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2012.03.02 – Friday Night Freak n’ Geek

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2012.03.02 – Friday Night Freak n’ Geek

Join Lumpy and Boz for Friday Night Freak n’ Geek They dedicate this show to the three people that lost their lives at the Chardon Ohio school shooting and to all the people that suffered through the horrible tornadoes that did so much damage in Kentucky,Indiana and other southern states .

2012.02.17 – Friday Night Freak n’ Geek


Friday Night Freak n Geek ventures into a nice sit down chat with someone who keeps you laughing: Phil Johnson from Roadside Attraction. Clever and creative, Phil shares with us his some of the methods to his madness. Plus we get to sample our Beer of the week – well almost as we actually ended up doing last call on the Lumpcast this fine evening. Along with the power of Lacuna Coil and Sick of Sarah – we thought it would be fitting to slip in Mark Kindler’s “Uncle Walt” in tribute to Walt Disney – I hope I didn’t break any copyright laws for just using that name!

Cristina Scabbia, singer of Lacuna Coil

Cristina Scabbia, singer of Lacuna Coil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2012.04.05-Pick Of The Day-John Christopher Thomas

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Pick Of The Day John Christopher Thomas

John Christopher Thomas

Hello indienation listeners Cleta is bringing you todays pick of the day and since today is April 5th 2012 and it is One day without shoes day. I thought this song Feet Don’t Fail Me Now was very fitting for this day it is from the very talented John Christopher Thomas This was quoted from his bio at

Born in Omaha Nebraska and raised in San Antonio Texas, John began playing piano at seven. His style developed in his early teens, while studying jazz piano. During the mid-80’s, John began to work with a variety of bands playing rock, funk, blues and fusion music. In 1991, after completing his Bachelor’s degree in art, John moved to South Korea to teach English. He eventually joined a Korean group called Joybox, whose pop single “Special” made it to #23 in the K-Pop charts in 2000. Now adding acoustic guitar to his instruments, John had hundreds of recorded demos to tweak and develop. After completing his MA back in San Antonio, he created the short-live blog “Sweaty”, to express the difficulty of those following an individual creative path. Constantly recording in his makeshift home studio, he was able to record tunes that reflected his earlier musical roots of low-fi indie songs with slight touches of folk and world.

I really dig this song I hope you enjoy it as well.
You can find John at:

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2011.12.26 – Tech Net News and Opinion – 005


Starting it off with and featuring Christmas Music, Wish Background from Kevin MacLeod. After the nice 20 minute background track, we went to our first story: This week we will discuss Go Daddy, SOPA, Google Googles and more.


Boycott Makes Go Daddy Change It’s Stance on SOPA

After many people complained and many transferred domains away from the company, ARS Technica received a statement from Go Daddy. According to the post at ARS, part of it read:

“Fighting online piracy is of the utmost importance, which is why Go Daddy has been working to help craft revisions to this legislation—but we can clearly do better,” Warren Adelman, Go Daddy’s newly appointed CEO, said. “It’s very important that all Internet stakeholders work together on this. Getting it right is worth the wait. Go Daddy will support it when and if the Internet community supports it.”

In a related post, CNET reports that 21,000 domains were transferred from Go Daddy in a single day. The same article also states that the next loss, due to how many still transfered in, was only 1,020 domains.

Below are some links suggested by people in IRC at #indienation

Back to Christmas Music. To start it off Derek K. Miller:

  • What Child Is This? (Greensleeves)
  • We Three Kings

Then from Calvin Owens (Mevio)

  • Merry Christmas Baby
  • The Christmas Song

Did HP “Mitigate” the Printer Flaw?

Remember late in November when we debated whether the HP laser jet printer flaw was real? According to a post CNET Security, HP has “Mitigated” the flaw. As the article states, mitigate means “to make less severe or painful” As we speculated back in November, the article states a lawsuit was filed against HP claiming that they were aware of the flaw and released the product anyhow. HP is still stating that there are no reports of the printers being exploited in the wild.

Back to Music

Hi Tech Eye Wear from Google

They will be branded “Google Goggles”… CNET has a story about some spectacular spectacles reportedly in the works by Google. They would enhance your view with information about your location and display it in 3D . The article also mentions that Apple is working on a similar product. The story, however, is speculative for they are only rumors and Google won’t comment on rumors.

