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Lila Cheney and The New Mutants – Awesome Music Video

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Lila Cheney – An Awesome Xmen Themed Music Video

Lila Cheney

Lila Cheney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really like this video by Lila Cheney & The New Mutants. I hope the copyright vultures don’t swoop down on this creative parody. It is too kewl to have its innards torn out of the Internet. I don’t think it is super spectacular but it is a perfect fit for myself. Maybe it goes back to my childhood.  I was into both Xmen and music before I was school.

I love the theme. I love the effects and I especially love how well the music and the video work with each other.

2014.08.04 – Tech Net News and Opinion


This Week We Start with a Long Rant and End with a Long Track

We started off with a few from the Monterey International Pop Fest. They were:

  • Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth
  • Otis Redding  –  Shake
  • The Mamas and The Pappas – California Dreamin

You can check out the artists above and others that performed at the event at Music Alley and The Razor and Tie Label.

New Zombie Movie Funded by Indie Go Go Kick Start

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New Zombie Film Describes as Mad Max plus Zombies!

English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbur...

English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbury Park NJ, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I must warn you I am extremely biased on this one.  First, I love Boing! Boing!  Second, I love Cory Doctorow who pointed this one out in a post at Boing! Boing!  I love independent film.  I also loved Mad Max and I love zombie movies… Admit it, even if they are bad, they are still good.

So how could an independent-indie-go-go-funded-zombies-meets-Mad-Max movie ever go wrong?  Well, when I first got wind of this, they still needed some kick starter cash and, by the time of this draft, they reached their goal.  I guess that means at least a few others feel the same way.

Cameo Cleveland – Cleveland, I Love You


Cameo Cleveland – Cleveland, I Love You

By: Giorgiana Lascu

October 16, 2011

I got a chance to catch up with the producers of “Cleveland, I Love You”; Eric Swinderman and Mark Pengryn and the film’s casting director, Amy Swinderman this past Sunday.  What drew me to this project is the level of professionalism that this project brings to Cleveland.  In a city where so many projects don’t even see the light of day these filmmakers have aspired not only showcase Cleveland talent, but to change the whole industry standard in this city.

The film has just come out of the casting process with some big local names including Robin Swoboda, Vic Gideon, Leon Bibb and a multitude of other talented Clevelanders.  The cast list is huge, but loaded with some fantastic actors who’s work I’ve been lucky enough to catch: Christian Prentice, Mike Goulis, Jennifer Dillon Boczek, Patricia Valestin, and Jackson Biesecker.  And by no means is the talent only in front of the camera, besides the fact that Eric and Mark are award winning filmmakers, the other directors on the project have produced some superb work… Sage O’Bryant, Robert Banks, and Tony Hartman… any more talent and I’m going to have to change my panties.

15th Annual Indie Gathering – 2011 update 28 Aug

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The 15th annual indie gathering update #1

Indie Gathering Logo

Update for Saturday and Sunday:

So far many awards have been issued for film scores, scripts and the films as well.  A broad array of type of films where showcased both including the music related to them as well. From Comedies, Drama, Sci-fi and Documentaries the list is detailed on The Indie Gathering website.  The list of the 2011 winners including email addresses for each winner that was honor,  this is a great way to network with those involved in the craft of Independent films and music production.  Where else can you find such information and contacts but at the Annual Indie Gathering.   Wow!  awesome stuff to be able to network with the many groups and individuals  involved in such a large project and sharing their talent with the public.

Truly International:

The Annual Indie Gathering was truly international  with members from The United States, Canada, Europe, and more.  Such an event just get bigger each year.  Sci-fi fans as well had their spot as part of the event on Sunday will showcase Sci-fi,  this on top of the FX and make-up competition that was shown on Saturday.  So much going on and trying to stay up to date in real time is impossible, but at the same time @lumpy is having a blast and will sure come home with tons of pictures and interview segments.

Who will be the next Jackie Chan?

There were stunt people performing live fight scene as part of the competition.  Talk about 15 minutes of fame, some of the competition were showcased with two minutes of less. All ages competed in different events, under 12 years old and 40+ years,  who will be the next Jackie Chan you never know with the talented people that puts some of the current action movies to shame.

What’s next?

Trying to summaries such an event in a few paragraph doesn’t do justice to the Annual Indie Gathering.  We will do our best in the coming day to share what saw and heard.   Just you need to be there to truly grasp how large this event is.


15th Annual Indie Gathering – 2011

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Movies, makeup, writers and more…

Indie Gathering LogoThe 15th annual Indie Gathering 2011,  where East meets West.


This event includes Film FestivalsSeminars, Celebrity Parties, Free Lectures and more.  There is even a national competition for those in film,  stunt people, make up artists, FX (special effects).

