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An Interview with Five Year Mission


Perfect for Gen Con, A Star Trek Themed Quintet

Five Year Mission

Five Year Mission

While I am into Star Trek, these five men take it to a higher level.  Not only did they form a band which pledged to do one song for each episode in the original series which, quoting Fark, “Is one song plus a whole butt-load more” but they also are insanely popular to the point where they just returned from playing the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. I confess that I felt a tad jealous when I heard they got to meet William Shatner.

On The Run – Speak to Me

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Powerful and Moving – Speak to Me by On the Run

On The Run

On The Run

This band contacted us some time ago.  However, due to having the best problem any music reviewer could have, that being too many submissions and not enough listening time, I am just now digging them out of my inbox.  On the Run is an alternative rock/rock band from East Freedom, Pennsylvania.  The quintet has a very powerful and engaging sound.  I won’t say much about them because I am sure you will decide to like them if you only give them a listen. I will say they crank out some great work on the guitars. The members are:

  • John Ross Green – Vocals/Guitar
  • Ryan Weaver – Guitar/Vocals
  • Paul Johnson – Guitar
  • Tyler Miller – Bass
  • Brian Fisher – Drums

2013.11.08 – An Interview with Symfinity


Spotlight on Symfinity and Intangible Dreams

Symfinity - Intangible Dreams - coverLumpy was completely blown away when he first checked out the first full length album by the five piece band, Symfinity.  If you like symphonic rock music mixed and recorded technically as well as composed, as in both excellent,  you’ll love this album, Intangible Dreams.

Pick Of The Day – Inflicted Shame By Oblivious Signal

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Diligent work in and out of the studio over the last several months, along with multiple live shows and appearances has generated two singles to be released consecutively and a renewed band spirit for female fronted rock band Oblivious Signal.

The release of Push Me Away on December 11th marks the first of several upcoming releases, leading ultimately to an album release in 2013.

Push Me Away initially may sound like a relationship break up song, but this one is about the band and their relationship with each other. “The song really signifies us coming together as a band to persevere through all good and the bad.
The video is going to be about the band and how it broke up and came back together stronger and with a vengeance…” Cristina T Feliciano says, giving detail about the songs origins and why it is such an important one to the band as a whole. “We lost ourselves as a band in our individual thoughts of what people wanted, it caused us to forget about we all wanted…our common goals… and we ended up pushing each other away because of it.”

This was the band’s first recording experience with Beiler’s Brothers studio, known for their work with Nonpoint, Look Right Penny, and Smile Empty Soul. “I think Beiler Bros captured Nicks guitar sound really well made them sound great. Along with the drums and bass …it all came out better than I expected.” – Jason Talley, Oblivious Signal Drummer

Front-woman and producer CTF re-mastered the song in her private studio to personalize it to the band’s specifications. “It’s so hard with your own music to ever stop working on it and say ‘This. This is it. It’s perfect.’ You always hear just one more thing you want to make better. But finally I was able to to let it go say it’s complete, because we love this song and really want people to hear it.”

“We all had a great time, and our strong collaboration really proved that this is where we needed to be the whole time – writing for the love of music…all else will fall into place if we continue to strive for our common goals without letting anyone interfere,” she added.

Strategizing g with new managers Jason and Alison Theriot of Silvercat Entertainment brings a new spirit to the table. Feliciano says “Jason Theriot has been a consistent endorser of us doing what we are good at – writing music and focusing on our fans. It is awesome to have a strong foundational support behind us that believes in our talent and is willing to work with us as we are to take us to the next place in our lives.”

“Getting in the studio was a long time coming for us. We were excited to put all the pieces together and record such a great song. There was a ton of energy through each recording session and we can not wait to get “Push Me Away” to fans that are craving new music from us.” – Bassist Greg Andrews

Oblivious Signal is planning regional shows to support the online release of Push Me Away available on iTunes and via their website:

2011.10.06 – Pick of the Day – The Hush Now – “Memos”


Great New Album Release “Memos” by The Hush Now

I get daily emails from labels and agents asking me to check this band or that band out.  Frankly and honestly, I don’t get truly excited about too many of them.  I listen to music almost constantly.  The bathroom is the only room in my house with out speakers. The psychological term is “desensitization”.  Add to that, I also have a programing director, Meshelly, who helps me  considerably. Her and I split the load of “bad” listening and emails.

