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Victory Kicks

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Victory Kicks – The Young Flood and More!

Victory Kicks

Victory Kicks

A long time ago, in an inbox overstuffed, I was contacted by Victory Kicks. Originally, I was asked to review two tracks which were released back in February. While I enjoyed Smoke and Last Night, it merely served as an enticement to listen to more of their excellent alternative music.

First let us hear what the band says about themselves:

Victory Kicks are an alternative rock band from the Isle of Wight and now based in London. Formed originally as a home recording project by singer/songwriter John Sibley, the band continues to produce and release all its records independently on its own label, Unmanned Aerial Vinyl.

This band has been around for a while and, hopefully, they stay around even longer. Originally a solo project, their Facebook bio states they are now a quartet. A really, really good quartet. Once I listened to the two tracks they requested me to review, I was simply thirsty for more and spent hours doubling back and listening to everything they have released. I don’t often binge listen to a band but this talent is a worthy exception. It was time well spent and I am certain I will be looking for more from them in the future. They now have 7 releases. They also offer their entire discography at 50% off at bandcamp.

Louise Aubrie Late44

Louise Aubrie Late44

Louise Aubrie LATE 44 Cover Art

This artist splits her time between London and New York. Louise Aubrie pumps out powerful pop with a healthy dose of rock and punk. Her latest release, Late 44 is an excellent ten-track release. Every song entertains from start to finish. Produced at Abbey Road Studio, the producers and the musicians totally clicked to create an amazing sounding work… Superbly done!  I honestly can find nothing bad to say about this release.  I love it!

The music is packed with powerful guitar and vocals. While all the musicians performed awesome on this album, moving perfectly as one, I was drawn to the guitar work and vocals. They are superb. Check out how well she uses her dynamic and powerful voice, like an extra instrument at times, on Next to Nothing. The punkish guitar riffs on Winter Dolour.   The nice crunchy guitar on Tearjerker.  Seriously folks, every track on this release is a treat.

A Kickstarter to Keep Nickelback Out of London

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The Don’t Let Nickel Back Campaign

When I first scanned the headline in my feed reader, I thought the Fact Magazine article was a misprint.  Then again, I hear many complain about Nickelback, on a podcast I recently heard them dubbed “the worst successful band ever”.  Personally, I think they are okay.  However, Craig Mandell does not want these Canadians to play in London.

He has started a Kickstarter project called “Don’t Let Nickel Back“.  The tiers are :

  • 1 dollar and he sends an email to their management on your behalf – 12 are claimed
  • 5 dollars and he sends a slightly stronger email – 7 claimed
  • 10 dollars for a “slightly explicit” email – 3 claimed
  • 50 dollars for an email with a mp3 of their music attached so that “the band will hear their own music, and likely retire immediately” – 0 claimed

The campaign has 27 days to reach its 1000 dollar goal and has raised 87 dollars from 18 backers.  While I like the creativity  and some of the cute lines in the tiers, I have to wonder why not simply boycott the band and not spend any money?

Naked Man Climbs London Statue

I had to take a few minutes to catch my breath after this one, I was laughing that hard. Tourists and residents in London’s government district, got an eye full when Dan Motrescu brought central London traffic to a standstill when he mounted the bronze statue of the 19th-century Duke of Cambridge on Nov. 23. Police were forced to cordoned off Whitehall, a street that is home to several government departments, as Mr. Motrescu climbed up and down the statue at one point squatting on the top of the statues head (did I mention he was naked?)

It took several hours for police to talk him down. Yes you read that right, several hours. 

Motrescu, a Ukrainian citizen of no fixed address, was convicted Tuesday of possession of an offensive weapon, criminal damage and a public order offense. A magistrate at Westminster Magistrates’ Court sentenced him to 12 weeks in jail.

If you thought this story couldn’t get any funnier; WAIT!

There’s video.

08.06.2012 – The Failed Social Experiment – Drunken Chaos as Usual

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We’re joined this week on our first show back from some time off by Jennie and Jenn.  Big thanks to Jenn for taking the time to join us so late when she had shit to handle the next morning.

We’ve all seen the Chick-Fil-A news over the last couple of weeks.  Instead of picking a side, we decide to just rant on both sides of the stupidity of the whole situation.

The NFL is back!!  It is a glorious time!

We also recapped highlights from the last few weeks of our absence.  It’s always good to catch up right?

The 2nd half of the show includes our own coverage of the 2012 Olympics and the joys of America making little foreign kids cry.  If that ain’t patriotic, I don’t know what is.

Stupid as Charged – Episode 004- Bad Tattoos, Money, Breath and Hair


Stupid as Charged – Episode 004- Bad Tattoos, Money, Breath and Hair

Man Tattoos Murder Details on Himself


Today’s first five dunce cap nominee is officially convicted,  according to a Reuters article at Yahoo Odd News, a 25 year old man was convicted for a 2004 murder and, at least part of the case against him was a tattoo.  Unlike that television series where the one thug had a tattoo of the prison to escape though, it was far from any type of map to freedom.  In fact, it worked just the opposite.  He became suspect when he was arrested for a suspended license in 2008. The tattoo, according to the article, depicted a helicopter shooting a peanut man outside a store.  Apparently, a peanut is a rival gang member and the man convicted had a gang nickname of “chopper”.  An AOL article includes a photo and states that the tattoo was a replica of the crime scene and that is what allowed police to make the connection.  Lumpy ranks this one with five dunce caps.

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