More links from folks in chat:

from Pierce

More music:

The New Cold War, Patents

Gone are the days of Nike missiles, bomb shelters and mutually assured destruction.. or are they? An article at ARS Technica, claims they involve trolls and lawsuits.

We closed with A Cool Christmas Jingle Bells from Natalie Brown

Merry Chrismas All and remember you can find all many of these artist at Mevio’s Music Alley. You can find a list of all the artist we play at Christmas time on our Chrismas Music Page

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2011.11.15 – Pick of the Day – MC Lars


MC Lars – Nerdcore Hip Hop Artist and Master of Both Words and Being a DIY Artist

MC Lars-VWT-Blossom-2011.07.20-Eric_Leiser_photo

Image by Indie Nation dot FM via Flickr (Eric Leiser Photography)

Warning: This podcast contains material that may be offensive to some and may be considered NSFW (not safe for work).  If you feel you may be offended, please exercise your freedom of choice and do not listen as I exercise my freedom of speech.

Personally, I am not really a huge fan of hip hop.  I appreciate it, listen to it, and feel it is the poetry of today but would more likely listen to rock, jazz or blues. Maybe my years are showing?

However, there are exceptions.  MC Lars and Weerd Science are always  on my Sansa Clip. I am serious when I say this… that status only applies to about a half dozen artists.  They are among my favorites.  While not my normal cup of tunage, I love this stuff!

MC Lars is an exception with good reason.  He is an exceptional master of words, a true DIY artist and, based on some personal conversation with him at Vans Warped Tour, a totally awesome human being.  It is with great pleasure that I read his Facebook wall and was informed that he will be performing at SXSW this year.  Kudos and congrats to MC Lars!


New Indie Soup Post and New Indie Soup Domain

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Meshelly and Lump hope you are ready for this week’s episode of Indie Soup.  It is also the first fresh post at our new home.  While we are still certainly part of Indie Nation, we just thought it time to bust out our own domain.  Welcome to!

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2011.09.20 – Pick of the Day – Sick of Sarah – Hello, Good Morning

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Great Rock and Roll from Sick of Sarah

Today is a very exciting day for us here at Indie Nation. No, it is not some type of holiday but definitely a day to celebrate.

Sick of Sarah

Today’s pick of the day has nothing to do with any holiday but totally to do with what day it is for us here at Indie Nation.  Today is the day that Lumpy and Leiser get to interview the lovely ladies of Sick of Sarah.  Lump woke early and excited to prepare for this event.  He thought a perfect track for today’s pick would be “Hello, Good Morning”.

2011.09.19 – Pick of the Day – Paul and Storm and The Moneyshot Cosmonauts – Pirate Music


Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Mark Summers ("Cap'n Slappy") and Jo...

Image via Wikipedia

Indie Nation listeners, I don’t speak like a pirate very well but there are more than a few musicians who do.  And we said “pirate” music not “pirated”.  This stuff is all legal and podsafe.  I hope that makes the RIAA choke.

You can read more about this wacky, kewl holiday over at  I should warn you now that many a folk would not consider the first song safe for work… be warned and consider it tagged NSFW.  Although the first song is about seamen, I can see why some folks might get confused.

Are you curious as to how this all started, would you believe in a game of tennis?  (The two founders are the swashbucklers in the photo.)  Be sure and check out the Facebook Fan Page.

2011.09.15 – Pick of the Day – Beatnik Turtle – How Did I Google This?

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Isn’t Everyday a Google Day?

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

According to, today is Day.  While many may debate whether Google shall actually become Skynet or not, there is no doubt that they do a great deal for us in today’s world.  The same web site also mentions, that the seventh of this month is Google Commemoration Day.  The site states that it was the day the company was founded.  However, Wikipedia claims that date was the fourth.  So what day is Google Day?

2011.09.14 – Pick of the Day – The Two Man Gentlemen Band – Let’s Make a Sandwich


Today is Eat a Hoagie Day

Maybe not the healthiest food in the world but they sure are tasty.  So on this day, feel free to say no pita for me… beg for cheese, sodium rich fatty meats and of course a whole lotta bread.

According to, today is Eat a Hoagie Day.  As far as I am concerned, if the holiday involves food, I am all for it.  I am getting hungry thinking about it.  I think that the hoagie will never go out of style… Then again people said that about Vaudeville, oh wait.

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