The Hush Now - Memos

This is not to say that I don’t like many of them. Usually,  I say “yeah, it’s good” or “yeah, ok”. Rarely do I jump up and down, get excited and actually call friends and associates to tell them about the band.  Seriously, it is my job to “listen to bad music so you don’t have to”.   Meshelly, Steve, Eric and many others got phone calls about The Hush Now.  A great band and I assure you, they shall get play here.  Today it is my job to say “I listened to great music to share it with you!”

Rock yer Socks ~ Episode #1 ~ Electric

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Rock yer Socks

~ Episode #1 ~

It’s Electric….

Jeff here, and Mevio Music Alley has some amazing Rock bands!  Episode number 1, is going to be Electric and Rock yer socks off …

My choice of Rock music for this episode was simply put, find bands or tracks names with the word ‘Electric’ in them.  I stuck with Rock N’ Roll for this Episode and frankly I think it rocks if I say so myself.

So let the show begin….

Opener : This Is A Shakedown! with  Electric Sound released on May. 28 2009

[amazon_link id=”B003FNEN02″ target=”_blank” locale=”US” container=”” container_class=”” ]Electric Sound[/amazon_link]

This song kicks some ass!  , more information about this band can be found on their label

Next we played    BITCH QUEENS   –  Spotlight Electricity

[amazon_link id=”B003Z2SHTQ” target=”_blank” locale=”US” container=”” container_class=”” ]Spotlight Electricity[/amazon_link]

Pretty slick ass track,  you can Learn more about Bitch Queen here.

Track 3 : Electric Daze  – Flood, on Myspace


Electric Daze’s music has been described as a mix between Jimi Hendrix
to Black Sabbath creating a style of music that many call  retro garage rock
Their music blends the vintage classic rock sound with a big Texas edge to the tune of raw,
edgy vocals and raunchy, in-your-face riffs.

Two for by Electric Touch: Myspace

Electric Touch     Call My Name

[amazon_link id=”B001EDJ454″ target=”_blank” locale=”US” container=”” container_class=”” ]Call My Name[/amazon_link]

Electric Touch     Sounds From The Underground

Next up was Left Arm     Electric Babies

[amazon_link id=”B002C2MO1M” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Electric Babies EP[/amazon_link]

Left Arm is a loud-ass low-down dirty garage punk rock n’ roll band from Edwardsville, IL
(just across the dirty Mississippi from St. Louis, MO). Their new album, “Dissatisoul”
is out now on TIRC Records.
NOFX     Electricity, on youtube , NoFX Offical WebSite

[amazon_link id=”B003YNKWOE” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Longest EP[/amazon_link]
NOFX was formed in L.A. back in 1983 and has released 10 studio full lengths,
about 6 EPs, and a metric ton of . They somehow managed to
sell over 6 million records worldwide, which is an unprecedented feat for
an independent band.

Rural Electric Project     Priestess Battery, on myspace from Jul. 27 2005
To quote their tag line “Out of the Middle of Nowhere 5 urban trasplants came together to form a post punk band.”

Show wrapped up with The Weaklings     Losin My Electricity

[amazon_link id=”B0012DCWQO” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Losin' My Electricity[/amazon_link]

Find them on CDBaby

From    Jun. 3 2007     Rock and Roll
Rock-N-Roll Owes Me? Hell Yeah It Does! Since 1994 The Weaklings have released three
full-length records, a dozen singles and have had at least as many compilation appearances.
They’ve had releases on labels too numerous to count, including: Junk, RAFR, Tee-Pee,
Safety Pin, I-94 and National Dust all to great

and… That how Jeff,  Rocks Yer Socks…
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