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2014.09.22 – TNN – Science News


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Monday Night News

This is the science news part of our news show here at

We would also like to remind the listeners that we encourage listener participation through chat, comments and you are welcome to actually join us on the air. We do the show live almost every Monday from 8-10 PM DST. To find out how to join us on the air, contact us via our chat room on the Listen Page.

2014.09.22 – Tech Net News and Opinion


2014.09.22 – Tech Net News and Opinion

Tech Net News and Opinion

Monday Night News

We opened this week’s show with Titanic and Cape Cod Girls from the album Choice Cuts by Water Street Bridge. You can find out more about this band by listening to the interview at the end of the newscast or by checking out the individual posting of the interview on Indie Nation. Join Brian and Lumpy as they discuss some Walking Dead spoilers and rumors, Google news in general, drones vs Star Wars and more in tech and science news. We would also like to remind the listeners that we encourage listener participation through chat, comments and you are welcome to actually join us on the air.  To find out how to join us on the air, contact us via our chat room on the Listen Page.

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Walking Dead News

  • First off, the season premier is 12 October
  • Season 5 Episode 2 – Another character from the comic, Father Gabriel.
    •  Carol is supposedly back at the end of the premier
  • FYI – Lumpy did check, Walking Dead Season  Marathon begins on 6 October
  • The Air Herald reports that there will be a spin off
  • There is talk about Beth, it seem that a trailer gave that and a few other things away

Closing Tunes

We closed with a few more tracks from Water Street Bridge:

  • Pay Me/Iko
  • Zombie Jamboree
  • Lumpy’s Interview with them at Gen Con 2014

Stem Cell Bandage in Human Clinical Trials

POSTED ON November 15th  - POSTED IN biotech, Indie Nation News, news, Podcasts

Stem Cell Bandage May Solve Torn Meniscus

Complete tear of medial meniscus with free-flo...

Image via Wikipedia

Thanks to the help of a wealthy entrepreneur, Mr. Hugh Osmond, stem cell bandages are now in human clinical trials.  Quoting Medical Express:

Azellon’s Cell Bandage has been designed as an alternative to the current treatment of surgical removal of the meniscus (meniscectomy), a procedure that more than 1.7 million people around the world per year are estimated to undergo. This common orthopaedic procedure often results in the early onset of osteoarthritis, leading to further joint surgery including total knee replacement.

WeedCast 420-001 – WalMart of Weed and Weed Be Growin’

POSTED ON August 6th  - POSTED IN news, NSFW, Opinion, Podcasts, WeedCast 420

Miracle Grow for Weed and WalMart of Weed

"Marijuana Cigarette"

Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to the first episode of what may be a regular show here at Indie Nation.  Before we even begin we do not wish to imply that this is an endorsement of marijuana use nor is it the opinion of the station.  It is a little spur of the moment thing that Leiser and Lumpy decided to give a whirl.  We always seem to run into such stories when we are digging the news for Stupid As Charged and believe that there is certainly an entertainment value to it.

Besides, the debate regarding the legalization of marijuana, not only for medical purposes but recreational as well, has been going on forever. Lumpy can ever recall Paul Harvey doing  “The Rest of the Story” shows on “ditch weed” and, no joke, this cough syrup that performed so well that, feminizing the name in honor of his wife, the pharmacist named it Heroine.

A Spider Bite That Competes with Viagra

POSTED ON March 23rd  - POSTED IN Indie Nation News, Medicine, news, Podcasts
Phoneutria nigriventer

Image via Wikipedia

According to an article at Fox News Latino, a central-southern American spider’s bit causes a four hour erection.  I wonder if that would make you ignore the lack of muscle control, severe pain and breathing difficulties that the bite of Phoneutria nigriventer caused.  The arachnid, also known as the Brazilian Wandering Spider is now the subject of research, despite the fact that the bite, on occasion, can be lethal.

The venom of this particular arachnid is cocktail of several toxins.  According to Wikipedia, it was “in Guinness World Records 2010 as the world’s most venomous spider”.  While it does not seem like something one would want injected into their body, it is thought that isolating specific molecules from the creature’s venom may have the potential to be a breakthrough for erectile dysfunction.

Research done on rats, indicates that a certain molecule in the venom does assist in erectile dysfunction.  The venom may be a future alternative to Viagra. It impacts Mr. Happy in a different manner, thereby giving those left limp by the current little blue miracle pill another chance.


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