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2014.09.15 – Tech Net News and Opinion


2014.09.15 – Tech Net News and Opinion

This is the recording of our weekly news show.  In this episode we discuss some Celtic music news, Android news, Chrome OS app news, net neutrality, Minecraft, Microsoft, writing on maps from the era of Columbus, and more.

 We opened with two from  Ceil Moss

  • As Far as the Eye Can See from the album of the same name
  • Lies a Lurrighan

You can find this band at:

Chairman Wheeler and the New Snake Oil or How to Kill Net Neutrality

Snake Oil, Smoke and Mirrors or Whatever, It is Just Bullshit by Another Name

I have followed the net neutrality issue closer than the average person. Personally, I think the public might comprehend and care more if we re-labeled the issue to net “equality”.  Nonetheless, what we are talking about is no tiered Internet access.  By that, we, the citizens, should have completely unrestricted access as far as delivery speed.  The Internet should not resemble a toll road where different vehicles pay different tolls.  Especially since the cost for bandwidth is constant regardless of who is using it and the cost of said bandwidth is decreasing with new tech.

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