All this amazing gathering in one place at The Westlake Holiday Inn  Aug 26 through Aug 28th.  Not only is  all about indie music, but indie artists in any media.  This gathering of the geeks, yes geeks nothing wrong with a indie geek in our book, is expected to draw many thousands  of fans, guest and those in the industry.


So far the list of winners is growing!   You can read more on their site.  If we could list all the guest attending it would be several pages, but lets just sum it up from films like Live and Let Die, Dune, Spy Kids, Host of The Reel Show, a Grand Master in the Martial Arts and former US Olympic coach, and so much more.

We will be providing more about the Indie Gathering as Lumpy our un-boss runs around with his backpack, mic and water bottles!


Thanks to everyone one at the Indie Gathering for support independent  artists alike!




The Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project Interviews – Kristina Michelle, Best Actress Nominee

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Best Actress Nominee, Kristina Michelle

One of the real pleasures about attending events like these are the opportunity to meet up and coming talent.  I heard many a good things about Kristina and was, in fact, told to be sure and catch her for and interview by one of the judges.  Not only did she receive a nomination for best actress but the team she was part of, Turnstyle Films, shall be one of the films featured at The Indie Gathering.  The modest and lovely young lady is such a team player that she did not even mention her home page during the interview. You can also find her at IMDb.

The Genre this team was given was detective or cop…. Listen in as she talks about her role, her team and this awesome event in general.

48 Hour Film Project Interviews – Brian Bowers, Cleveland Project Producer

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Brian Bowers Explains Exactly What the 48 Hour Film Project Is

Brian Bowers - Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project Producer

Brian Bowers is the producer of the 48 Hour Film Project in Lumpy’s hometown of Cleveland.  The Cleveland Competition varies only slightly from the event in other cities.  The similar rule for all the competitions is that the teams compete to produce a film in 48 hours.  They are given a character, a prop, a line and a genre, which vary from city to city, and the clock starts ticking.

Lumpy was fortunate enough to catch up with the judges, Brian and many of the participants in this awesome competition.  Be sure and keep your browser tuned here as we shall be posting many more of these interviews over the next 48 hours.

You can find out more about the Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project at by checking out the links below:

We closed out the interview with a movie related song, “Movie Star”, from Albert Aguilar.  You can find Albert at Mevio’s Music Alley, Facebook, his home page and Twitter.

Also be sure to check out the up coming Indie Gathering and keep checking here for interviews from this independent event as well.

2011.04.01 – POD – Sick of Sarah – Rockin the Beat and the Torrents

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Torrent Rockers - Sick of Sarah

It has been a long while since we did a pick of the day here.  We are still debating whether we do one daily or not.

However, we did decide to do today’s a bit different and special.  First off, Lumpy is not doing this one solo,  Dallin and he are going to have much conversation about this band and their method distribution.

Today’s pick of the day comes with some news as well.  Dallin and Lumpy thought they might expand on this particular pick of the day.  We talk much more than usual for this podcast but we make it up by including more than just one song.

A Star is Born – The “Dirty Harry” Version

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Clint Eastwood at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival

Image via Wikipedia

Excuse my sarcastic title for this post but honestly, Clint Eastwood is never going escape his icon roll.  To this author, it is hard not to look at him as anyone other than Dirty Harry.  I am not much of a person to actually buy DVDs but I still own every movie in that series on VHS.

To be honest, I think Mr. Eastwood is a darn good director and really thought his direction in the film Gran Torino may have been the best he ever did. It was the last movie I actually saw in the theater.

One of the reasons I don’t go to the theater often is because, old habit from being a video store manager in the late 70’s,  I tend to watch the crowd as much as the screen.  I can tell you that the audience was glued to the screen for Gran Torino.  That kind of magnetic crowd attention, in my opinion, is the result of superior acting and directing.  (Not just Mr. Eastwood but I think the entire cast did a great job in the film.)

Yesterday, I got word of a new film “in negotiation stages”.  It is a remake of “A Star is Born” and, get this, the rumor mill is that Beyonce may well be staring in it.  Likely you already guessed that Mr. Eastwood is rumored to be the director.  It seems that, according to The Huffington Post, some of the personal involved with the original may be on board as well.

Set to produce are Billy Gerber, Basil Iwanyk and Jon Peters, who made the 1976 version of the film with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

I must honest, I am not so sure this is up Clint Eastwood’s alley but I am certainly curious enough to venture to the theater if they actually to redo this classic.  Given the fact that I hate musicals, seriously have nothing for Barbra or Kris, and haven’t been to the theater since Gran Torino was released, I am plenty curious.

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