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Juliana Wilson – Blah Blah Blah

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Juliana Wilson

Blah Blah Blah

Juliana Wilson is a 13-year-old talent who hails from New York. While she may still be an adolescent, she has several lifetimes of talent. Her track Blah Blah Blah, written by Matty Amendola and Helen Austin, has a kaleidoscope of eclectic instrumentation and wonderful changes making it a treat for the listener. The video is also an ultra-creative production that projects the lyrics and persona of the artist wonderfully.

That said, the best thing about the song is the young lady’s singing. She has a terrific voice, varies the delivery of lyrics perfectly with the music, and totally nails the performance visually. In my opinion, we should be blessed with much more music from this Juliana. She definitely has what it takes to be up and coming!

Black Satellite – Don’t Forget My Name

The Black Satellites – Don’t Forget My Name

BlackSatellite-DontForgetMyName-CoverIf you like driving get-jam-on rock and roll, you will love the four track release, Don’t Forget My Name, from the New York City-based group, Black Satellite. It is driving, hard-hitting, fantastically energetic, and leaves one wanting more.

As I almost always do, let me have the band speak for themselves. According to their bio:

“Delivering a fusion of hearty blues, hard rock with a pop undercurrent that doesn’t undermine its complexity and originality. Melodic, fragile, authentic, built with emotion and groove before giving way to powerhouse vocals and screaming guitars. In a nutshell a sound with every song to make your heart beat a little bit harder”

Elessar Thiessen – A Rainy Week in Paradise

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Elessar Thiessen – A Rainy Week in Paradise

A Rainy Week In Paradse

A Rainy Week In Paradise

Elessar Thiessen is a Winnipeg singer/songwriter. His “day job” is a producer. However, he is certainly not a musician who “shouldn’t give up his day job”. He has more than enough talent to give up producing and just play. According to his bio, he got his first guitar at age 8 and has played ever since. It also said that the Canadian weather kept the young musician indoors. One thing for sure, whether due to weather or just talent, his latest work shows off not only his production skills but also his talent for composing and playing.

While he does get some help from other artists on some tracks, he is basically the musician on this album. (And, naturally, the producer.) His latest work is a showcase of how many things he can do well, very well or exceptionally well. His voice is excellent. He uses it well, capitalizing on rhythm, tone, and amplitude to powerfully and emotionally deliver the song. The lyrics and their delivery add more, he knows when to simply repeat lines for emphasis, pump it out with more soul, slide it off his tongue in smooth jazzy style and,use expression and words to paint a picture in the listener’s mind’s eye.

Flogging Molly – Drunken Lullabies

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More Music Videos for Celtic Thursday – Drunken Lullabies from Flogging Molly

w00t! Today is Celtic Thursday.  An awesome idea from the equally awesome Marc Gunn.  While we at Indie Nation spin all genre, Brian, our tech and news director, though Marc’s idea kewl enough to reprogram our bot to spin all Celtic music from 10 AM to 10 PM DST every Thursday.

URL Badman from Lilly Allen

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I Am So Glad Geek Is Kewl

Back in my day, being a geek met wedgies, being bullied and being the but of many a joke.   Fortunately one of the things I got geeky about is Aikido. I think that started to change when Gates landed a fashion model.

Lilly Allen give the geek a positive spin with URL Badman.  Check out the kewl effects in this video.

So remember, “a broadband champion” is an awesome thing to be.

Psy is Back with Snoop Dogg and They are Hungover

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Hung Over and Moving in a Great New Video


youtube (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Shortly after Gangnam Style hit 2 billion views, many thought, perhaps hoped that Psy had faded into music history.  Well he is back.  This time he is kicking it with Snoop Dogg and they are raping about what happens the morning after you paint the town a little too hard.  The video is destined to be a classic.

Some Kewl Videos

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One of our staff thought this was the best music news of the year.. Cleta may be right.  Merry Christmas All!

Sean Quigley – Little Drummer Boy

Locust though it might be this one…

Rebecca Black – Friday – Official Music Video

Personally I liked this one…

Reindeer – Ein Astronaut & The YouTube Musicians Christmas Collab Club

I don’t know which is best.  You can decide.  You can also leave suggestions in the comments.

Beavis and Butthead to Return

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Don’t Make Me Hit You… Beavis and Butthead to Return

Guitar controller of 'Guitar Hero: Aerosmith' ...

Image via Wikipedia

Remember how you got all excited about music videos due to two cartoon idiots?  Maybe not, maybe so…They were a tad too stupid to hold my attention very long but just tolerable enough for me to watch it and wait for the next video.

However, there used to be an era when MTV actually played music videos.   People used to actually buy music videos they saw on MTV.  The name originally met “Music Television”.

There were, as our source article at TechDirt points out, television shows that were what they were because of the era related music.  Ironically, when released on DVD, the original music had to be replaced due to excessive license fees for the music. Honestly, what is WKRP in Cincinnati with out the era music?  One word… lame.

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