You will dig what you hear.  Go see them live, you will love the show.

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